Who Are you? Really!

Who Are you? Really!

A travel-guide to life

All that's needed to get happy, that's really happy, is said in a straight forward, easy-to-read travel guide to life.


Who Are You? Really! is a book about becoming happier. It’s a workbook of very deep self-analysis. It’s not a psychotherapy but broader, more expansive. This book's whole purpose is for greater well-being and happiness, to reduce or end the miseries which exist in most people’s lives.

This book is a comprehensive spiritual book without dogma, without highfaluting terms, yet one portraying an infinite depth where all may go because all have greatest happiness within.

What's said is not guesswork, not just another outpouring from someone who ought to know better. What is said is based on ancient, timeless wisdom which has been verified by the experience of the greatest sages that have ever lived and the editor has been guided, and this text authorized, by a living exponent of this wisdom.


This book is not heavy reading and has a light approach to the subject of finding out just who you really are, it is not a psychotherapy workbook. It looks at the individual and the three bodies - Physical, Mental and Soul aspects and how we identify with Me/I. It goes on to look at the part that each individual plays within the family – nuclear and extended and how these relationships form the basis of how we interact within society. It makes one look at one’s own lifestyle and what the driving forces are – it leads one to a very deep self-analysis and brings about positive change. There are ‘112 Pointers’ which will lead to one to a ‘Brighter Life’. This book has been written as a comprehensive spiritual handbook but has no dogma, and it is designed to lead the reader to find greater happiness within. I think this is a great book that one will go back to time and time again. ~ Dianne Morgan, http://spiritual-insight.webnode.com/news/who-are-you-really-a-travel-guide-to-life-by-dr-stuart-rose/

... This book examines the question of lifestyle, how we can improve our way of life. First of all self-examination is necessary, then self-analysis and consideration of relationships with those around us. Then the writer sets out 112 pointers to a brighter lifestyle, ending with a discussion of the decision to make a change. Who are you? Really! Is about becoming a happier person. It is a workbook a very deep self-analysis. Its whole purpose is to achieve greater well-being and happiness and to reduce or put to an end the miseries that plague many people's lives. It is a spiritual book without dogma, in ordinary non-technical language, but showing how everyone can find happiness within themselves. An interesting and thought-provoking book, well worth its price of £9.99.

~ John Phillips, Vedanta magazine

Stuart Rose
Stuart Rose After a varied working life and much travelling, which included meeting with many spiritualities of the world, in his mid-forties Stuart Ros...
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