Virtuous Living

Virtuous Living

Honoring the Inescapable Natural Laws

20 Words Virtuous Living delivers a clear message on the essential values and virtues of life. Readers will discover age-old wisdoms that control personal, family, community and organizational life. Any breach of these laws results in social and economic


Virtuous Living is a book for readers conscious of vitality and spirituality. It shares ancient wisdoms about the natural laws of virtuous living and the role of spirituality in mastering sustained self-actualization, personal wellness and vitality. This book teaches you how to interpret the physical world and the infinite cycles of life through spiritual understanding.

Beneficent mentors guide all individuals destiny. We have guardian angels and invisible helpers who watch our footsteps and are there to give us service, help and guidance. Our task on earth is to grow our souls towards the divine light.

Belinda Joubert is the founder of Inspire Achievement Solutions (Pty) Ltd. The company offers employee vitality solutions to individuals, executives, professionals and companies and institutions.


In addition to being a handy manual and reference manuscript, this new book Virtuous Living by South African author Belinda Joubert provides the reader with a grounded framework for self-improvement and the alleviation of adversity through the usage of natural laws. Virtuous Living also touches upon the sensitive subjects of spirituality and religion, but goes on to demonstrate how the two can live comfortably side by side, providing readers with a chrystal clear roadmap for better living and a more meaningful life. This is a book to be read twice : the first time for pure enjoyment and the discovery of new ideas, the second to personalise and really make use of the many pearls of wisdom hidden amongst its pages. ~ Henning van Aswegen, Lecturer and Journalist

This book goes straight to the heart AND the heart of the matter. Belinda Joubert’s Divine guidance and wisdom offers a simple, yet profound message about how to live closer to God and at the same time touch others with virtuous living. Each word and sentence is a blessing. While most self-help and spiritual books skim the service, this one is truly heart-centered and essentially soothing and nurturing. What a gift? ~ Kobus Burger, Arts Journalist

Reading Virtuous Living will bring a sense of peace to your body, mind and spirit. This inspiring book should be on the desk of every leader of every country around the world. Without truth our work on earth is meaningless. If we are truly intend on making the world a better place, Virtuous Living should also become a set-work book in our education system. It is a handbook for life, full of wisdom and full of truth, which is sadly lacking in the world today where people are more intent on ephemeral things than the true purpose of life and helping their fellow man. Belinda is able to set the record straight and bring balance back into one’s life. She not only writes about these matters but lives her life according to these principals. We can learn a great deal from her. Margie Wilson: Widely Published Author ~ Margie Wilson, Widely Published Author

VIRTUOUS LIVING is a visionary discussion of the inescapable action and effects of God’s laws in societies when they stray and disregard the virtues that form the core fabric of humanity. The present meltdown in many economies of the world is evidence of a world in the grip of the destructive resonance of material greed and hate. The book elevates ancient wisdoms, practices and laws to a level of significance and relevance rarely found in today’s books. The book offers hope. When people live according to the laws of God they access the sweet and enduring peak experiences that only spiritual resonance can induce. ~ Daniel A Joubert, Independent Business Strategy Consultant, Author of the books Talent Management, Competitive Firms Thrive on Instinct, Write the winning CV

More profound praise for the inspiring book Virtuous Living came from a long serving dedicated top educator who after reading VL said: Virtuous Living is a uniquely inspiring book, which advises on the living of a virtuous life. It addresses all the critical day-to-day personal issues. I could not put Virtuous Living down and read throughout the night until 2 am in the morning to finish the book. I was so highly inspired that I wished that I could start immediately the following day to implement the virtues and the content that I have learned from Virtuous Living at our school. As a teacher and mother I benefited the most from the profound and inspiring information on teaching especially from chapter 16 onwards. I could not put the book down and had to read it to the end. I was and still am highly inspired and feel charged up, I am inspired to take action at to make a difference, to touch souls. I cannot wait for the school to re-open during Jan 2010 and I am going to implement the advice immediately. I trust that more schools will follow. As an educator I highly recommend readers to read Virtuous Living, Teachers and educators especially should have a copy for personal use. Cecilia A Jacobs, Educator, Pretoria, South Africa - Dec 2009 ~ Cecilia A Jacobs, Top Educator, SA

