Yom Kippur Party Goods

Yom Kippur Party Goods

Who is a good Jew? Anyone who's good at it. What's a Soterion Jew? This book explains.


Philip Gold, an accomplished writer, journalist, scholar, wandered forty years before returning to the Judaism he had left behind. But he did not return so much as bring back the seeds of a new kind of Judaism with him. YOM KIPPUR PARTY GOODS is much more than a personal tale, a memoir of pain and seeking told with humor and grace. It is also for everyone who is tired of going hungry in the supermarket of modern spirituality, who finds (over) organized religion irrelevant or distasteful, and who is looking to find, or create, something personal that might also speak to others.

You do not have to be Jewish to read this or need this. Just be a human being who wants something more. For yourself. For your world. For your God.

Philip Gold
Philip Gold Philip Gold is a nationally respected and extraordinarily prescient defense analyst, journalist, author and cultural historian. He is the au...
New Jew, The by Sally Friedes

New Jew, The

Sally Friedes

Lapsed Midwestern Catholic girl marries into a New York Jewish family, discovers gefilte fish, synagogue, matriarchal mother-in-law, and Judaism.

Dancing in the Footsteps of Eve by Heather Mendel

Dancing in the Footsteps of Eve

Heather Mendel

What if the story of Eve is wrong? Kabbalah reveals her as humanity’s quintessential hero. You decide – if you dare!

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