Talking Together

Talking Together

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This is a book to encourage young people to explore the religious dimension of matters which are relevant to them in their everyday lives. It offers the opportunity to clarify some puzzles, challenge some prejudices, expand horizons and enable personal encounters and spiritual growth. Through taking part in reading the conversations and listening to each other, young people will learn about the perspectives of different religions; they will find and share common ground and learn to understand respect and enjoy their differences. It can be used as a thought-provoking extension to any teaching in RE (from Year 5 onwards) particularly related to: concepts of God; rites of passage; the meaning and use of religious symbolsor about peace or pilgrimage.


This book is written for school children but the succinct, lively simplicity of style manages to pack in an extraordinary amount of information logically for anyone. The end pages gather it all together invaluably and there are many adults like me who would be delighted to have their understanding of the main religions clarified. For the first time in my life all the information that had been wittering around in my brain has become unravelled into a clarity I hadn't dared to hope for. ~ , Amazon customer

The QCA framework for RE calls for opportunities to develop pupils, communication skills, awareness of themselves and others and an understanding of religions today. This unique book serves QCA as a vision of good RE. The dialogues take place between seventeen imaginary young people from six faiths. Ideas are included for follow up work, discussion starters and further activities. The names of characters and religions are colour coded to allow ease of identity. The five-part information section includes timelines, founders and leaders, sacred books, basic beliefs and practices, festivals and feasts and a glossary/index. There is also guidance for teachers on how the book can serve learning and teaching in RE. Talking Together could also serve literacy, drama, PSHE and Citizenship issues.... The book commends itself as a useful way of drawing together KS2 work as it encourages children to consider the dialogue between faiths. The drawing together of themes that encourage reflection on ultimate (or "big") questions will serve the needs of all of our pupils, be they believers, atheists or agnostics, as they search for meaning, identity and purpose. It could be useful when considering the creation and development of RE bridging units between primary and secondary school. Colourful, child-centred and informative, this unique publicaton will encourage children in KS2 and 3 to consider how religions relate to one another in a thought-provoking manner. ~ Helen Harrison, RE Today

A beautifully conceived book, produced to a very high standard. I warmly commend it for use in school and youth groups, and as an excellent educational experience for any of us. Talking Together offers the opportunity to clarify some puzzles, challenge some prejudices, expand horizons and enable personal encounters and spiritual growth. ~ Alan Gadd, Chair of the Diocesan InterFaith Group Reviews, The Bridge

Part of the book's strengths is its reminder thgat there is no one way of being "a Christian" or "a Jew" or "a Buddhist", and that some of our so-called "religious" customs may turn out to be cultural. We are encouraged to avoid stereotyping. There is lots of follow-up material and a good glossary. This is a great way of exploring the creative interaction possible for young people living in multi-cultural areas-and makes the experience available to those in places where it can't take place naturally. Let my eleven year old friend, Gurvinder Singh Sandhu, have the final word: "There are loads of things about religiouns that I didn't know about until i read this book. ~ , Interreligious Insight

Very attractively and imaginatively produced. As every good educator does, it starts where the person is and leads them on. Sensitively and accurately written, represents a way into the beginnings of interfaith dialogue, which is an important part of living in our society. Useful for citizenship studies. ~ Westminster Interfaith

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