This book is written on the basis that we are spiritual beings and that our purpose is to live life fully devoted to God in a spirit of love and service. The sentence that particularly struck me was that we should always strive to be kinder than necessary because everyone we meet is fighting some kind of battle. The people who will get most out of the book are those who share the author's perspective on God; it is refreshing to see the word virtue used so explicitly and to relect on the explanation of 12 natural laws. Interestingly, the book as a whole is similar to the channelled wisdom of Silver Birch, which I have not read for many years. ~ Network Review

Good morning Belinda Here is my feed back on your book Virtuous Living, which I read on the plane to Australia and again on the way back just to get a better insight for myself. 1. Explosive reading. 2. Great insight into one’s soul 3. Brilliantly explains about one’s spiritual being. 4. Very good references given. 5. Easy to understand and put into perspective. I found the book very interesting and enlightening which is enabling me to understand my spiritual self better and how to enrich my life in the future in everything that I do. The book allows me to get in touch with my own soul and after studying the different States from 1 to 22 and Laws deeply, made me feel like I can take on life with a totally different approach and hopefully I can look at other people less harshly when they do something that I don’t like or agree with by being better within myself. Unfortunately life goes by so fast and sometimes we lose our patience and are quick to judge, which I think we all do at some stage. After any argument or condemnation we actually feel worse and if we live by explanations as given in this book we will learn to be better people. I have had the pleasure on attending one of Belinda’s Angel courses which I enjoyed very much and since then have studied and read many books on Angels and read the cards daily to uplift my life including her book AngelSense. Anything Belinda writes has an uncanny way of getting into your heart and it’s always written in such a way that you find something in it for yourself and something you can take forth into your daily life. I am very blessed to be able to say she is my friend. Keep up the good work Earth Angel I need you for a long time to come. Gail Snyman PA to Chief Executive Officer - SA FRENCH ~ Gail Snyman, PA to CEO - SA FRENCH

Hi Catherine, I hope this email finds you well! I apologise for the delay in sending you this endorsement, we have moved offices and I had no access to emails of any kind until today! Virtuous Living by Belinda Joubert, is an AWESOME book to read and to use on a daily basis.... When I first started Virtuous Living, I had to re-read the 1st 7 chapters, as it is a reality check in how we are not living our lives to our full potential... We have all somehow in our fast paced life forgotten who WE are and how our 'small' contribution, of just being us and following our inner truth CAN and WILL make an amazing difference to ourselves, Mother Earth and all those around us! If we do not start with ourselves, how are we ever supposed to influence those around us, if we are living with 'blinkers' on?? Virtuous Living is about finding YOURSELF, through making the effort and time to spend time on YOURSELF!!! In chapter 1 a quote from Mahatma Gandhi "you have to be the change so the change can happen in your life" struck a cord inside me and the reading this book has changed my life, we have to get out of our little box's and DO, stop looking at others to fix that only you can fix! You are so unique and every situation is as unique as you! That is why reading Virtuous Living is so so important.... Each of us is 'balanced', it is just trying to find the balance in this rather confusing and rushed world we allow ourselves to be in and then to maintain the balance to bring out only the BEST in YOU! What is so inspiring about Virtuous Living, is that Belinda has written the book from all perspectives and has encompassed all 'religions'.... it is not a religion specific book, it is about YOU and YOU reaching your full potential, by opening yourself up to the world of possibilities and opportunities that await you, IF you are willing to remove the 'restrictions' which have been placed on you through the thinking of others and just listen to the inner you, that is desperately trying to be heard through all the turmoil going on! The most WOW part of Virtuous Living is going through the 22 states of Natural Being and Consciousness and The Inescapable Natural Laws..... Oh my, that in itself is an awesome journey! The states are not long and drawn out and they get right to the point! We all have a purpose and by reading through, perfecting and implementing the 22 states in your daily life, you can only grow... I have read Deepak Chopra's Seven Spiritual Laws to Success, and Belinda has somehow encompassed them and expanded on the Natural Laws, which gave me a sense of completion.... Having read Virtuous Living, will open up your mind to the boundless opportunities that only you can dream of, visualise and manifest! There is no force out there that is stopping you from reaching your true potential, read Virtuous Living and reach your FULL potential! A quote from Kasmira Maharajh (a cancer patient aged 7) "When you need to choose between two paths, do not choose the easy one. That will lead you away from your destination. Even worse, do not remain indecisive and remain where you are. That will lead you nowhere" If you can read this before 2010, you will not need a 'New Years Resolution' as you will be living that which is your FULL and TRUE potential before!!! 1st and foremost learn to LOVE YOURSELF, God/ Universe/ Spirit and you have made you as you are in this physical form..... Don't change it, perfect it as only you can and live your life with love, gratitude, respect and values for yourself and others around you, and I am assured you will have the life you have always dreamed of and probably better! A quote from Virtuous Living, which we should all remember "other people may not have had high expectations for me, but I had high expectations for myself" from S. Miller! Gillian I asked my daughter Cassandra, aged 15, to give her opinion of Virtuous Living.... Virtuous Living by Belinda Joubert is a must read for all people of all ages, young to old!!! It will open up the eyes of the younger generation who have been given gifts as Indigo and Crystal children to realise that they have so much potential and for their parents and grandparents to understand that to be true to yourself you first have to understand yourself and not what others believe you are! You are unique and nobodies opinion will ever fulfill you or give you purpose unless you believe in yourself and your abilities!!! You are living your life and through reading Virtuous Living, you will realise that each person is living their own inner potential and by doing the necessary soul searching and exercises as given at the end of the book, we will as younger more wiser people be able to guide and make our space and this place a much better place for us all to live together in harmony, and the way nature intended it to be! Catherine I hope this is suitable and can be used for Belinda's book! Regards Gillian ~ Gillian Bettini, Executive - Corporate Accountant

