Walking Through Illusion

Walking Through Illusion

Walking through Illusion is an inspirational self-help book that features insights gained from stories based on historical people who knew about Jesus.


Walking through Illusion features a series of short stories about biblical people who either knew Jesus or knew of him, and were influenced by him in one way or another. It is not a book about Christianity; it is about people who lived long before Christianity began. The book makes no attempt to preach religion; the author believes that we don't take our beliefs with us when we leave here; we take the love we found from having them. The book is about people who lived historically, but the stories are less about the picture of their lives and more about the emotions they might have experienced. Each chapter focuses on the growth of a particular person and each chapter is complete within itself with a specific theme. The end of each chapter has a worksheet with questions, designed to bring the ideas from the book into the reader's everyday life in a meaningful way.



Walking Through Illusion is a book you will want to read over and over if you are interested in spiritual matters… An EXCELLENT book.

~ Bonnie Neeley, 5 Star Amazon Review

Unlike any other book I've read that just talks 'about' Jesus - this one felt more like I was part of a hypothetical personal interview with Jesus and all the biblical people who actually 'knew Him'… This book did more in helping me to understand my own spirituality and to question my perspective on life than anything else I've read…

~ A Prolific Book Reader near Illinois,, 5 Star Amazon Review


This is a fascinating read from a very creative mind… The fine tuned dialogue moves us gracefully to a point of self acceptance which is a tribute to the brilliance of the author.

~ Joni Hudson-Reynolds, www.ebonymompolitics.worpress.com


…an inspiring contribution from an inspiring author.

~ Author & Therapist Cathal O'Briain \


This book is very different from all other ones I’ve seen about Jesus. It doesn’t “talk” about Jesus and all the people we read about in the bible and bible classes. Instead this book gives the reader insight into how these people were affected by his life and choices. Enjoy this book with an open heart, welcome the lessons.

~ Florida Reader Judith, a 5 star review on Amazon.

Walking Through Illusion had a huge impact on me. I'm working on practicing the examples outlined in the book to see things in a new and wonderful way. Life is what you make of it and I want to make the best out of mine. Your book has given me an outlook I haven't had in a very long time. It's refreshing. ~ Zita Ost, Co-Host and Producer of The Buzz ZTalk Radio Network

I will never forget you for this gift to my life. In some ways, it has caused me to bring down internal barriers, which allowed me to better assimilate what I’ve learned thus far on my journey. Walking Through Illusion helped me to bring it all together. Regardless of how this book is perceived or interpreted, the healing power of truth and love in it stands on its own; the ‘lessons’ are as applicable today as they were 2000 years ago. ~ Charles Stewart, http://1stcharlesstewart.wordpress.com/2010/08/18/walking-through-illusion-a-book-review/

Really well done, Betsy. You know I don't relate to Jesus per se, but I do relate to the wise words, life lessons, guides to thinking and behavior, and generosity of perspective - all expressed from the standpoint of love of self and therefore others. ~ Alan F. Horn, President of Warner Bros.

This is the kind of book that I love to read because it’s written to be an interaction with the reader. In this book, Walking Through Illusion, the author, Betsy Otter Thompson, gives you thoughts to ponder, worksheets at the end of each chapter, and my favorite, her very own personal insights into what she herself has learned and how it relates to her own life. ~ Deb Coats, http://angelsamongusliving3d.blogspot.com/


How do I start a book review for a book that has changed my life? At the end of each chapter, Betsy Otter Thompson brilliantly combines the wisdom of Jesus with short notes of her own journey, as well as questions to help you realize your own truth. Walking Through Illusion can propel us all into a deeper understanding of ourselves and our role here on this planet.

~ Jennifer Merritt, http://yourstateofbeing.blogspot.com/2010/08/walking-through-illusion.html

Walking Through Illusion, by Betsy Otter Thompson, is an excellent way to learn spiritual principles. It brings out in easy to understand language the main points on the path of spiritual growth. I highly recommend reading and rereading this book, completing the work sheets, and walking through the illusion into enlightenment. ~ LeRoy Kattein, http://www.aleroy.com/blog/


As I opened Walking Through Illusion by Betsy Otter Thomson, and began to read, I became fascinated with the way the author portrays thoughts and beliefs. … The book is filled with insight and allows you to see the truth through different eyes. A must read.

