Wizard's Gift, The

Wizard's Gift, The


The author Mark Townsend lives within two worlds – the world of religion and the world of magic. And the further his journey takes him the more he realises that they are not two worlds at all… but One. In The Wizard's Gift a young man has all but lost the will to live, for his life has become meaningless. However, though depressed, one place he always finds can lift his spirits is the forest, which he frequently visits. On one of these occasions he meets and chats with an old man who oozes a genuine wisdom and spiritual depth. The old man becomes his mentor and, over time a beautiful relationship develops. Gradually the depressive re-discovers the wonder and magic of life, and he begins to think of his mentor as The Wizard. The Wizard gives him many gifts - tangible and symbolic items that bring profound spiritual insights and self-knowledge. Each of these gifts will be relevant and will speak directly to the readers of the book, and they too will begin to experience a sense of inner magic and spiritual transformation. Mark Townsend is both a priest of the Church of England and member of the Magic Circle, leading retreats and giving talks that combine magic and spirituality.


The Wizard's Gift is the most remarkable little book,with so much packed into it. I really loved it. ~ Barbara Erskine, novelist

Anyone suffering withdrawal symptoms after reading the seventh and final Harry Potter book might like to check out Mark Townsend's new book, The Wizard's Gift. The conjuring curate, featured in Notebook in July, has published his first novel since stepping down as a team vicar at Leominster to become a professional magician. The book is a crossover between the worlds of magic and Christianity. Rev Townsend claims the foreword was written by "a real wizard". Details can be found at www.magicofsoul.com. ~ JOHN WILLMAN, Financial Times Sept 2007

Mark's book ’The Wizard’s Gift’ brings wonder back to life and awakens his readers to the often long forgotten reality of their own inner magic. ~ Romany, Diva of Magic

I wish that every person who approaches magic would do it with the same attitude that Mark Townsend's characters show in this engaging book. There is a healthy restlessness, an initial rebellion, in Sam and Jane as they find themselves following their own paths towards magic. This is an uneasiness that is natural. I know because I often feel it myself and I have to assume that Mark, being both a magician and a priest, might feel it too from time to time. Magic, especially in our times, is a foolish thing, as foolish as all fundamental things are because, as André Bretón said, "Only the superfluous is truly indispensable." I think Mark has given us a useful guide for how to feel when we are touched by magic and know we can't keep ignoring it – a guide disguised as a mesmerizing tale that is almost impossible to put down once you start reading it! ~ Enrique Enriquez, Magician and Metaphorical Mindreader

Endorsement Wizards are very much into the proper blending of things, making new creations that lead to old wisdoms, finding new awakening in ancient endeavours. Mark Townsend is such alchemy. Mark is both a Magician and Christian Priest, but don’t let that frighten you away. Mark has the unusual drive to find the mysterious in Christianity and to combine both worlds to make a more universal spirituality. His work is unlike the common trend of modern clergy and Christian church. Mark envisions a personal spiritual evolvement with wonder, the miraculous as a natural part of daily life. Wizards of the modern age still keep many ancient secrets and can hint only at what is within each of us. Wizards provoke students into a journey that leads within. Mark does this beautifully in his novel, and we shall both meet you as you travel there with us. ~ Kenton Knepper, Wizard and Master of Mysteries

I just finished reading your new book, The Wizard's Gift. I loved it! Once I got started I could not put it down! It expresses, or perhaps I should say, exposes, a side of modern Christianity that many people seem willing and able to overlook. I can truly identify with both Sam and Jane, I've been in both their positions at different stages of my life. I managed to find my way through those dark times, but not without taking a lot of wrong turns. Your book encourages one to look within for answers rather than expecting someone else to "fix" things. ~ WillowCat

Mark's latest book is to be released towards the end of Jan 08. It is his first novel and is already getting rave reviews. In fact some folk are already saying it would make a truly wonderful film. It is called The Wizard's Gift and tells the story of Sam, a young depressive who finds his true self in a remarkable and magical way. Mark's hope is that, in reading the book, it is not only fictional Sam who finds his inner magic but also the reader. ~ The Right Address

Sacred or profane? Mark Townsend, the conjuring curate from Leominster, is publishing his first novel this month. He stepped down from the ministry last year to advance his spiritual beliefs by becoming a professional magician. But The Wizard’s Gift suggests he is veering off the path to the celestial city. It combines spirituality and magic to create a blend of Christianity and paganism, Rev Townsend says. Meanwhile, he is eking out his sparse income as an illusionist with several other activities, including leading retreats and performing “soulful ceremonies” to mark rites of passage. More details can be found on www.magicofsoul.com. ~ John.willman@ft.com, Financial Times

Magical and Spiritual, 25 Jan 2008 By Julia Heywood (uk) - See all my reviews The Wizard's Gift is a cleverly crafted story which simultaneously follows the lives of two main characters as they come face to face with their hopes and fears. Told with warmth and sensitivity, it intriguingly combines spirituality with magic. Full of subtle insights and wisdom, it prompts the reader to question the reality of their own hopes and fears. It is an ideal book for those who are starting to think that life might not be as it seems... ~ Julia Heywood, Author of The Barefoot Indian

This book itself is the wizard¹s gift. It is a story about five gifts from a magical mentor, all of them surprising, necessary, interesting and spiritually provocative. Rather than being sedated by the usual trite, teary and tedious testimonies of motivational tracts, we are briskly propelled into an adventure that stimulates our capacity for awe and wonder about our lives. This book is the sixth gift offered to us by the wizard as mentor, both inside and outside the tale, Mark Townsend. ~ Robert E. Neale, Magician and Author

The form of the novel is alternate short chapters following the daily lives of a man and a woman, both young independent adults, living in a town or city, and both tormented by their past failings and currentinadequacies. Both of them independently work their way through their issues and finally become serene and enlightened. ~ Simon at the Druid Network

This is a contemporary fairy tale written by priest and magic circle member, Mark Townsend. It is full of symbolism layered over a boy-meets-girl storyline. Both of the main characters have to escape their past. During the life-changing week of the story there are good guys, bad guys and obstacles to overcome, magical tools and synchronicities that bring them together, as they are magically helped to explore life's values and meaning - both real and illusory. Spiritual fiction isn't an easy genre to get right, but this would suit anyone newly discovering the mystical side of life... ~ Bill Anderton, Pilgrims Mind Body Spirit

Mark Townsend
Mark Townsend Mark Townsend is a combination of priest, magician and writer. He uses seemingly opposing forces as equal gifts in our search for the meanin...
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