You Called My Name

You Called My Name

The Hidden Treasures of Your Hebrew Heritage


Jesus spoke as a Jew to Jews about Jewish concepts, knowledge which is often no longer commonly understood among those who follow Jesus. You Called My Name explores this knowledge, providing a fresh approach to Christian spirituality and giving the reader a down-to-earth understanding of how to apply spiritual practices from the Hebrew traditions to his or her own life, and to the life of faith of the community. Drawing extensively on both Old and New Testaments, it respects the traditions of both Jew and Christian, and encourages a mutual learning that will enrich the faith of both.

Clergy and laypeople alike will find that this book calls their soul to a high personal vision. You Called My Name culminates with the story of Moses standing at the Burning Bush, challenging the reader to commit to his or her own unique spiritual calling.


An important contribution, acessible...being a Jewish convert from Christianity and an ordained Rabbi provides her with a unique insight into both the neaning of Hebrew concepts and their relationship and relevance to the Christian faith. It is not only informative but also very practical, as it offers possibilities for a christian to be enriched by a tradition that complements one's own. Makes for good spiritual reading, and will be particularly fruitful for the one who seeks to passionately deepen his or her Christian faith by going back to the roots of the faith of the Patriarchs, of the Prophets, and of Jesus. ~ , Religion and Theology

Esther Ben-Toviya
Esther Ben-Toviya Victoria Esther Ben-Toviya Ancient Wisdom, Inc. Rabbi, MA, BCC, Spiritual Consultant and Educator Victoria Esther Ben-Toviya is...
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