Belinda Joubert’s latest book Virtuous Living has just been released by O-Books. The book with the subtitle ‘Honoring the Inescapable Natural Laws’ features 178 pages. She lives in Betty’s Bay, (South Africa). We are living in a time where there is a great need to convince people that a virtuous life is the best life. At present, in our country, the conditions of violence, crime and corruption thrive and there is a great need for moral standards. We are familiar with Belinda’s weekly articles in this newspaper on the ‘Inescapable Natural Laws’ that she writes about. She shares her view that when you practice morality, you conform to a standard of right, which is the divine law or highest good. By writing this review, my intention is to create space for alternative views. Although Belinda’s contribution draws strongly on the Bible it is not her only source of inspiration. Contrary to traditional Christen belief, she believes that every individual is personally accountable and responsible for what he does. You cannot take responsibility for someone else’s life or their actions. Perhaps her book offers a viable solution to individuals seeking an alternative foundation for moral conduct. New points of view are always a challenge to those who want to investigate. Belinda’s point of view is that individuals are spiritual beings and in miniature, we are all tiny fractions of God. Our spirit (a piece of God) is incarnated in our physical bodies. There is also a Godly plan for every person, which awards the person the freedom to make the contribution that life requires of him or her. The purpose of our earthly life is to maintain a balance between the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of life. The book places lots of emphasis on the growth of the soul. You must actually concentrate on inner growth because you are a spiritual being and death is only a next step in your life cycle. Belinda endeavors to explain the difference between spirit and soul. Where spirit is the supreme energy of life and the soul is the centre (or headquarters) of consciousness. Readers may also wonder about this. The inescapable laws of nature that she view as a basis for virtuous living are not so simple to understand. ‘The Great Spirit’ is the law. One of the laws is the well-known Law of Cause and Effect – What you sow you will reap. There are interesting thoughts such as that you have to experience adversity for your soul to grow. The Law of Cause and Effect means that you have to experience the consequences when you transgress the law. You can’t expect to reap tomatoes if you planted potatoes. That which you give the most attention to will grow. Fear and negativity brings growth in that direction and focus on perfect love drives away feelings of fear. You have to rise above your fears to master yourself. Twelve of these laws are described. They are: Divine Law of Compensation, Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Attraction, Law of Action and Reaction, Law of Intention and Motive, Law of Incentive – soul-growth (riches within versus materialism and wealth), Law of Awakening, Law of Justice, Law of No Interference, Spiritual Law and Manmade Laws. I trust that you will be inspired to investigate Belinda’s philosophy. Please consult the following website: Belinda’s particulars are with her article. Dries Vermeulen - editor Overstrand Herald - 7 August 2009 ~ Dries Vermeulen - Editor, Newspaper, Overstrand Herald Newspaper, Western Cape, SA

