Travel Within

Travel Within

7 Steps to Wisdom and Inner Peace

Science, religion and philosophy support the tenets of this self-help guide to wisdom, inner peace and Oneness.


Travel Within: 7 Steps to Wisdom and Inner Peace is a spiritual self-help book written to appeal both to dreamers and doubters. A near-death experience triggered a change in the author that led to these steps, but they’re supported by research in science, religion and philosophy. His goal is to elevate human consciousness enough so that we may avoid the cataclysmic disaster that lies ahead in one of our possible futures - a disaster that has been predicted by scientists, politicians, authors, futurists and, of course, most major religions. Do we really need to find ourselves up to our knees in blood before salvation arrives? And is it really necessary to rely on an outside power to save us, like Jesus, Buddha or the 12th Imam? What if the answer were actually within ourselves? What if the physical and metaphysical paths of inquiry - science and faith - led to the same place? What if God, love, heart, brain, man, woman, matter and void were really all just different expressions of the same force? Hosseini believes this force connects everything in the universe as a common family. His book helps nurture this force and achieve Oneness here and now.
Jamshid, Jim, Hosseini has been rich and poor, Persian and American, Hindu and Buddhist, alive and dead.
Travel Within was ghost-written by Dave Cunningham, author and/or editor of seven non-fiction books and novels.


For some of us the search (for inner peace) may be a long one and what we need is a guide, a reminder that all is possible and that we are not lost, well not for long anyway. Here sits a book with that intention, its purpose is to try and be your guide, your way shower, your map and your reminder......... We all seek… and only by looking and reading do we stand any chance of finding that which we seek… so read on. ~ Barbara Venn-Lever,

“The universe has one rule. Only one rule and nothing else. Everything else is a creation of our minds. The universe says, Be balanced.” This is the essence of the material presented in Travel Within. Once you have achieved total balance in your life, you achieve wisdom and inner peace, and Oneness with everything. Seven steps are presented in the book that we need to understand and experience and pass in our lives. Following these step the author asserts, will enable us to achieve that Oneness and the ability to obtain answers to all the “Big Questions” we invariably ask at one time or another. The goal, he says, is “to elevate the human consciousness enough so that we may avoid the cataclysmic disaster that lies ahead in one of our possible futures”. A worthy enough goal indeed. ~ Michael Woodhead, TCM Reviews

A spiritual guide for anyone regardless of background. Hosseini’s book suggests that the achievement of Oneness lie within. Learn the seven steps including wanting, receiving, and balance to attain wisdom and inner peace.

~ , \"Not Born Yesterday!\"

An important book. "Travel Within" may be one of the most compelling journeys you'll ever take. ~ Suzanne Forster, New York Times best-selling author of \"The Private Concierge\"

Utterly fascinating and, by the way, beautifully written. ~ Joel Engel, author of \"Gene Roddenberry\" and others

A spiritual guide for people from all walks of life. ~ Kathleen Sage, attorney and author of \"Many Fires\"

Marc Victor Hansen, co-author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series. Mitch Albom, author of "Tuesday With Morrie" and "The Five People You Meet in Heaven." Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of "10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace" ~

Dave Cunningham
Dave Cunningham Dave Cunningham is an award-winning journalist, a published fiction and non-fiction author, a screenwriter, artist, actor, director and drum...
Jamshid Hosseini
Jamshid Hosseini Jamshid, Jim, Hosseini has been rich and poor, Persian and American, Hindu and Buddhist, alive and dead. He practiced Baha’i Faith in...

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