Uncommon Path, The

Uncommon Path, The

Awakening Authentic Joy: an integral guide to uncovering concealed conditioning

The Uncommon Path is a compelling guide to an awakened and purposeful life. By simply realigning your existing values you can consciously choose the natural state of clarity and authentic joy.


Finalist in the Spirituality category of the National Best Books 2009 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.
Through his simple yet profound message in The Uncommon Path, author Mick Quinn offers a compelling guide to uncovering and growing beyond concealed conditioning on the road to awakening our full potential. Clearly exposing the kaleidoscope of metaphysical distractions orchestrated by concealed conditioning that keep us well clear of an authentic path, Quinn directly points us to our next level of individual and cultural development.

The Uncommon Path reveals that to awaken authentic joy, we must first identify the life we have unknowingly constructed and are sustaining because of concealed conditioning: those conversations, relationships, and responses to life that curb the expression of our potential.

Each chapter of The Uncommon Path includes Evolutionary Pointers that distill its core concepts into a sentence or two that can easily be practiced throughout the day. Real-Life Examples appear throughout the book and guide the practitioners to integrate the wisdom of Mick Quinn's message into their careers, relationships and everyday lives. Regardless of their cultural background, belief system, or current spiritual practice, readers will find that this book is full of fascinating insights and many "Aha!" moments.

Why is lasting peace so elusive? Convinced that we are making great progress on the path of awakening many of us have yet to take our first step. We remain lost in the pursuit of freedom, unaware that the ego is leading the quest to transcend itself.

To awaken the wisdom within, we must first identify the life we have unknowingly constructed through concealed conditioning: those conversations, relationships and responses to life that curb the expression of our greatest potential.

The Uncommon Path leads us from the complexity of conditioned idealism to the simplicity of authentic joy as we:
- Verify that our path holds the potential for authentic joy
- Uncover the extent to which hidden aspects of ego may be directing our spiritual quest.
- Recognize and renounce concealed conditioning
- Discover how to discern, decide and disregard disparaging thoughts and feelings.
- Express our full potential by identifying restrictive conversations and relationships.
- Reclaim consciousness in the future by harnessing the power of pure intentions.
- Align personal values to impeccably direct our pure intentions with awakened choices.
- Recall the power of selective silence in meditation and everyday life situations.
- Bridge the gap between our 'spiritual' life and our 'real' life.
- Relate to others beyond limitations in relationships free from personal conflict.
- Discover how individual transformation is a meager but majestic beginning of the path.

Combining core aspects of Ken Wilber's Integral Theory, the simplicity of Dennis Genpo Merzel's Big Mind/Big Heart Process, the gentleness of Eckhart Tolle's wisdom, the directness of Andrew Cohen's teachings of Evolutionary Enlightenment, and practical exercises based on the lifework of I.C.F. founder, Thomas J. Leonard, The Uncommon Path, reveals the option of authentic joy and bridges the gap between the Gnostic and the living room.

Mick Quinn and Debora Prieto reside in Salt Lake City, Utah and conduct seminars internationally. Don't miss the movement that is sweeping the nation during this time of great development and change. Please visit: www.mickquinn.com.


The scope of this book is personal and interpersonal rather than social, focusing on individual transformation, which is only part of the picture, albeit an important one. ~ Network Review, http://www.scimednet.org/

If you are ready and willing to let go of suffering, achieve authentic joy and discover your full potential, then this book is a must read. ~ Rainbow News

Was blown away by it! This may be one of the most comprehensive spiritual books to include both integral and evolutionary spiritual teachings together. Mick's book is built on teachings from Ken Wilber, Genpo Roshi, Andrew Cohen, Buddhist dharma, Christian theology, and others. Beautifully written, compassionate, fierce, and full of clarity. Mick provides the dharma in a dialogue format, making some challenging philosophical ideas easier to digest. Moreover, this book is very practical as it engages to reader to consider his/her values and priorities through several exercises. It evolves you as you read it. If you read just one book this summer, this should be it! ~ Ken Wilber, http://kenwilber.meetup.com