~ Cyndy Cessnun, http://triplecreekhealth.blogspot.com


Walking Through Illusion is a thought provoking book based on the energy of love… The chapter on handicaps caught my attention specifically because my son is blind, and while both of us spent a great deal of time looking at this as a handicap, it has opened up a multitude of possibilities for his life, and is now viewed as a gift...This is a book you want to keep close to where you meditate and ask for guidance each day. 

~ Georgia Feiste, http://rainbowbridgecoach.com/?p=734


…I found myself believing that much of Walking Through Illusion was inspired by a higher source. …you will enjoy the journey through time, envisioning the biblical characters as people who dealt with their own difficulties.

~ Elizabeth M. Herrera, http://journal.lotusshoppe.com/


... You don’t have to subscribe to the concept of Jesus as a spiritual teacher to get what you need out of this book… I recommend Walking Through Illusion to anyone who is open to hearing more about universal truth, love, and compassion.

~ Leanne Holitza, http://insightfulinspirations.org/2010/09/walking-through-illusion/


…This is one book you will want to read over and over; ‘a leave by your bedside book.’ … It is full of wonderful, beautiful quotes from the author and I loved the following one: ‘You are the light you let in, the love you give, the beauty you define, and the reason you live.’

~ Kirsten Jude, http://www.takesomeoldskin.com/2010/09/02/aging-and-the-spiritual-health-of-your-heart-and-skin/

Betsy Otter Thompson in her book Walking Through Illusion gives a beautiful explanation of how love is a choice we make. “Hearts are free to express from the depth to which they go. It means that each of us is free to love in the face of reasons not to. If we love, the heart goes deeper to reveal our true identity. If we don’t love, more opportunities arrive through which to do so.” ~ Andrea DeBell, http://brite-talk.com/a-brief-guide-to-loving-everyone-2/


Walking Through Illusion… can be a daily meditation for self-understanding, as well as an inspirational guide. It works on many levels to bring greater meaning into daily life.

~ Shanta Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Messages and The Gabriel Message Cards.


Once in a while, a book falls into your lap that is almost heaven-sent. Walking Through Illusion, by Betsy Otter Thompson, was such a book for me… This is not a book to be simply read, but to be lived - digested and re-visited over and over again!

~ Olga Rasmussen, Aligning With Grace, http://aligningwithgrace.blogspot.com/2010/09/walking-through-illusions.html


… Little did I know that this book would push me to make some personal and positive changes… Walking Through Illusion is a book with qualities I love…  This is most definitely a go-to book for anyone looking to expand personal growth… Enjoy!

~ Maria Flynn, http://flowofenergy.blogspot.com/2010/09/book-review-walking-through-illusion-by.html


Walking Through Illusion, by Betsy Otter Thompson … is a well organized and well written book… You may or may not believe that Thompson actually spoke with Jesus, but that is irrelevant because her insights, revelations, and discoveries are thought-provoking, profound, and far from illusory…You will want to examine your perceptions of life as you re-read Walking Through Illusion again and again.

~ Shanimah Ra, Ph.D, http://bit.ly/bymIOa

I am Catholic and found this novel very interesting. Surprise!! Nothing blew up, nobody was shot, there was no grand conspiracy… I took this novel chapter by chapter and enjoyed it… Betsy Otter Thompson found a very nice way to teach me a few things, reinforce a few more, and remind me of other things… Preachy no, Teachy, yes… I am glad I got the opportunity to not only read this book but to share it with my wife and discuss it with her. I don’t get that chance too often. ~ Giovanni Gelati, http://www.gelatisscoop.blogspot.com

…I did a quick read of Walking Through Illusion and am now in the process of reading it again, much slower this time. I have to say that I really feel it is one of the “best” books I’ve come across in quite a while. The way Betsy Otter Thompson interprets the material is awesome... ~ Ronnie McIntosh, http://captron52.blogspot.com

…Walking Through Illusion brings out, in easy to understand language, the main points… of spiritual growth. I highly recommend reading and rereading this book, completing the work sheets and walking through illusion into enlightenment. ~ Leroy Kattein, http://bit.ly/cxg6zM

Empowering is a great word to describe the book, Walking Through Illusion, by Betsy Otter Thompson…Numerous books have fallen into my hands that have helped to straighten out my thinking and bring it in line with the truth. This is one such book... You will want to have it close at hand to refer back to many times. I know I have.

