Tantric Love Letters

Tantric Love Letters

Questions on sex and love are enduring. But who to consult? Diana Richardson, a specialist, offers refreshing insights and wisdom


Diana Richardson is an expert on sex and affairs of the heart. Thirty years ago while living in India she began a tantric enquiry into the deeper nature of sex and love. These innocent steps turned out to be life-changing and the result is that today she is an authority on human sexuality, and the author of the bestselling Heart of Tantric Sex.
Her basic insight is that ‘how’ you have sex has a direct impact on the quality of your life. Sex ‘with awareness’ is an empowering force that brings self assurance and clarity, balances mood swings, enhances creativity, and significantly elevates the vibration of love within and around you.
Tantric Love Letters is a unique, interesting, insightful and informative collection of correspondence. These authentic letter exchanges will support and encourage people who have already embarked on a sexual enquiry. And inspire others to start right away.


Tantric Love Letters is Richardson at her finest and most concise. It's a compendium of advice about one of humanity's greatest challenges: uncovering the mystery inherent in human sexuality. ~ Marnia Robinson, Reuniting - Healing with sexual relationships

About The Heart of Tantric Sex : "One of the most revolutionary books on sexuality ever written."

~ Ruth Ostrow, Sex, Relationship and Spiritual journalist, News Ltd.

For me the books of Diana Richardson are amongst the most important that I have read in the last years.

~ Eva-Maria Zurhorst, best selling author of 'Love yourself, and it does not matter who you marry'

Tantric Love Letters is an incredible testimony of what tantra can do for ones soul, as well as for ones relationship. A unique and original concept, Tantric Love Letters, is written in the words of those affected by the sacred (tantric) sexual union. This lovely book is educational, moving, and features diverse stories from people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. This latest work by one of the best tantric teachers in the western world, Diana Richardson, should be in the home and temple of anyone who honors all things sacred.

~ Michael Mirdad, Tantric teacher for over 30 years and author, An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality and Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss.

Diana Richardson
Diana Richardson Diana Richardsonwas born in KwaZulu, South Africa. Law Degree, University of Natal, Durban (B.A.LLB). Teacher of therapeutic Massage since 1...

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