You Can Only Achieve What Is Possible

You Can Only Achieve What Is Possible

A Self-Help Antidote to our Self-help Culture


Dawn's writing has great logic, humour and clarity that will appeal to any reader wanting to further their path to enlightenment. Ruth Morris, Life Coach and Trainer, Freedom of Life

In our self-help oriented culture, we are often given the message by experts that we can achieve whatever we desire. You Can Only Achieve What Is Possible, proclaims, quite to the contrary, that you can only achieve what is within your remit. This book is about realising our own limitations and learning to desire what we really need, rather than what we want. When we can achieve this, we can change our lives for the better. Each chapter begins with a case study and then discusses and dissects a particular notion held by various self-help experts and suggests an alternative theory. The chapters conclude with meditation, healing and intention-based techniques to help people get to grips with their own intuition and start achieving what is possible, rather than worrying about what isn't.

Dawn Mellowship is a journalist, former Features Editor of health and lifestyle magazine, Tonic, ethical stylist and professional blogger on ethical issues. A Reiki practitioner and teacher living near London, England, her work has been featured in a variety of major national and international publications.


These days there's an array of self-help books to be found lining the shelves of most bookshops - one for just about everything you might need help with, it seems. But in such a market, this boook stands alone. I recommend this book on many levels. It's an entertaining read with practical, inspiring and funny stories but holds positive, serious and honest advice for the reader - a refreshing approach to self-help books. Like anything worthwhile, recapturing your soul, the author has done through Reiki, takes time, hard work and practice, but the rewards can be great. ~ Lindsay Sinclair, Eternal Reviews

coming from Ruth Crane, Dr Edward Dudzik, Fiona Slatter and others ~

From the practical title to the inspiring content, Dawn captures the essence of one's spiritual journey. Dawn's writing has great logic, humour and clarity that will appeal to any reader wanting to further their path to enlightenment. Illustrated with simple, practical exercises, this book contains stimulating advice and tips on how to overcome the perceived obstacles blocking one's true purpose. ~ Ruth Morris, Life Coach and Trainer, Freedom of Life

A book to make you think, to make choices for today and the day after...Your choices make your Proust said: "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes." ~ Sue Gadd, Headteacher

Bringing a breath of fresh air to the overcrowded 'self-help' market, instead of preaching and promising quick fixes, Dawn's book incorporates plain speaking, common sense, wisdom and intelligence together with practical techniques, empowering the reader to trust and follow their own intuition in life. Ultimately, our destiny and happiness are in our own hands and we have to work at it on an intuitive level, not relying on the universe to grant our whims. Dawn's book is a refreshing change from all those other self-help books which seem to promise the world but don't deliver. It drew me in from the beginning. Once I started reading, I didn't want to stop. ~ Gaynor Youl BSc(Hons), Naturopath, Aromatherapist, Reiki Healer Level II,

Dawn Mellowship's book fills you with laughter, profound thoughts and a sense of yourself. This is not another one of those self-help books that tend to almost dictate how you should improve and lead your life, how to react to the multitude of people and situations that confront you. If anything, it says we are all on the same liner flowing through the ocean of life and it is up to us how we entertain ourselves and others during the journey. With some we can dance, with others it is best not to try. We can be selfish as long as we don't encroach on others. Being selfless is not always the most productive way to enlightenment. We must not forget about ourselves. Dawn pulls the plug on the emotional bathwater without you feeling drained. You gain relief and a sense that you are no different from the author. This is focused through the development of your intuition. Dawn achieves this by stories that inform and entertain you, a practical guide that develops and improves your intuition and gives you the tools, trust and courage to acknowledge that it is you who is vital. Through a wonderfully honest and refreshing voice, Dawn Mellowship talks to all of us as a friend. ~ Dr. Edward Dudzik (BSc, PhD) - Medical Biochemical Researcher, Reiki Practitioner

The title of this book accurately describes the contents. It makes fascinating reading with many clear cut exercises to help you achieve and make possible what one can easily feel is impossible. Interwoven with these challenging exercises, Dawn includes often humorous anecdotes of events in her own life that led her to consider the items in question. The exercises are simple and practical – certainly making one look at one’s own life experiences and how one might have dealt with them in a more successful way. Well done, Dawn. She ends the book by saying “Although I penned this book with an air of high-spiritedness throughout, the message is terribly serious and in truth, it is only this: Find Your Way”. ~ Tony Neate, Buttercup Newsletter and Spirit Release Foundation

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