Upside Down Mountain, The

Upside Down Mountain, The

A must-read for anyone weary of chasing success and happiness - one woman's inspirational journey swapping the uphill slog for the downhill slope.


What happens when you seem to have it all - enough money, health and success - but happiness remains elusive? The Upside Down Mountain forsakes the summit for the journey downhill, penetrating the hidden depths of darkness and discomfort most people live to avoid. This descent through the wild landscapes of the Pyrenees, the Amazon, Tibet and Egypt reveals how to navigate troubled times and create a new story for ourselves and the world: inspiring us to become the change we seek. Archetypal guardians become familiar allies at the thresholds of descent - pointing the way to deepening and lasting transformation. The narrative reads as an adventure yarn, and inspirational memoir, with implicit signposts for fellow explorers determined to lead a fulfilling life.


Mags Mackean is a former BBC journalist turned intrepid explorer of both outer and inner realms as she sets off on shamanic journeys to the Pyrenees, the Amazon, Tibet and Egypt. The upside down mountain of the title is Bugarach, a sacred mountain less than an hour from where I live and am writing this. The principal theme is descent – into the realms of the body, buried feelings and the dark unconscious. Mags points out that none of us can escape descent in the form of grief, illness and death, uncomfortable features of the wholeness of life that require and elicit our utmost determination and courage. I have only one experience so far of Bugarach, where the oldest rock is on top – hence the characterisation of the upside down mountain with its own powerful sense of presence that has drawn seekers of all kinds, some a good deal wackier than others. The weather conditions often mirror the writer’s internal moods reflected in her powerful and evocative prose describing the transformative process way beyond the comfort zone of most readers but which can potentially take them to their own edge ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

Making Medicine of Uncomfortable Feelings: how to welcome and learn from restlessness ~ Inspire Me Today, BEST QUOTES: ** "If Jack Kerouac's On The Road liberated the Beat Generation to go seeking the American Dream, ‪#‎TheUpsideDownMountain‬ is a sat nav for the men and women of the road less travelled." **"Mags writes beautifully and movingly about her physical, emotional and spiritual descent which had yielded the peace and esoteric knowledge that had previously eluded her." ** "Down is the new up." Carole Ann Rice, Daily Express. ~ Daily Express

Mags MacKean’s life itself is a journey of adventure. She tells her story in a lively and engaging style and along the way she creates a new story for our time. It is an inspiring narrative of search and discovery; narrative of an inner journey of the soul as well as an outer journey in the world. ~ Satish Kumar, Resurgence Magazine

best-selling author, founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust Mags MacKean is one of those rare LionHearted individuals whose particular brand of fearlessness is achieved by love and reverence for Creation. Her adventures will encourage others to take responsibility for their own shadows and recreate their worlds for the better, just as she leaves her own unique paw print in support of Mother Nature… ~ Linda Tucker

Loved Mags MacKean's wonderful work of self-discovery, exploration and awakening. I feel such a kinship with this fellow seeker, whom I am honoured to call "friend." Her work is profound and eloquent....and it will move you. ~ Patricia Cori, bestselling author

Mags MacKean drew me alongside with her powerful and compelling journey. I could feel the mist shroud itself around my shoulders, loneliness infiltrating, the malignant whispers of snarling ghouls. This is a book about coming home. The yearning soul-cry of a woman who chooses to plunge the depths of this wondrous life, and find her way. I walk alongside. ~ Mac Macartney, Embercombe founder, author, speaker

Join Mags MacKean for an extraordinary adventure that will leave you seeing your own amazing life in a whole new light. ~ Tim Freke, philosopher and author of The Mystery Experience

Mags MacKean
Mags MacKean Author Mags MacKean has drawn inspiration from mountains - quitting her BBC career to scale some of the highest peaks in the world. Her firs...
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