T C Lethbridge

T C Lethbridge

The Man Who Saw the Future

The industry of T.C. Lethbridge progressed far beyond the remits of his vocation and challenges our very understanding of the universe.


Lethbridge was Keeper of Anglo-Saxon Antiquities at the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology from 1922-1956. Terry Welbourn’s biography ‘T.C. Lethbridge - The Man Who Saw the Future’, with a foreword written by Colin Wilson, reveals many intriguing facets of a remarkable man.What is extraordinary about Lethbridge’s life is how he witnessed and recorded the 20th century with extraordinary detail: from the discovery of new lands during his Arctic adventures, through to his pragmatic investigations into occult phenomena.Lethbridge believed that the supernatural of one generation would eventually become the natural of the next and that all occult phenomena would in time be explained by science. His understanding of dimensions operating on different vibrational rates is akin to String Theory, an ongoing branch of science instigated by theoretical physicist Gabriele Veneziano.Lethbridge did not perceive himself as a radical. He had an enquiring mind and simply wished to find things out. Since his death in 1971, Lethbridge has become somewhat of a cult figure and his influence still remains far-reaching. It is only a matter of time before he is finally acknowledged as being one of the greatest, but overlooked minds of the 20th century.



Particularly interesting. I would like to congratulate the author in bringing Tom Lethbridge and his work to life again. ~ Neil Hancox, De Numine

Lethbridge was a unique character who is now something of a cult figure in 'alternative' thinking circles and whose influence has been wide-ranging, if often unacknowledged. Therefore this biography is a must-read particularly for anyone interested in investigations into consciousness and the paranormal.

~ Geoff Ward, www.suite101.com

Having been inspired by T. C. Lethbridge after reading my best-seller Mysteries (Hodder and Stoughton, 1978), Terry Welbourn took up the mantle and has revealed that there were more strings to Lethbridge's bow than we could ever have imagined. His investigations into psychical research sit comfortably alongside his Arctic adventures, archaeological discoveries and his love of the ocean; for after all his enquiring mind knew no boundaries.

~ Colin Wilson, Author and philosopher

In his role as Honorary Keeper of Anglo-Saxon Antiquities, T. C. Lethbridge substantially contributed to the development of the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Artefacts from Lethbridge's archaeological excavations in the Fens, the Western Isles and from his Arctic expeditions alongside Sir James Wordie are still displayed in the museum today. He is remembered as a congenial, well-informed lecturer and a fine artist. Terry Welbourn's well-researched biography sheds light on the life of this controversial yet crucial figure in the history of twentieth-century British archaeology.


~ Professor Thurstan Shaw

In 1973 I took curator care of a very substantial collection of T. C. Lethbridge's notebooks, artwork and associated correspondence. In spring 2007 I was contacted by Terry Welbourn who had become aware of my collection through his ongoing research into Lethbridge's life. Through the forthcoming years, I had pleasure in assisting Terry with his research which enabled him to add further 'meat to the bones' of his splendid biography.


~ John Gadd, Curator, The Gadd Collection, University Library, Cambridge

An engaging and well-researched account of one of the most extraordinary and at times inspiring people who have pursued the pattern of superstition and storytelling in the Hebrides.


~ Adam Nicolson

Terry Welbourn
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