Hi Belinda, I am LOVING your book! I started reading it again from the beginning, as I felt I was not as 'ready' for the information, as I am now, and by reading it again, so, so many 'lights / ah ha' moments have happened for me.... Thank You so so much for your book! I am going to order at least 5 for friends for Christmas presents..... but thinking about it now... I may need at least 10! Thank You! Lovies – G Bettini 07.10.2009 ~ Gillian Bettini, Corporate Accountant

Belinda openly makes God the foundation for her life and business. ~ Idani Kudzingana, Government Executive

“From the moment I met Belinda as a speaker at a Corporate Health and Wellness Conference, I knew that she had been blessed with a special gift” She has been given a special mission on earth by our Creator. ~ Xavier Mahony, Employee Wellbeing Manager- SA

Hi Belinda,I do not think people around Technology Research Investigations realize how blessed they actually are to have such a person as yourself, you are a beam of light in TRI. 'There is coming a day when they will come looking for you for encouragement and guidance'. God bless you richly Belinda John 14:15-21 ~ George Lowe, Executive Corporate Leadership Coach

Dearest Belinda, You are the best, the most wonderful and fantastic person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.. I thank God for allowing our paths to cross and for allowing me to learn from your wisdom and inspiration – YOU ARE A GIFT that everybody worth their salt should have in their lives.....THANK YOU!!!! ~ Gillian Bettini, Workshop Delegate & Corporate Accountant (Blue Chip Company)

My dearest one, this is your ownership moment to be rejoicing in the Light of what you are doing and what you will be doing in your life with the information that is given to you so that you can become the person you want to be without any hesitation of a doubt in your mind so that you inhale the beauty given and the most glorious moments of the truth of the insights that are fed you with its purest of form so believe my dearest one that all the lines are intact and are meant to be where they are with a mental note of simplicity that will enrich your lines even more so that all the lines will be telling the story of pureness and beauty and to enhance your path … ~ Simone Burk, Spiritual Medium - Brooklyn

Virtuous Living’s Cover looks beautiful Belinda, congratulations. I am sure it will be a huge success. Wonderful subject! Much love and blessings, Sue x ~ Sue Saraswati Merry, Lightworker, Greece,

Hi Belinda / Ms Butterfly, Thank you for an awesome course! You are a truly enlightened and special person. Looking forward to our next meeting! You are an awesome human being! Like your soul! X ~ Liane Heyl, Actress

Hi Belinda, Virtuous Living Article on laws. Why is the world in a recession? WOW.... WOW... WOW! Please can you send me the follow-ups that you are writing on this PLEASE? You have found your purpose in life!!!! Love GB ~ Corporate Accountant

Hello Dear Angel, No words can describe the thanks that you deserve for all the help that you have given us. My son was very nervous this morning, but I am sure that he will have a stunning time. Thank you so much to you, your husband, and your family for welcoming us into your home. You are all very special people and I know that there is a divine reason why I met you. My son said this morning that he felt like Neo from the movie the Matrix, and had just met the “Oracle”. I pray that God and his Angels will continue to bless you abundantly. Please keep in touch. Blessings! ~ Corporate Executive - Airline

Dear Belinda, I have read your article that was published in the local newspaper on The Inescapable Natural Laws, Why is the world in a recession? I am convinced that this is your divine path in life to share this information with humanity. You will surely reap the benefits of your book. Virtuous Living is THE book that everyone should read! ~ Tertia Thackwray, Tzaneen, SA

