This Is It II

This Is It II

Enlightenment With CYoga: sequel to This is It

...CYoga is grace....Presenting the indispensable yoga guide.This is I.This is It. CYoga is very simple (See!).


This is I.

This is the definitive yoga guide II.

Catherine Foroughi presents this indispensable Gift for understanding yoga and Enlightenment. With this gift one is all.  This is CYoga. This is It.

Be the yoga expert as natural understanding from the teacher within and a relaxation in That space presents.


This is It: Enlightenment with CYoga II by Catherine Foroughi echoes this intention and is a guide for your Yoga journey. From this book you will discover that the body – mind awareness, when harnessed, can bring mental clarity from your practise mat and deliver it out into your world. This is Yoga – The first thing that came to mind when I looked at the author’s work was her innovative and extremely creative expression which she demonstrates in a simple and enjoyable way. She has done what Gaga has done for music with her creative artistic streak, and moved beyond boundaries. Catherine Foroughi is creating, from her own understanding, how to be truly free through adventure and exploration of the body and is way ahead in the game. Her approach is a playful and fun ‘moment to moment movement’, not serious and set in sequence, as many are taught. I love the barriers that she has broken through and it has helped me to see the open door of my own cage, beckoning me to venture out into the realms of no mind, to be and to explore further. She grants permission to go ahead and enjoy everything. All that is… This is It! CYoga Review by Andrea Tteja, Yoga guide. Founder of Natures Rhythm Yoga, ~ Andrea Tteja,

  CYoga is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential and advanced yoga available. See for yourself!  “…….Catherine is CYoga - the real Mc Koy with natural grace. Her presence totally transforms from the inside out. She has an immeasurable and powerful effect on so many of those who consider themselves teachers. Even those who have not worked directly with her are effected by those she has. She does not consider herself a teacher which shows her effortless understanding and experience of yoga. Catherine is a complete one off. ………” ~

Catherine Foroughi
Catherine Foroughi Catherine Foroughi I am This! If wanting to grapple with something: CYoga Creator; Yoga Therapist; Choreographer; Lawyer ...
Wondrous Journey, The by Ilie Cioara

Wondrous Journey, The

Ilie Cioara

A practical book about meditation and enlightenment by Ilie Cioara. Eckhart Tolle with a poetic twist; Kahlil Gibran meets Krishnamurti.

Essence: The Emotional Path to Spirit by Jacob Watson

Essence: The Emotional Path to Spirit

Jacob Watson

Essence: The Emotional Path to Spirit presents teachings and stories that describe how emotions clear a path to the spiritual life.

Beyond Angels by Gaile Walker

Beyond Angels

Gaile Walker

Personal enlightenment experiences clearly described alongside a calling for a more spiritual approach to healing and meditation practices.

Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing, The by Jules Standish

Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing, The

Jules Standish

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every day you could feel happy, calm and in control simply by choosing the right colours to wear?! This book tells you how.

Why you are here - Briefly by Nigel Linacre

Why you are here - Briefly

Nigel Linacre

Short, crisp dialogues that draw the reader into a surprising understanding of the meaning of life and purpose

Too Simple for Words by Graham Stew

Too Simple for Words

Graham Stew

Reflections on the theme of Non-Duality and the heart of Eastern wisdom.

Your Body: Gateway to the Divine by Josephine Chia

Your Body: Gateway to the Divine

Josephine Chia

This book celebrates the physical body without fearing its ageing. It shows how we can access The Divine through our body.

Self Enquiry: On Being You. A Journey into Truth by Michael Vincent

Self Enquiry: On Being You. A Journey into Truth

Michael Vincent

This book presents Self Enquiry "in the raw": a concise,simple guide clarifying for the seeker a Practice that is both radical and profound.

Diving for Pearls by Maggie Kay

Diving for Pearls

Maggie Kay

An inspiring true story with teachings and tips on love, wisdom and meditation.

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