Thinker's Guide to God

Thinker's Guide to God

An introduction to key issues in the philosophy of religion.


The attempt to define what we mean by God, and indeed goodness, has been the central preoccupation of Western religion and philosophy. In the 21st century, with deteriorating relationships between Islam and the West, with fundamentalist movements growing, with terrorism increasing, the quest is as urgent and relevant as ever.

Can one have goodness without God? Is goodness real or do we create it? Does the understanding of God change through our own scriptures? Where does our understanding of God and goodness come from? How does it relate to other virtues, particularly those of beauty and truth? What is the role of reason? What about the ways other cultures approach reality, and how can different traditions live peaceably together? Peter Vardy concisely explores the range of approaches to God that have influenced the western Christian tradition in an easy to read, popular style.


What are the arguments for the existence of God? If terrible evil and suffering exist in the world, how can a good God exist? Where does God exist in space and time? Is any language adequate for talking about an eternal and immutable deity that transcends human categories of description? What is the relationship between faith and reason? Vardy addresses these questions and many others in this compact introduction to key issues in the philosophy of religion. ~ Publishers Weekly

A challenging and wide-ranging discussion, which spans theology, philosophy and psychology and draws its inspiration from art, literature and film. Clearly and engagingly written and thoroughly illustrated, it is an excellent book for anyone concerned to think seriously about these important issues. ~ Dr Jeremy Hall, University of Glasgow and Editor of Dialogue

An important book to add to the shelves if yuo realise that there is a growing need to understand why people are as they are, and how we can come to terms with each other, especially when we disagree on fundamental issues and beliefs. ~ , Odyssey Editor's Choice

Peter Christian Vardy
Peter Christian Vardy Peter Vardy was Vice-Principal of Heythrop College, University of London, and is one of the best known philosophers of religion in Britain a...
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