~ Beth Thomas, http://bit.ly/cqdxFG

In Walking Through Illusion -by Betsy Otter Thompson…I especially enjoyed the… personal insights sections at the end of the chapters. An example of one of them was: "For years I thought of God as a separate; a force that lived outside of me instead of within my heart. ...I expected God to forgive me for all my sins while I was the one who needed to forgive myself."

~ David Hoffmeister, http://bit.ly/anUOc5

…Walking Through Illusion gives voice to Jesus, fills in the maddening cracks of what he left unsaid, or what was left out… It’s written as a Platonic dialogue with Ms. Thompson the student of Jesus, posing questions to him. If you’re looking for fire and retribution, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for some comfort in a chilly world, pick it up. She makes Jesus seem human—and he was, wasn’t he?

~ Bathsheba Monk: http://www.bathshebamonk.blogspot.com/


A major theme throughout Walking Through Illusion is the importance of opening our hearts. For example, Betsy writes: “What does it mean that hearts are free to express from the depth to which they go? It means that each of us is free to love in the face of reasons not to. If we love, the heart goes deeper to reveal our true identity. If we don’t love, more opportunities arrive through which to do so.”

~ Matthew Welsh, Spiritual Media Blog: http://bit.ly/c48CYJ


Walking Through Illusion is… insightful book you will want to enjoy quietly and savor slowly. It is something you are sure to cherish and to hold dear to your heart.

~ Vicky Anderson, 5 star review on Amazon: http://amzn.to/cMJw1I


Walking Through Illusionis a thoughtful and eye opening book… full of new ideas, a fresh perspective and lessons of life to build our character… This is not a book about Christianity but a book of breaking through the illusions of life. 

~ Charissa Duskis, I’m a Self-Help Guru, http://bit.ly/cu9VhV


If you want to get approval you must give approval, especially to yourself. This lesson really hit home to me when reading "Walking Through Illusion," by Betsy Otter Thompson.

~ Betty-Ann Heggie: http://bit.ly/a2JzK6


Walking Through Illusion… is like a three way conversation, the author to Jesus, Jesus to the author and the author to you. I found it delightful and compelling…

~ Patricia A. Johnson, http://bit.ly/9MFG5H


Ms. Thompson’s use of characters familiar to many is both bold and effective…Walking Through Illusion is worthy of its place on your reading list, whether it’s the first time or a follow up. It’s sure to inspire.

~ Craig Elliott, http://bit.ly/cxpP1c


…Betsy Otter Thompson, in her new book, Walking Through Illusion, not settling for pious interpretations of the Biblical figures considers practical implications in their lives … making them accessible for a contemporary spiritual journey… The significance of Thompson’s work is found in the questions, which allow the reader to reflect on life experiences for both new understanding and heart-felt changes…

~ Louis F. Kavar, Ph.D.: http://bit.ly/9ttly8

Bravo Betsy! With Walking Through Illusion, you… make Jesus alive inside our own inner self… like the oriental tradition of seeing the Buddha in us!... This is a unique look at the characters of the Bible inspiring oriental interpretation of their struggles and path.


~ Isabella Dove Watershoot/Healing Mudras: http://bit.ly/dCyWWx

This is a book you want to keep by your favorite chair and read over and over. The exercises at the end of each chapter are especially helpful. For they take us, like Alice, on a journey through the looking glass, where we can see the other side of things from a new perspective. Betsy Thompson shows us with examples in her own life that anything is possible when we choose to open our hearts to living love.

~ Tommie Borton Warder, gave workshops for stress management to US Government

I enjoyed Walking Through Illusion and encourage all to read it and learn about the famous characters, their problems and their lives, and in the process, learn about one’s own.

~ Thomas Meehan, http://mysticson.blogspot.com/


…As I read Walking Through Illusion, over and over again I found statements that related to what I was thinking or experiencing that very day. It's as if the book gave me just what I needed right when I needed it, bringing up a range of deep emotions… The book was hard to put down, yet I didn't want to rush through it…

~ Jeannine Bakriges, The SpiritualSpider.blogspot.com http://bit.ly/9uUpXQ

… Without challenge to historians, Walking Through Illusion shares insights from the messages of Christ that offer the reader storytelling gems and even healing energy…If you read to inherit the wisdom of the narratives collected in this writing, you will encounter the same healing portal.

