Tales From the Afterlife

Tales From the Afterlife

Tales From the Afterlife takes the reader on an imaginative journey offering a tantalising glimpse of life beyond the grave.


Tales From the Afterlife takes the reader on an imaginative journey through death to the life that awaits us all on the other side. Our beliefs thoughts and expectations have a powerful influence on the ease with which we make that transition although help and guidance is always on hand. The ten scenarios presented here present a coherent and remarkably consistent picture of the non physical world. The result is a powerful affirmation that consciousness survives the death of the physical body and that the meaning and purpose of live is to grow in love.


..what a great little book, simple and quick to read and I really enjoyed it, thank you. 

~ Ian Lawton, Author of The Big Book of the Soul, and The Wisdom of the Soul.


Read the book thoroughly enjoyed it, excellent, thank you so much for sending us the copy, we shall keep the copy in our clinic for people to read whilst they are waiting for Paul. 
~ Jilly and Ray Brown, Ray channels Paul of Tarsus and has a healing ministry through Paul. http://www.raybrownhealing.com/


I have only had time to read the first few pages, but it is compulsive reading and it was hard to lift my attention away from it - very accessible and readable ....  I also very much like the cover!'

~ Angela Youdale, The Light of Love Foundation

I really enjoyed reading your stories in Towards the Light. I must admit that I remain a curious sceptic, but it is fascinating stuff none the less. ~ Dr Celia Maier, Research Officer, Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Imperial College, London.

Very well written and engaging. It certainly draws you in. The quotations after the stories help the reader contextualise them. ~ Professor Oliver Davies, Theologian, King's College London

I found the stories very moving and read them in one go as soon as they arrived. ~ Myra Crilly, RC friend, partially sighted, for whom I made an audio version.

I really enjoyed it. It all made perfect sense. ~ Anne Finch, Anglican friend with a background in publishiing and the arts, and an interest in Vedanta. Former Bletchley Park code breaker.

Fiona, you have done a great work in putting this together! It is impressive how at each single point I could recognise the narrative of the Vale do Amanhecer and the descriptions of the astral provided by the Tia Neiva.... Maybe you should seriously consider getting it translated into Portuguese as in Brasil it would find a broad market. Finding a publisher here won't be a problem. The Brazilian mass media gives a much greater visibility to programmes and books on life after death than I have seen in other countries. ~ Emily Pierini, PhD student in Anthropology at the University of Bristol, studying spirit mediums in Brazil.. Member of the Afterlife Research Centre

Fascinating - ... I think they will work - precisely because they are 'faction' - it will make people think - go internal, and wonder. ~ Martin Richardson (1,2,3 & Sleep), Hypnotherapist. Trained with the Newton Institute for LBL Hypnotherapy.

I read some of the pieces you posted on the ARC [Afterlife Research Centre]... They are incredibly beautiful... I am guessing that when we pass away all our hidden and latent 'desires', urges, constructs manifest before our eyes. But writing a narrative on these sequences inside the dreamworlds is a hard task to do... I think that in the way you expressed yourself, you catch a glimpse of that state of mind. ~ Alexis Karkotis, PhD student, University of Bristol, member of the Afterlife Research Centre

Fiona Bowie
Fiona Bowie Fiona Bowie studied anthropology at the Universities of Durham and Oxford in the UK. She is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at the Un...

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