Twilight Mind, The

Twilight Mind, The

Twilight Saga Psychology Skills

Fascinating insights into the powerful psychology of Twilight!  


The Twilight Saga is not just a vampire tale. It is a powerful psychological thriller about deep desire, self-discovery defying misery and achieving happiness against all odds. Not only will The Twilight Mind give you fascinating psychological insights into Meyer’s best-selling novels, it will entertain, educate, and empower you with the best ideas and strategies from psychology. How does psychology fit with vampires, shape-shifters and other Twilight mysteries? What powerful psychological facts do the Twilight books hide? Authentic happiness. True love. Super self-control. Mastering emotional pain. Spiritual growth. Discover the Twilight world’s best mental health secrets and more - and increase your psychological power.

Dr Julie-Anne Sykley is a prize-winning Australian psychologist with more than 20 years professional experience helping people from many walks of life.


A timeless and supportive book, written with positive energy! ~ Tracey Pietras, Store Manager, Mother, Twilight Fan

Want to move from twilight to enlightenment? Here is the book to do it for you. I doubt you will find a more creative expose of psychology’s principles for living well. ~ George W Burns, Adjunct Psychology Professor, Cairnmillar Institute, Australia

An eye opening, empowering, and clever look at Twilight saga psychology. ~ Claire Trembath Age 15

Julie-Anne Sykley
Julie-Anne Sykley Dr Sykley loves adventure (both outdoors and inside the imagination). A main mission in Dr Sykley's life is to deliver positive psychologica...
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