Wave, The

Wave, The


Pioneering science and the wisdom teachings of many traditions agree - consciousness expresses itself as energy. All energies are manifested as waves - and it is from the vast and ever changing interaction of these waves of energy that the entire Cosmos, at all levels of experience, is continuously created. In easily accessible terms, The Wave explains the profound interconnectedness and harmony of the universe and reveals its underlying principles. Powerfully combining leading edge research with the perennial wisdom of all ages, it reconciles science and spirit into a universal model of consciousness. It describes how we co-create our realities and how the Cosmos affects all life on Earth and rediscovers the ancient knowledge that birthed feng shui and astrology and perceived the harmony of sacred geometry, music and number. It clarifies the meaning behind a multitude of metaphysical teachings and the common principles underlying the many techniques of energy healing.


The Wave really deserves a huge audience and Jude Currivan deserves a big round of applause for doing the heavy lifting -- for all the rest of us -- of researching and synthesizing such a tremendous range of topics and vast body of knowledge. The reader will find that both the intellect and the heart are gratified with this book, and that on a deeper level, much of it feels right - and that may be the best kind of knowledge. ~ , Merlian News

The Wave is a helpful bridge between contemporary science and traditionalspiritual wisdom. It is like a small encyclopedia and is part of the great modern movement to create a holistic and balanced understanding of life. ~ Dr William Bloom, Author of The Endorphin Effect and Soulution

Most of us have, at some time or other, wondered why the universe is as it is, and what is our purpose here on Earth. In fact, throughout human history mankind has sought to understand the Cosmos and their place within it. Now The Wave explores this, presenting revolutionary new insights from leading edge research as it takes the reader on an inner and outer journey into the heart and mind of the Cosmos and, in so doing, opens the door for a deeper understanding of the essence and purpose of life itself. It opens by looking at the universe of the manifest form. Following its title, Jude explains how consciousness is expressed as energy and how all energies are manifested as waves. She explains the six numbers that reveal the harmony of the universe and shape its history and destiny, and how resonance and sympathetic vibration manifest in the physical world. Ancient wisdom is woven together with fascinating new research about M-theory and string theory and the holographic nature of the universe, together with information about fractal geometry, complexity theory and their revelation of underlying order, all of which reveal the overall harmony and purpose of the universe that underlies its apparent diversity. As I read about the harmonics of sound and light how the octave of eight cosmic principles shape human destiny, I understood the perfection of the Cosmos in a way I hadn't done before. Part Two explores the nature of consciousness and how it transcends space and time, and presents further evidence for the underlying order and purpose of the Cosmos. In Part Three, the journey continues to deepen as the reader is taken, step by step, into the very heart and mind of the Cosmos, and shown how, by understanding these principles, we can gain greater insight into the essence of ourselves as the co-creators of our realities. For those who have some knowledge of these concepts, this book will add a major new dimension to your understanding. Those who are new to these principles may find that they really are life-changing! But it is not all scientific theories. Through Jude's easily readable style, you can relate to this on a personal level. Jude has a way of explaining concepts on multi-levels to offer the full picture. For example, she explains how, across all levels of research - from biologists, cosmologists, systems theorists to mathematicians and researchers into the nature of consciousness - are all talking about the holographic universe. Jude discusses their insights and how phenomena as apparently diverse as weather patterns, earthquakes, economics and evolution are all part of the holographic principle. Then, to complete the picture, she brings the focus back to the reader and reveals how the holographic principle is also embodied in each of us and in our relationships To date, no one has pulled all these areas of research together to show how that long-held dream is becoming a reality: that science and spirit can be reconciled to create one whole perception of the Cosmos and our place in it. The Wave ends with a powerful message: how we can use this understanding of why the Cosmos is as it is as a framework to reconcile love and fear, to release archetypal patterns and traumas, and how we can actually become one heart, one world. ~ , Light Magazine