~ Tanya Wineland, LeadFromWithin: http://bit.ly/dtHlXh


In Walking Through Illusion…  It seemed on every page, I wanted to highlight a statement.

~ Kat Horne, http://bit.ly/c36Q4p


When I first began reading Walking Through Illusion I knew it would be a book I’d have to read several times to fully appreciate. Having finished my first read, I feel I have… a personal connection with the energy of Jesus which is a great gift, not in a religious sense but as a friend and guide.

~ Robyn Crawford, http://www.crystallize-books.com/index.html/


I have recently met up with another author who writes with a similar flair as Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.  Her name is Betsy Otter Thompson… I think just about anyone would find Walking Through Illusion interesting to read.  It has tons of valuable insight, and all with a spiritual message behind it.

~ Kimmi S. Bennett-Smith: http://bit.ly/bdFzJF

…The logic of Walking Through Illusion is centered around its themes. Their presentation, from “Reform” to “Time”, is given the primary focus, though each chapter consists of Bible-time scholarship as well…

~ Cecil Disharoon, http://bit.ly/cGzbG8


... A compelling and thought provoking, insightful look at the soul... Particularly good is the worksheet at the end of each chapter for the reader to churn and digest… Walking Through Illusion is an inspirational alternative look at Jesus Christ and the actors of that stage, connecting the heart of Jesus and his friends to my own heart, making two worlds into one, my reality and the reality of 2010 years ago, onto the same point in time, now.

~ Daniel Healy, http://bit.ly/cVjQwF

There were some things that I loved about Walking Through Illusion, for example, at the end of each chapter there are worksheet sections and questions to ponder…


~ Sarah Baker, http://bit.ly/b8Wlm3

It took just a couple of chapters for me to get really drawn into this work…. I must admit I was very impressed by the way in which the author was able to effectively distill the essence of the teachings of Jesus in a very practical, non-religious manner. In summary, I found this book to be very well-written, and both inventive and highly thought-provoking...


~ Jeff Maziarek; Five Star Review on Amazon: http://amzn.to/alAuRh

…Thompsons style of writing keeps you engaged through every page of Walking Through Illusion…  A wonderful and engaging read with a fresh perspective, filled with universal love.

~ Kathryn Brown, http://blog.greenearthstones.com/


…Betsy Otter Thompson, author and inspiration of this fundamental read has captured the essence of humanity’s most burning questions, or at times, what appears to be almost insurmountable challenges in ‘our daily grind’…she assists the reader in achieving a level of spiritual resonance that can only come from a greater understanding originating from within All That Is. 

~ Maricel Piercey, http://healinginthenewmillenium.blogspot.com/

…Walking Through illusion is a good book for anyone who would like to explore their belief system about religion, spirituality and how it affects their choices in daily life.

~ Inge Bird, http://junkstylediva.blogspot.com/


…Walking Through Illusion… is a very inspiring book I highly recommend… Even though I've read it, this book will remain on my nightstand for regular re-reads and personal contemplation. It is a real guide book you can read again and again, cherishing it throughout your life.

~ Donna Vail, http://bit.ly/9uUS9M


I truly found myself captivated by Walking Through Illusion…it is a book worth reading… Betsy’s book found me at the proper time to help me grow and evolve with love.

~ George Bryant, http://findinggodonthetrain.typepad.com/

I heartily recommend this disarming series of short stories… The author takes readers along a bold new path of thinking, using the fascinating premise of a series of Q&A sessions with Jesus! This book is not a religious tome as much as it is a spiritual hand-holder into the spiritual self of you, the reader… Walking Through Illusion can be the vehicle you’ve been seeking to help you explore, better understand, and motivate yourself to adjust and achieve your goals . . . to make a positive difference on this planet.

~ Hal Alpiar, http://www.halalpiar.com/


The book does what all excellent spiritual books do…it makes you think, it makes you consider change, and it helps you to grow. Whether you view Jesus as a personal savior or… a great spiritual teacher, you will find this book to be a valuable addition to your spiritual study.

~ Sheri Kaye Hoff, http://bit.ly/cXmE4V


I found it hard to put this book down…  If you are looking for a spiritual book to dive into this is the one to get… I truly enjoyed reading Walking Through Illusion and I’m confident you will too.

~ Tisha Matthews, Inspired Moments: http://bit.ly/gzpSeD


…patience is the key to unraveling the painful situations we find ourselves in. This is a process illustrated in one story after another in Walking Through Illusion.

