What do you do when your parents live forever?

What do you do when your parents live forever?

A practical guide to caring for the elderly


Life expectancy is going up. Our parents are increasingly likely to be living into their eighties and nineties. Many find themselves in the position of caring for their parents when they are already retired themselves, or not in good health, or still have children to support financially. What can we do for the best in these situations? Do you feel your parents are a burden? Do they feel that? How do we cope with the huge costs of geriatric care? How do we manage this conflicting tangle of interests?

This is a practical book that looks at the range of alternatives and provides realistic solutions. It also recognizes the negative and ambivalent feelings that plague families on all sides. Extreme old age is not easy. We need to help our parents through the difficulties they inevitably face during their final years, and balance those needs with equally pressing ones elsewhere. Dan and Lavinia Cohn-Sherbok, drawing on their own experiences, here provide a succinct overview of the problems and answers for all with elderly parents.


This is a most practical book and sensible advice in detail covers such situations as organising care, including long distance care. Case notes provide vivid examples of complex family circumstances and no criticism is mitigated when parental behaviour and personalities make for grave distances between the generations. ..... Getting about, travelling, medical conditions, finances, funeral arrangements, this book covers it all and is a most valuable aid to those faced with the problems associated with age and infirmity. Strongly recommended. ~ Marie Mares, New Vision

I would recommend this exceptional read to anyone who finds themselves at this point in life's cycle. I feel very confident that it can help many through this hard and yet endearing time. Thanks you two, for making the transition a little less painful. ~ Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today

This is a timely and highly practical book. There is an amazing amount of practical guidance in each section. An indispensable handbook for those in middle age caring for elderly parents. ~ , Network Review

Highly enjoyable, accurate and informative. It is a book anybody interested in the care of the aged ought to have, as a good read, as a reference book or a guide to caring for elderly relatives. ~ Peter Meisner, Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine

As someone who works in the field of geriatrics, at a Continuum of Care Retirement Community, I applaud the thorough, realistic, and wide-ranging approach of this work. Warning: Avoid reading this book if you prefer to be blindsided when it is time for you or your loved ones to seek help because of increasing frailty. Likewise, ignore this work if you prefer to live in a state of denial. For the rest, John Donne was right: this bell tolls for you. ~ Dr. David J. Zucker, Chaplain at Shalom Park Nursing Home, Denver.

Dan Cohn-Sherbok
Dan Cohn-Sherbok Dan Cohn-Sherbok is Professor of Judaism at University of Wales, Lampeter. Lavinia Cohn-Sherbok was formerly headmistress of West Heath Scho...

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