Time to Change

Time to Change

A guide to life after greed

A revelation! A guide to the truth of what it is to be human in a changing world.


The present moment marks a time of huge change, an opportunity for mankind to metamorphose into a new kind of humanity at the dawn of a New Creation. It is a time of extreme agitation in the world as a whole.  This book to all intents and purposes is channelled and yet, in the sense that the author understands channelling, it is entirely her own work. The two here are seamless.

The book is intended as a simple discussion, in a complex world, of the ways things are at the present time. It provides an opportunity for those who are feeling anxious and dissatisfied with their lives to recognise why.


This is wise book is an invitation to comit to playing a creative and responsible role in these changing times. ~ Network Review


It’s a great, great read. Challenging, interesting, deep, inspiring... so many things. I loved all the practical exercises and discussion about ‘living it’ as opposed to just talking about it. It’s rare to read a book like this with so much character,  that is so readable. It’s the sort of book that will continue to offer something new with each read.” Mel Morton. See Mel’s full review on Amazon


“The book is quite amazing and your skill at writing is phenomenal. Very eloquent. Lots of wisdom, lots of learning. What a courageous woman you are!” Barbara S.


“I read your book and it is excellent. I have read it once and plan to go through it again. Congratulations Annie. I would not hesitate to recommend it. Thank you for writing it.” Christine T.


“Thank you for a wonderful book. My spirit was lifted and nourished by your words that helped in those dark moments to make some sense of what was happening.” PG.


“I want to tell you how amazingly powerful AND simple it felt. The writing is simple yet precise and elegant, though it tackles the most profound, vital and difficult issues. And the reading just flowed. It all felt so absolutely clear, honest and wonderfully inspiring.” Myrna B.


“My husband received your book and is busy deriving benefit from it – he’s impressed. Which knowing him is a REAL COMPLIMENT!” SS

"Each title is so full of poetic depth and wisdom that I let it sing with me for a little while before I move on to the next one. It is inspiring, but I am ENJOYING it so much. It is because the words are so spiritually alive, in such a new way, that resonate with me with such natural rightness and originality. At the end of reading each segment I always find I have a smile on my face...and a wonderful sense of freedom!"  EM

"I have now finished your book, and what life-changing writing it is. It has taken me a while because although a slim publication the depth of it is enormous. Just doing the meditation exercise on people in your life (so far I have achieved three!) has made the most enormous difference to me - set me free. The whole philosophy of the book has inspired me to live my life as simply, as positively and as quietly as I am able." CD


"Am re-reading your book - and gleaning even more the second time... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your truly courageous writing." SM

“I heartily recommend this unusual, fascinating, easy to read and uplifting book. Barrie Anson. See Barrie’s full review on Amazon.

"Go on treat yourself or someone else to a copy!" See Deborah Szebeko of thinkpublics Blog:

"It is impossible to describe the impact your book is having on me. Your introduction puts thing so clearly, and the Practical Guide is enormously helpful at this time when I feel as if I am hovering on the edge of death/rebirth - but arent we all one way or another?" GP

"This is a great book to understand the current global change".  See Indiras full review on Amazon.

~ from Annie Davison's website.

Annie Davison has been working for many years with the inner dynamic underlying the movement of our times, with a special emphasis on the role of the feminine principle. She describes the purpose of this book as helping to establish a resonance of loving kindness, which she feels is currently the most important task for humanity. The book is channelled from another level of consciousness corresponding to a deeper insight and wisdom and falls into two parts. The first is a short history of now, and the second a practical guide. The overall message is to slow down, reflect, think 'small, enough, meaning'. The subtitle points to simplicity - a life after greed, which characterizes the current system. Annie's interpretation of this word implies an assumption that one person is superior to another, and leads to a fight for supremacy. In its place, she proposes integration of duality, and a process of the spiritualisation of matter where we become conscious of ourselves as light. In the second part, various aspects of modern life are highlighted, with guidelines offering a way forward. Rather than endless blogging, how about silence and reflection? This is a change of heart, a repositioning of what we consider valuable, an appreciation of now as an inner moment, a moment that can inspire change. An interesting suggestion on the educational front is that children should be taught politeness rather than respect, which can lead to a more nurturing outlook. This wise book is an invitation to commit to playing a creative and responsible role in these changing times. ~ David Lorimer, Scientific and Medical Network Review Spring 2012

Annie Davison is an astute observer of life and its multiplicity of meanings. Her writing style is totally readable, and her approach to change is inspirational.

An increasing number of us know that it is time to change. We know that we need to make changes in how we relate to each other, to the earth; to the modern economy and the material world. Spiritual teachers, and numerous self-help books tell us to live in the 'now', but few explain how to change, how to live in the now, or how exactly our personal and collective lives will be enhanced by doing so: If you are one of those who want to know more about living more effectively in this time we call 'now', and have deeper understanding of the nature of the changes we need to make and participate in at every level, then I recommend you read Annie Davison's book 'A Time to Change: A guide to life after greed'.

~ Ruth White, transpersonal psychologist, spiritual consultant, channel and author.

I have experienced Annie Davison's work as a counsellor, teacher and author with exceptional results. Annie's book provides an exploration of many new concepts that will affect our current world view. It stimulates new insights for those who struggle with fears of an unknown future, and for all of us who must focus on major planetary changes.

~ Soozi Holbeche, renowned author and healer

Annie Davison
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