~ Rick Aster, author of Fear of Nothing: http://bit.ly/bLYYaJ

… it's a good read for the spiritually inclined...

~ Kim Loranger, http://www.rawawareness.blogspot.com/

…WALKING THROUGH ILLUSION by BETSY THOMPSON really captivates an alluring and fascinating concept of the dying process…


~ Kyle Bates, http://www.consciouscoconut.blogspot.com/

…make no bones about it, I like this book…. it is like watching Jesus on the Charley Rose show… The worksheets at the end of each chapter provide a wonderful way for the reader to interact with the ideas of the book...

~ Fred Walker, http://www.fredwalkerthoughts.blogspot.com/


Many of these thoughts in Walking Through Illusion… could apply to situations in my own life, and that’s where I think the value in this book lies… it would be a good gift for people… struggling through some of the many hardships we face in life [such as] divorce, handicaps, etc.

~ Rick Rhodes, http://rhodesreview.com/?p=1819

Betsy Otter Thompson has written a marvelous, thought-provoking, spiritually guided, heart-based, 240 page paperback book [called Walking Through Illusion]….it can enrich your life.

~ Annie, http://bit.ly/b6UUf3


[Walking Through Illusion] is about deepening our relationship with ourselves and stepping beyond the illusion of seeking approval… I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to bring more love & insight into [his or her] life and heart. Enjoy!

~ Mary Anne Flanagan, http://bit.ly/crLumx

[In Walking Through Illusion], the author adds significant biographic detail to many familiar characters, but she is not blasé about it. She closes her book with a detailed presentation that shows that she has done her research and knows where she has plowed new ground. Since her Jesus is the individual making the claims, it's impossible to refute, but her detailed discussion lends great credibility to her story.

~ David Stone, http://bit.ly/dpTawf


[Walking Through Illusion]…is well written and easy to understand. It has become, and will continue to be, a book I read/re-read in order to better understand my feelings/thoughts. Read this book if you are looking to make a profound, and deep change in your life!

~ Linn: http://www.soulprincessnr1.blogspot.com/


I just read an amazing book called Walking Through Illusion… a wonderful book full of truth and clarity.

~ Brenda McAleer, http://bit.ly/dtszZ5


[The] nuggets of wisdom are universal in [Walking Through Illusion], and I'm sure any reader will find timely reminders for his or her journey….

~ Jean Marie Kokhanovski, InfinityCrossing.blogspot: http://bit.ly/c3phok

…I believe [Walking Through Illusion] is one of those books you could read a hundred times and get a hundred different reflections from it. There is so much to this book.


~ Don Shetterly, Mind-Body Thoughts: http://bit.ly/cSRnlS

There is a healing power waiting to be revealed when you tap into this gift of writing from Betsy Otter Thompson… [the] book will expand your awareness and understanding of what love is…

~ Teza Zialcita, http://bit.ly/dqLWT3


…a wonderful read for those who are looking to better themselves emotionally and are seeking personal growth.

~ Pandora Poikilos, http://bit.ly/bdIkz4

…written in a straightforward manner, this text offers… an opportunity to heal the fears and beliefs by which we determine our experience…

~ Nancy Gosse, http://bit.ly/bpBYuv


...My favorite section of the book is the worksheet section at the end of each chapter. It was easy to engage with this part of the book, and you're sure to learn something about yourself if you participate.

~ Brittany Verrette, 3amEpiphanies.blogspot.com http://bit.ly/a1YBmR

I don’t know how Betsy Otter Thompson wrote this book exactly, but I do know that it is amazing… I have read [it]through once, but sense so much more to be unpacked even after the first reading that I shall be carrying the book with me for a while yet…  Walking Through Illusion is an enlightening read.

~ Sarah Hinson http://www.momonaspiritualjourney.com/


As I progressed through [Walking Through Illusion], I found myself marking some little snippet every couple of pages.  Before I knew it, my highlighter was dry, and I was out of page markers.

~ Rod Williams, The View from a Different Angle http://bit.ly/cvawZH


Thank you, Betsy, for sharing this wonderful book with me.

~ Michelle Homme, ItStartsToday.blogspot, http://bit.ly/doaVXG

I definitely recommend this creative book for those seeking personal and spiritual growth.  A great addition to your night stands to read over and over. Thank you, Betsy, for this splendid gift.

