Tree That Talked, The

Tree That Talked, The


I highly recommend this; it is a great read. Julian de Burgh, editor of Your Destiny. Please do your self a favor, buy this fabulous book. Janet Russell, TV Host and Producer. Will move you in ways you wouldn't think possible.Mary Bryce, editor of Chat, it's fate. This is like no other book you have ever read. It will help you de-code and uncover the hidden mysteries of nature. Gary Quinn, bestselling author of Living In The Spiritual Zone. Have you ever stood beneath a majestic 300 year old oak tree and suddenly realized it lived before you were born, and will be alive long after you die? Have you ever wondered what a tree might have witnessed during its long life, and thought If only this tree could talk? Jenny Smedley, columnist and writer, has been a guest speaker on hundreds of radio and TV shows worldwide.


Trees are the nobility of nature. When I read this book, I was overcome by an optimistic sense of eternal life. The descriptions carried me away by the evocative beauty of trees. It also touched me deep in my heart as it will yours. I highly recommend this book. ~ Marie-Claire Wilson, author of The Spiritual Tarot: The Keys to The Divine Temple, is a bilingual writer and poet., She has been a practicing medium for 28 years using direct clairvoyance, the Tarot, numerology and palmistry. Office in Washington DC.

Jenny Smedley
Jenny Smedley Based in beautiful Somerset, in the UK, Jenny Smedley is an author, TV and radio presenter/guest, international columnist, and spiritual con...
Take Me To Truth by Tomas Vieira, Nouk Sanchez

Take Me To Truth

Undoing the Ego

Tomas Vieira
Nouk Sanchez

7 Myths about Love...Actually! The by Mike George

7 Myths about Love...Actually! The

The Journey from your HEAD to the HEART of your SOUL

Mike George

Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI), The by Regina Dawn Akers

Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI), The

A Course in Understanding and Acceptance

Regina Dawn Akers

Essence of Reality, The by Thomas Daniel Nehrer

Essence of Reality, The

A Clear Awareness of How Life Works

Thomas Daniel Nehrer

Practicing A Course In Miracles by Elizabeth A. Cronkhite

Practicing A Course In Miracles

A translation of the Workbook in plain language and with mentoring notes

Elizabeth A. Cronkhite

Bright Light by Dee Wallace, John Nelson

Bright Light

Spiritual Lessons from a Life in Acting

Dee Wallace
John Nelson

Awaken Your Inner Wisdom by Sister Jayanti

Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

Sister Jayanti

Quest by Janice Dolley, Joycelin Dawes


Exploring a Sense of Soul

Janice Dolley
Joycelin Dawes

Barefoot Indian, The by Julia Heywood

Barefoot Indian, The

The Making of a Messiahress

Julia Heywood

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