With The Uncommon Path, Mick Quinn gives us a program to achieve genuine happiness, and he does so in an informative and gripping way. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is willing to let go of his or her suffering and achieve authentic joy. ~ Gary Renard, Bestselling author of Your Immortal Reality and The Disappearance of the Universe

The Uncommon Path is nourishment for your soul and practical advice for your success. This book inspires change, by helping you understand yourself and how you relate to the world around you. Reading it is a joy, and applying its principles is a way to define your purpose and goals in life. I am honored to commend it to you. ~ Ed Bobrow, Author of 8 books

Mick Quinn’s style is clear and direct and places you in a frame of mind from which to comprehend deeper and higher levels of yourself. This is because he speaks between the lines, sometimes even in the things he doesn't say - like silence making music. I highly recommend his excellent book. ~ Raquel Torrent, Psychologist and founder and Ex-president of the Spanish Integral Association

Lama Ole graciously offered his brilliant summary of the death and dying process to be used in the book. He said that: The Uncommon Path is such an important work. ~ Lama Ole Nydahl, Author of several books and leader to over 500 Diamond Way meditation centers worldwide

In addition to offering an ecology of consciousness, Mick Quinn has succeeded in guiding the reader through a cogent path that leads to karmic liberation and the end of discipleship of pain. The Uncommon Path avoids transcendental platitudes, by providing substantive strategies to master the internal freedom that most seekers dream about but seldom achieve. Rather than the usual promises made by other authors to find enlightenment, Quinn exposes the ego's reliance on entrenched conditioning, and teaches how to transcend the illusion of mediocrity in order to embrace our entitled greatness. The Uncommon Path lives up to its title and beyond. ~ Dr. Mario E Martinez, Author of The Man From Autumn, and founder of the Institute of Biocognitive Psychology.

I have read Mick Quinn’s proposal for his book The Uncommon Path. His narrative is thus eminently readable and lively. I have been most impressed by both his subject matter and his presentation. I believe that the finished work will be valuable for many kinds of people. The author has succeeded in digesting a variety of significant ideas, and in giving clear expression to them. He is thought provoking throughout, and will win many readers to achieve a happier more relaxed and contented way of living. A valuable feature of the author’s work is its infectious enthusiasm, which cannot fail to attract readers. ~ Dr. Patrick Murray, Lecturer, historian and author of Oracles of God

Reading Mick Quinn's material was like a breath of fresh air to me at the time when I first encountered it, or perhaps like a ‘buzzsaw’ that went cross-grain through all my beliefs and assumptions, allowing me to question a lot of things, and the nicest thing perhaps is that while before and after the encounter I perceive myself to be on a very different path in form, nevertheless everything I've found here has been thoroughly helpful, and stimulating. ~ Rogier F. van Vlissingen, Author of Closing the Circle

When we are ready for truth, it appears. If The Uncommon Path has reached your hands, you are ready for the truth of its extraordinary message. There are many books that speak of living in the moment, finding the stillness and reclaiming our authentic selves. The Uncommon Path is the first of the next generation, offering not only hypotheses and hope, but real solutions for real people. ~ Lynnda Pollio, Author of Soulseeds

…In a few short years, just as he achieved the American – make that Irish dream – he abandoned it and began to reflect on life and, yes, an idea for a book appeared. But Quinn did not produce another how-to-get-rich-and-successful book, he wrote a timeless one about the foundation of true success – awakening to authentic joy. This book is not about Quinn delivering another Sermon on the Mount, instead, Quinn bared his soul and delivered a universally powerful, yet intimate message. It is abundantly clear that The Uncommon Path, and The Four Insights are based upon Quinn’s own experiences and journey, which is deeply rooted in Buddhist and Christian teachings. ~ Bob Weinstein, Nationally syndicated journalist (King Features) and author of 12 books

Mick Quinn
Mick Quinn Mick Quinn is an Irish-born author and educator is a former Wall Street company director. He has been studying the evolution of consciousnes...
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