~ Debra Moser, Morning Coach: http://bit.ly/bYjCiX

This book is highly recommended to all who seek true growth on their spiritual paths, looking for truth and honesty in the shared condition we call humanness.

~ Coach Lakeway, http://lifecoachlakeway.com/

Betsy Thompson has written a book called “Walking through Illusion” which is like over-hearing a conversation between her and Jesus, or like Jesus was being interviewed on the Oprah show about his teachings and ideas.


~ Alana Fairchild, http://bit.ly/eQmXHE (midway down the page)

...Walking Through Illusion, by Betsy Otter Thompson has the magic to stay with you and the power to expand your heart. It is an experiential read and truly a unique book. It is an invitation from Jesus to come to know him through yourself.


~ E. Regina Gomez, http://bit.ly/gHxYRZ


…I thoroughly enjoyed reading [Walking Through Illusion] and highly recommend it as a book to keep by the bedside and to return to again and again for deep insights…

~ Sandford Elstone, http://bit.ly/eqeyIb

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote in Eat, Pay, Love that “God dwells within me . . . as me.” That truth comes through in Walking Through Illusion. You read it in Eat, Pray, Love. You feel it in Walking Through Illusion.

~ Kelly Eckert, http://kellyeckert.com/blog/?p=174


…I love books that make me think and have participation.  Each chapter [of Walking Through Illusion] has great worksheets and questions that help us to break through areas that may be our illusions…

~ Nancy Johnson, http://bit.ly/i9G1Dr

To me, a Hindu by religion, [Walking Through Illusion offers] the Jesus I always suspected [he was]: kind, loving, wise, and inspirational.

~ Blissfull Mantra, http://bit.ly/hKVvfq

… Walking Through Illusion" by Betsy O. Thompson… is one of the most amazing books I've read in a long time…. the light I have found can never be put into words.

~ Melissa Butts, Gentling Myself, http://bit.ly/gR1Ui8

…To get something from [Walking Through Illusion], one need not be a lifelong seeker; it speaks to the novice as clearly and as breathtakingly as it does to the adept… The book is more creative than analytical, more emotional than intellectual. It asks us to feel rather than rationalize… it is difficult for me to write this review without being emotional because the book hit me on so many emotional levels…

~ SK Waller, http://onesong-oneworld.blogspot.com/


…I truly enjoyed the [Walking Through Illusion]. Each chapter ends with exercises that make you think, and in my opinion encourage further thought and reflection...

~ Britain Dwyre, http://www.simplysoutherngirl.com/search/label/books

…From beginning, to end, [Walking Through Illusion] was amazing to read…

~ Jerryll Reyes, http://bit.ly/fxFu9H


…[Thompson] offers us gems of great value if we seek a more peaceful and love-filled experience..

~ Joan Doyle, Gratitude and Grace: http://bit.ly/i3FLKZ


…[Thompson’s] preface captured my full attention with the first sentence… [Walking Through Illusion] takes you on an internal spiritual journey that provokes emotions, thoughts and an analysis of yourself. Bottom line – READ THIS BOOK!!!!

~ Andrea Pettit, http://wordpress.rightfromtheheart.com/blog/

Walking Through Illusion, by Betsy Otter Thompson, is an inspiring book… It will to calm your mind and reconnect you with your heart…

~ Jennifer T. Grainger, http://bit.ly/hhs64U


...Walking Through Illusion reminds me of the healing power of faith and spirituality, which often starts with things as simple as changing your attitude and paying attention to your inner thoughts...

~ Julia Lehman, http://shiningmylantern.blogspot.com/


…Thompson helps her readers to find deeper meaning in wherever their life’s journeys take them…  She explores vital issues related to life and of death, of disease and dis-ease, of uncertainty and hope…. If you are serious about exploring your life’s meaning, about understanding its purpose, this book can serve as a valuable guide to help you along the way.   

~ Mike Gingerich, Foundation for Cancer Research and Wellness, http://bit.ly/e7ETvV

This book belongs with the Bible, A Course In Miracles, and all Law of Attraction books as a spiritual classic, in my opinion. It will blow open your heart like a stick of dynamite...


~ Sheri Southern, Amazon, http://amzn.to/alAuRh

[Walking Through Illusion] is a book that should be savored… rich with texture and one that I know I have to read again for what I… missed the first time. What I loved most about Betsy’s book is that it opened my heart and revived [my] spiritual journey… [It] gave both my mind and soul one serious workout. I look forward to that kind of exercise again.

