Woman's Way, A

Woman's Way, A

The transformative journey from hurt to happiness


A Woman's Way is an optimistic account mapping the journey from inner turmoil to confidence, happiness and fulfilment. The journey of growing up, shedding the dysfunctional behaviours of the past in favour of self expression, self-confidence and responsibility, is offered to all of us in early adulthood. In this book, a dozen women share their experiences of this personal transformation, with descriptions of how to live vigorously and vitally in the world. Previously, research into transformative growth was conducted by men, on men. As the men didn't naturally fit the female pattern of growth, women were considered aberrant or retarded. This book dispels that myth and offers understanding of women's process, acknowledging their courage, tenacity and strength. Dena Michelli is a business coach, speaker and facilitator who specialises in transformative growth.


Trust me; this book could save your life. From the moment I read the first line 'I come from a family of wounded women' I was hooked. Gentle, wise and compassionate, Dena takes you by the hand and takes you on a journey that will change you forever. ~ Erin Pizzey, International author, poet and playwright and founder of the refuges for women and children who have been subject to domestic violence. She has been recognised for her work internationally and has be

Dena shows remarkable humanity in her perception of a woman's dilemma and a remarkable ability to see the synchronicity which pulls a universal strategy out of each of their narratives. What I think is really enlightening about the book is the way she takes the individual circumstance - a silk thread if you like - and instead of simply setting it up as a separate case, she takes the individual strands and twists them into an elaborate, thick, silken chord so that each one contributes to the strength of the whole. She extracts from each individual case a strategy of wisdom. I found it unusual in that I was not jerked every few minutes by a typo, grammatical error or an infelicity of language. It reads beautifully, solidly, so that you are kicked up to a higher level without having to deal with the mechanics of language. ~ Michael Glickman, Architect, Inventor, author and playwright. Michael has an international reputation for his research into the corn circle phenomenon and has travelled, lectured and broadcast extensively on the topic

This book is both an emotional and intellectual inspiration to those who have experienced the pain of feeling unloved and abused. It provides a female perspective on what it feels like to have lived through such events and also on what it takes to overcome the past. The author uses her own experiences and that of her contributors sensitively to highlight the ups and downs of the journey towards healing while providing a range of stages required to overcome the legacy that such events leave. Academic rigour and compassion come together. ~ Gladeana McMahon, Fellow of the British Association for Counselling, Association for Coaching and Co-Director of the Centre for Stress Management.

A Woman's Way is an experience, a friend, and an inspiration to guide women who desire to make positive changes in their lives. In fact all women can learn from it, even those who have not been touched by trauma but are simply experiencing change. Dena's writing is eloquent, personal and helps the reader understand emotional experiences and options for change. Thank you Dena, I was enthralled by your writing. ~ Lynne van Brakel, A facilitator of personal and professional development and a life coach. She also works with youngsters to help them make choices and find their way in the world.

In her book, A Womans Way, Dena offers the sincere reader an outstretched hand with which to journey; a journey from despair and confusion to understanding and the blossoming into the fullness of being. From the first chapter I could feel the invitation to go much deeper so I entered the book and experienced it fully. As I did so, it created all sorts of emotions in me. I really liked her writing style and even laughed out loud in places! There is an appealing 'dryness' to her humour which made me smile in spite of the challenging nature of some of the messages. It is a much needed guide, support and most of all, a gesture of loving understanding and encouragement. I would recommend it to all women who are making conscious steps from healing to wholeness. ~ Jay Keshava, Co-founder of a holistic retreat centre in Glastonbury. She is a counsellor, coach and spiritual mentor. Jay also runs workshops in which she creates a sacred and safe space for the exploration of '


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