Disrobing the Emperor

Kevin Annett's story is a David/Goliath epic of one man's fight against the establishment of church and state in support of a subjugated people.


In 1992 Kevin Annett an ordained minister with the United Church of Canada in Port Alberni on British Columbia's Vancouver Island a logging town half populated with native Indians, discovered a history of abuse and atrocities ranging from torture sodomy and rape to murder suggesting genocide among the native children in the church's residential school which had taken place for more than a century. It later was revealed that such was the case in more than 140 schools run by the major churches with the complicity of the Canadian government. Refusing to remain silent he was defrocked by his Presbytery. For 15 years he has conducted a one man campaign for justice and the revision of colonial laws for a race of subjugated people.


I beg you to read this book with an open mind. You will find much of it hard to believe, and some of it to disagree with profoundly. But it SHOULD be read

This is the ongoing story of genocide in Canada and the cover up of what has been going on over recent centuries.
When Kevin Annett started working as a Minister in his new parish of St Andrew’s in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island, Canada, one of the first questions he asked, was why there were no native people in the congregation. Straight away he was at odds with certain leading members and as he addressed more questions to the native people in the area he uncovered some horrific facts.

~ Mary Bartholomew , TheGoodBookstall

A Monumental Achievement ________________________ by Betty M. Richeson (A review of Unrepentant: Disrobing The Emperor) I had heard of the abuses practised since 1870 among hundreds of Indian “residential schools” operated in the United States and Canada by the major church organizations. Never until this incredible book came into my hands had I gauged the enormity of these crimes over a century and a half of continuing abuse that continues to be perpetrated on the native people of North America. In this startling book, Kevin Annett describes how, in 1992, as an ordained minister of the United Church of Canada in a small Vancouver Island community, he discovered almost by accident evidence of a history of incredible abuse over more than a century. His further research revealed that the atrocities were endemic in more than 140 such schools operated by all three major church organizations in Canada. His depiction of what he terms “Canadian genocide," exposed him to an unbelievable inquisition and persecution at the hands of his employer the United Church. In an effort to cover up his revelations, that Church through its immense power succeeded in stripping him not only of his livelihood and a promising career, but of his family and his reputation. On at least three occasions physically threatened and attacked by anonymous thugs, he was denied recourse by the courts and has been afforded little recognition much less help by the Canadian government which, extending back to the 19th Century, was fully complicit in the history of systemic abuse by all three major church organizations. Reverend Annett was blocked in his attempt to formalize his documented findings in a thesis toward a Ph. D. degree at the University of British Columbia, where he had previously earned a degree in anthropology and master's degrees in history and theology. Having completed the course work toward the Ph. D. degree with an honors grade-point average, he was denied permission to present his thesis. The University, one of the foremost in Canada, has historically shared interlocking directorships with, and has been substantially endowed by, MacMillan Bloedel, the giant forestry company that Annett had alleged to have figured prominently in the Church's illegal selling of Indian land. After years of struggle against enormous adversaries, Kevin Annett has attained a degree of legitimacy in his quest for justice. He has written, directed and produced a documentary film, "Unrepentant," which won the award of "Best Director" at the New York Independent Film Festival in 2006. The following year it was awarded “Best Foreign Film” at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, followed in 2009 by the Best Feature Film award at the Canadian Native Film Festival in Edmonton. He hosts a public radio talk show in Vancouver, is the unpaid pastor of a native and white congregation in Vancouver's skid row district, and has founded an organization under the auspices of the United Nations working toward an international tribunal to bring justice to aboriginal people. Kevin Annett has lectured widely at universities from McGill to Berkeley to Cambridge, and to humanist, native and community groups on two continents. Recently, he conducted his third European lecture tour in 16 cities in Italy, Germany, Ireland and the UK, including a memorial service and a symbolic rite of exorcism in front of the Vatican in St. Peter's Square. (12 hours later, a tornado – almost unprecedented in that time and place - devastated central Rome and the Vatican). Rarely in history has a single man stood alone against such formidable adversaries, solely because of his insistence on the truth and justice for native people. “Disrobing The Emperor” is the story of one man's fight for truth, but in a broader sense, it points hopefully toward a better world for all nations and their indigenous people. ~ Betty M. Richeson, Orlando, Florida

Kevin Annett is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than many who have received it in the past. ~ Dr. Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor Emeritus Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It is of the utmost importance that this book be circulated widely to educate more people concerning the atrocities committed by humanity and their denial and to open the world's eyes to the horrible truths on our own doorstep.   ~ Marcie Lane, Activist for the Muscogee Nation, Kissimmee, Florida

Kevin Annett is an honorable - even heroic - man, who has dedicated his life to giving voice to indigenous people while sacrificing his own livelihood and safety. He continues to uncover atrocities that indigenous people globally face at the hands of the church and state. ~ Sandra J. Lindala, Film Producer, Toronto, Ontario

We have seen what happens to men like Kevin Annett from Socrates to Jesus to Martin Luther King Jr. His story is that of such a man who locks horns with the two greatest civilized instruments of power the church and the state. A man whose life is constantly at stake, for helping the helpless speaking the truth,and seeking what is fair and noble. ~ -Dr. Kurt Kaltreider, Author, American Indian Prophecies, Ashland, Oregon

For centuries, indigenous people world-wide have suffered at the hands of religious institutions. Kevin Annett details one such gripping account of those who suffered torture, rape, sodomy and burial in mass graves. A must-read about Canada's hidden secret for anyone interested in the truth of North American history.   ~ Katherine McCambridge, Author/activist, Orlando, Florida

The atrocities Kevin Annett exposes have been committed for hundreds of years. If our generation becomes the first to take these matters seriously, so that following generations need not suffer, Kevin Annett will certainly have played his part. I attended the United Church "hearing," which resulted in his defrocking. It was a kangaroo court with the outcome decided before the first statements were heard. I have seldom sensed evil such as it was in that room. It felt like a mugging waiting to happen.   ~ Dr. Adrian Wade, Scientific scholar, Vancouver, British Columbia

Clearly, Kevin Annett is a warrior; laying his life on the line for his cause. May God give him wisdom and strength. ~ -Rudy Wiebe, Author, Peace Shall Destroy Many; Stolen Life: Story of a Cree Woman, Edmonton, Alberta

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