~ Deborah Mello, http://bit.ly/hHcmTd

[Walking Through Illusion] uses examples from [Jesus’] life and those around him (such as Paul, Peter, Thomas and John the Baptist) to convey a simple and profound wisdom that everyone can understand. I love the answers and examples that Jesus gives to Betsy through this book.  It is well worth the read. Well done Betsy…

~ Louise Morris, http://bit.ly/gPscRs

I consider Walking Through Illusion a life-changing book… a first-class spiritual manual… [It’s] like being there… an experience not to be missed…

~ Neall Calvert, http://www.neallcalvert3.blogspot.com/

…I ended up highlighting multiple passages in the book, having been touched by them, and even tabbing a few powerful pages. I'm very glad I opened my heart & mind to this book. It was well worth the time. If you too pursue personal growth, or just enjoy a good read, I recommend Walking Through Illusion.

~ Di-did-it, http://di-did-it.blogspot.com/

…In “Walking Though Illusion”, Betsy Otter Thompson has written an interactive and thought-provoking book that I would recommend to anyone whose goal is to gain greater understanding and perspective…


~ Shayne Johnson, http://bit.ly/gib4kK

I find [Walking Through Illusion] refreshing on so many levels...This work takes the conversation from the worship of ‘idols’ to the level of personal responsibility that we all have to discover for ourselves…


~ DJamil Graham, http://bit.ly/fDFWSv

…“Walking Through Illusion” is a beautifully written book, one that needs to be savored as it is read… My mother, who is presently undergoing treatment for stage one breast cancer is reading the book and having such insights about her life that are truly miraculous.

~ Dara Turetsky-Blaker, http://daraonradio.com/wordpress/?p=785


I am in awe and gratitude for the truth that radiates from [Walking Through Illusion]. It speaks to my soul as confirmation of the truths I am walking.

~ Britney Shawley

[Walking Through Illusion] has taken its place in my spiritual library next to the Bible, Drawing Down the Moon, A course In Miracles and Psychic Self Defense. Betsy Otter Thompson catapults channeling and spiritual pioneering into 2011 with a vengeance… When I finished the book I was speechless, those of you who know me realize that is not often the case. Betsy Otter Thompson uses words much like an alchemist uses mundane ingredients to create gold.


~ Jeff Johnson, http://bit.ly/kcwAmt

Read [Walking Through Illusion] again and again and see how many mirrors you can walk through – I certainly had moments of revelation reading this book, and I know you will too.



~ Joan Osborne, http://paradigmshiftreviews.wordpress.com/

I can’t remember his name, but I once read a quote by one of Mozart’s contemporaries who said something to the effect that the composer’s music had so many beautiful ideas, he could scarcely digest one "delicious morsel" before having another set before him. This long-forgotten statement came to my mind time and again while reading Ms. Thompson’s book, [Walking Through Illusion].

~ Alla Breve Books, http://bit.ly/qWGM9O

This is a remarkably good book for those on a self improvement path… Thompson raises some of the most profound questions for self examination I have seen anywhere… It covers those things we struggle with the most: beliefs, opinions, approval, truth, betrayal, confusion, death and more. And the worksheets bring it home to your life, your needs, your healing.

~ Irene Conlan, http://whosestuffisthis.blogspot.com/

Walking Through Illusion helps us to trust our choices, honor the wisdom they brought us, and believe in why we're here. ~ Rev. Hannelore Goodwin, Circle of Miracles

I love how Betsy has taken Biblical characters and infused them with the same emotional struggles we have today; thereby enabling us to identity with people we might have thought were different. ~ Jean Wells, Chancellor's Office, California State University

I’m most attracted to the intimate and personal analysis Betsy shares at the end of each chapter and found myself looking forward to her insight and honest introspection. ~ Joy Poulter

When I read Walking Through Illusion, all that I'd lived seemed to make sense - and I loved the affirmation. ~ Bob Knotek

In Walking through Illusion, Betsy has identified the reason we falter in our journey toward love; we forget to highlight the positives and focus on the negatives. ~ Vicki Perez

Betsy Otter Thompson
Betsy Otter Thompson Betsy Otter Thompson's work has always gravitated toward the media. A Philadelphia native with a B.F.A. from the University of Pennsylvania,...
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