Hi Belinda, Sunday was truly a hair-raising experience for me. I feel so honored to have met you. I have not stopped smiling since yesterday. I just feel so blessed and thinking about my experience yesterday still gives me goose bumps. Your article is so true & so inspiring; all I want to do is help & be part of this Touch a Soul project. Where can I find out more about this project? I also used my Angel cards today and once again I was amazed by the power of the cards. I can't explain it but I felt so empowered at work today. I'll tell you all about it when we next meet. Can't wait for our next meeting. ~ C Moses, BRAIT - International Investment Company

Hi Belinda, You are SO, SO, SO GIFTED and it has become such a wonderful journey being with you and having your energies around us and thinking of us! I so look forward to seeing you again!!! Can't wait for your book Virtuous Living and the new Angel book! You are absolutely correct, only God and the Universe know when and how.... the difficult thing about being human is knowing when to listen and to be ready! Have a GREAT weekend and stay warm! Lovies xxxx ~ Corporate Client, Workshop Delegate

Dearest Belinda, I cannot wait for your book Virtuous Living. Thank you for showing me your book cover in advance, I LOVE it, it is simple, stunning and beautiful, it has that something that tells you that you just want to buy the book. God surely has blessed it. I also treasure our friendship. ~ Ilze Dippenaar, Corporate Graphic Design Artist, Johannesburg

Hi Belinda, Thank You! The cover & Info for Virtuous Living is whole body is a tingle and covered with goose bumps.... This is so what the Universe and God wants you to put out there!!!! I can't wait to read your book!!!! Marchello loves your 1st book, the Angels are his daily inspiration..... Thank You for BLESSING us with it and for the future books to come!!! Take Care and God Bless!!! Lovies ~ Gillian, Executive Corporate Client & workshop delegate

Hi Belinda, Virtuous Living: The natural laws, why is the world in a recession? Your work is what is needed!!!! Will also speak to putting it in our local papers here like Record and see what they have to say! So please keep the articles coming!!!! Have a GREAT evening! ~ Newspaper Reader, Pretoria, South Africa

Hello there, Your article from the info in your book Virtuous Living on The Natural Inescapable Laws – Why is the world in a recession? I passed your email on yesterday to my friend Margie that came to the Angel course with me to your house in PTA. She would like to know if you send us any further articles as and when they come out. The article was very interesting and she works as the secretary at the Catholic Church in Rustenburg and will pass your email on. Thanks and looking forward to the follow-ups. Keep smiling xxxx Gail ~ Newspaper Reader, Kempton Park

Dear Belinda, I have the most wonderful friend and her name is Gail, she has been in my life forever and she often sends me an e-mail just to read or to lift my day. I would really appreciate it if you would put me on your e-mail list, I am going to order the book Virtuous Living and can not wait to receive a copy. I attended the Angel course some time ago with Gail. I could'nt ask for a better friend. You may think this is cheeky of me but I would love to hear from you. God bless you for all your loving work. Margie ~ Margie, Secretary, Catholic Church, Rustenburg

Belinda, Your presence is a gift to the world. You are unique and one of a kind, you are very special – thank you for the course and sharing your wisdom. ~ Client, Workshop Delegate

Dear Belinda, I am still at loss for words. I need to tell you how grateful and honoured I am that you trust me, a stranger in this life, to share your precious work with the world. Thank you. Love ~ Maggie, Entrepreneur

Namaste, Belinda, thank you for your beautiful and inspiring word, as they say in the ‘classic’ we will be back to receive more Light and gentleness love ~ Charmaine, Client

Hi start reading your book and had a strange encounter (from Spirit?) will come visit on Sunday to tell you about it have a great day. Love ~ Sammy Jo, My sister's daughter

"I was so lucky to read parts of Virtuous Living while my mom was busy writing the book, and my immediate reaction was that this book will be life changing to the people who read it! I never knew my mom had the wisdom I read about, and it opened my eyes to many wonderful things, I got a complete new lookout on life and shared the information with all my friends daily and on facebook." ~ Lizél Joubert, My firstborn 21 years

