Vision, The

Vision, The


Visions and out-of-body experiences are not uncommon, but few have been experienced in such depth, and articulated with such clarity, as those of Jaap Hiddinga. He began to have them as a young child, and out of the thousands he has accumulated since then he presents here some of the most powerful. They range from the Christ awareness that came into the world at the birth of Jesus to travels in other dimensions, in other times, in this universe and beyond. Along the way he raises questions and suggests answers about the origins of Christianity, the nature of the quantum world, the links between the earthly and spiritual worlds, and the future of humanity Jaap Hiddinga offers no particular interpretation or path to wisdom. It is not a book on how to travel out of the body, but a record of what one person was shown when he did so. The visions are recorded as they were received. As he says, each individual can take from it what they want or need. His conviction is that they can be of value to other searchers. They changed his life, maybe they can change yours. They point to a universe that is lovingly shepherding humanity to a future that at present it can barely dream of.


A book that has stirred me beyond my expectations. ~ , Happinez

The essence of spiritual enlightenment, a true revelation. ~ , Spiegelbeeld

Remarkable experiences, a book which stirs the deepest parts of the searching soul. ~ , Paravision

What a refreshing treasure I found this book to be, the author just simply and honestly relates his visions and out of body experiences in such a clear way I actually felt like I was there hearing the messages and seeing the sights as he did. As I read these wonderful accounts in some cases I felt like I had my own beliefs and intuition validated, and in others I felt challenged to look beyond my scope of comfort and to re-evaluate what I had come to know as true. I feel that this simple yet very insightful book can be a great help to many on their path to enlightenment. ~ , StarzRainbowRose

The subtitle of this book accurately reflects its eye-opening content. the visions help realign readers with their own spiritual centre and serve as a reminder of the temporary nature of individual life forms. It is also the promise of the emergence of new levels of consciousness and perception where we become aqware of the divine source of evrything.One panoramic vision conveys an unsettling insight; "each time a civilisation reached the peak of its development a kind of resentment, unhappiness and superiority grew in the people, and they bought about their own destruction." In our case this involves the systematic creation of fear, when the underlying reality and path is divine love. ~ , Scientific and Medical Network Review

Jaap Hiddinga
Jaap Hiddinga Jaap Hiddinga studied chemistry at university and set up a petrochemical engineering firm at Falkirk in Scotland, where he has lived for the...
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