Without a Mask

Without a Mask

Discovering Your Authentic Self

Relaxed presence, clear intention and freedom from mediocrity will be the flowering of being your Authentic Self


Creativity is the result of a strong sense of ones own individuality and uniqueness. As we adapt to survive we lose the connection with our authentic Self and life becomes repetitive, complicated and often grey. We need to realise that nobody else can or will save us from mediocrity and it is up to each of us to take concrete steps towards fulfilment and liberation. This book gives you tools for understanding, pointers for your heart and practices to grow more and more into your potential and manifest the originality of your soul. Affirm everyday through your presence and actions that you are willing to be fully who you are and contribute to the world fired up by this truth.


This is a sentence from a longer review by Krishnananda Trobe of my first book "Freedom to be Yourself". "I loved the way Avikal has brought together what he has learned from his many years of studying and mastering Aikido, his passion for the Essence Work that he learned from Faisal Mqaddam and now teaches, and his inspiration from Osho. He also regularly gives us pithy quotes from the books of A. H. Almaas, who developed the Diamond Heart Work. I could also feel his intelligence and his gift of learning complex material and being able to present it simply and practically. And to top it off, he spices it with the passion for meditation and inner search that he lives and also teaches in his Satori and Who Is In? workshops. It’s a book worth reading". ~ Krishananda Trobe, author of \"Face to Face with Fear Transforming Fear into Love\" and \"When Sex Becomes Intimate: How Sexuality Changes as Your Relationship Deepens\"

Avikal E. Costantino
Avikal E. Costantino Avikal E. Costantino is spiritual teacher, poet and martial artist. Curiosity, passion and love for the truth guide his life and teaching. H...

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