Hello Belinda, Thank you again for your inspirational talk at the Celebrate Life Festival – you truly are inspiring. Your inspirational talk has made a huge impact on my life and me. Please send me the ISBN number of your book so that I can buy your book and learn from your wisdom. Lovies ~ Lynn, Conference Delegate

Although I have not had the opportunity to read Belinda's book VL as yet, however, I do know Belinda and what she has previously written and who she is as a person which in itself makes me believe and feel that Virtuous Living will have its value and worth to the reader to enhance them on all levels. May her pure intention of the Light and Love heal the individual and go forward in much peace, strength, joy, love, happiness, wellness and success. Am so proud of her and wish her much love and blessings on her journey to spread the good energies further and further afield to help transform the Self . - Simone SA of The Sim-ONE Way ~ Simone, Clairvoyant & Lightworker

Thank you so much for this page – Your comment on Imposter Syndrome – Article Longevity Magazine June 2009 I am always enthralled by your words and love reading them and wish that people could put the negativity away and look at the bright and positive things in their everyday life. Most of us have so many blessings and things to be thankful but with the fast pace of life we forget or don’t have the time to step back and see this or make time to pray or actually help those less fortunate than us. You have an amazing way with words that’s why you are the writer and we are readers. Keep it going. Love G xxx ~ Magazine Reader, July 2009

Previous Professional Endorsement: Dear Belinda, Compliments on a world class Technology Annual Report. I am sending a copy to the Technical University in Delft, following a meeting I had with Professor Wakker, The Rector. Dr DA Marshall / I had a similar letter from Thys Blom, well done! Peter O’Connor, Senior General Manager – Technology Group: Well done Belinda, Jan de Beer, Chief Executive Officer – Technology Group ~ Peter O’Connor, Senior General Manager – Technology Group

6 Aug 2009 'Hi Belinda, I have a gazillion goosebumps when I read that 'You are a Keeper of the Faith'!!!! You ARE!!!! Virtuous Living is the start to an even bigger project which will open the eyes to millions of people and I know you'll touch more people that Doreen Virtue even!!!! As I am writing this the goosebumps are all over!!!!! Just know it and believe in this gift! Lovies xxxx' ~ G Bettini, Corporate Client

Hi Belinda, 'They are not just kind words but the TRUTH, God / Universe / Guides and Angels ARE working through you to show us the way and to guide us on our paths and I would walk any path with you there to guide and lead the way! Your family is truly BLESSED to have you and to guide them on their paths! Fame I agree does not motivate you, but the Word and the Deed are the most important for you and to show all that there is only 1 WAY to go forth!!!! Thank You for allowing me to be part of your world and life and I know I am BLESSED to have you there! Take Care and God Bless you and you all!'Lovies xxxx ~ Lightworker & Workshop Delegate

Belinda THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! so so much, I am so looking forward to receiving and reading Virtuous Living! I asked for a miracle and I have received it! Thank You! There are going to be many sales!!!! I can feel it!!!! Believe it and it will happen! This is for you: 'Far away but always near, I hold your relationship very dear... Ever together but never apart... you'll always be in my heart as my friend.' 'The thread asked the candle, why you dissolve yourself when I burn. The candle said, when those who are in my heart suffer, I am bound to shed tears. That is friendship' - and for ALL THAT YOU MEAN to me and others out there who are still to meet you and know the WISDOM and BEAUTY which you provide!!!! - Lovies ~ Corporate Client, Workshop Delegate

Well done!Wishing you Megasales!!! The Dolphins where awesome!!!! Love, Renate P.S - My book (Virtuous Living)is on Order. ~ Renate, Bowtech and Quantum Touch Practitioner

Hi Belinda, I am LOVING your book! I started reading it again from the beginning, as I felt I was not as 'ready' for the information, as I am now, and by reading it again, so, so many 'lights / ah ha' moments have happened for me.... Thank You so so much for your book! I am going to order at least 5 for friends for Christmas presents..... but thinking about it now... I may need at least 10! Thank You! Lovies – G Bettini 07.10.2009 ~ G Bettini, Corporate Accountant

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