Undoubtedly, Currivan has spent many yaers digesting these materials because her writing is such that she can get across big ideas with clarity in single, finely crafted sentences. The writing is also made transparent simply by employing a short paragraph style. It is like reading a book of expanded, pregnant aphorisms. The breadth of The Wave is breath taking. The knowledge comes thick and fast but it is always digestible and enjoyable in its presentation. The Wave makes one realize how much more there is to consider when visually, aurally, mentally and physically perceiving what we call the "universe" at every level. Imagine if such a book were required reading as part of a course to receive any university degree. Would this not be the beginning of a revolutionary shift in consciousness? May The Wave rule Brittania! ~ James D'Angelo, Author of The Healing Power of the Human Voice

I know of no other book that covers the necessary topics so clearly yet so concisely and nevertheless not once loses the thread of the importance of the connectivity between them. Here you can find a very clear tidy summary of the ancient wisdom set alongside a succinct expose of the current state of scientific thought. If the new Paradigm is your scene, then here is where you start. ~ , Dowsing Today

A ground-breaking book. The Wave is a book about everything that connects within the Cosmos, in an easy to read communicative style that reflects the author's own warm and enthusiastic, yet academic nature. It re-discovers the ancient wisdom that is birthed in the Chinese traditions of feng shui and astrology and various other around the world, and explores and the crucial geometry of numbers, universal wave patterns, bio fields and the eight cosmic principles, and what Jude creatively terms the biology of belief. Thoughtfully studied chapters explain how the cosmos affects life on Earth,, how we create our realities, self-regulating cycles and harmonic relations. If you have ever reflected on why things happen in the conscious universe, you are likely to find that Jude's insights will take you to a deeper point of understanding. Read the book and you will be able to share the inspirational profound connections that she has made available to us all within its pages. ~ , Feng Shui News

Jude Currivan is a physicist with a PhD in archaeology who is also a sensitive and healer who has been a high-powered businesswoman. In this impressive synthesis subtitled ' a life changing journey into the heart and mind of the Cosmos' she lays out the entire new paradigm, identifies the shortcomings of our current materialistic approach and points the way forward in which we can help heal ourselves, society and the Earth through a process of conscious co-creation. The book is divided into four parts: reconciling new and ancient wisdom, reconciling science and spirit, healing the whole and co-creation. I can't think of any significant topic that is not covered in the book, and the author has a sure touch in summarizing the theories and evidence (a minor quibble is that I think she underestimates the state of survival research). The reader is taken on a tour of outer and inner, ranging from revolutions in physics, biology, chaos theory, Gaia, ecosystems theory and holography on the one hand to parapsychology, mysticism and transpersonal psychology on the other. She summarizes her understanding of the human position: 'a deeper understanding of who we are is now unfolding. And by being willing to be open to deeper realities, which underlie the perception of materiality, we are able to raise our awareness of ourselves as co-creative participants in the meaningful evolution of the Cosmos'. It is a hopeful and optimistic book that does not underestimate our collective challenges but makes it absolutely clear that a paradigm shift to sustainable science, economics and politics is essential. ~ David Lorimer, Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network in Network Review,/i>

In this impressive synthesis (Currivan) outlines the entire new paradigm, identifies the shortcomings of our current materialistic approach and points the way forward in which we can help heal ourselves, society and the earth through a process of conscious co-creation. I can't think of any significant topic that is not covered in the book, and the author has a sure touch in summarising the theories and evidence. It is a hopeful and optimistic book that does not underestimate our collective challenges but makes it absolutely clear that a paradigm shift to sustainable science, economics and politics is essential. ~ , Scientific and Medical Network Review

All I can say is WOW, I am thoroughly impressed at the way the author could take such a limitless and vast subject as the Cosmos and slowly and deliberately explain it to me in terms I could grasp. I learned information about music, birth, and astrology from a whole new perspective, and many other areas too... I would recommend this inspired and enlightening epic to light workers everywhere. I am sure we can all benefit from a deeper understanding of how it works. Thanks Jude, Well done. ~ , Planet Starz

Clear and informative ... a veritable encyclopedia of the breakthrough findings that change everything we thought we knew about the nature of cosmos and consciousness. Essential reading for everyone interested not only in what the 'bleep' we (don't) know about the world, but what we are now beginning to discover! ~ Professor Ervin Laszlo, Visionary and author of Science and the Akashic Field

Jude Currivan
Jude Currivan Dr Jude Currivan is a healer and scientist. She has a Masters Degree in Physics, specialising in cosmology and quantum physics, a PhD in Arc...
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