Your Body: Gateway to the Divine

Your Body: Gateway to the Divine

This book celebrates the physical body without fearing its ageing. It shows how we can access The Divine through our body.


In the quest for spiritual advancement or enlightenment, people often view the body as an unimportant element or worse, a hindrance. Your Body: Gateway To The Divine suggests that it is this erroneous idea which gives rise to our continual battle and obsession with our body and body-image. This book is a celebration of the physical body, of the Creator who created it, and is a tool towards understanding how we can use our body and our five senses to find our way home to The Divine.


Whilst coming from a yoga perspective, it offers a lot of interest whether or not you do yoga, giving anyone the tools to improve their mind-body-spirit health… ~ Pilgrim's Mind Body Spirit

This book offers tools towards understanding how we can use our body and our five senses to celebrate the physical body.

~ Odyssey

Josephine Chia's latest book is exciting! It is a refreshing new approach to the development of our spiritual lives and illustrates how people of all faiths and cultures can gain a greater sense and realization of the Divine. And if you believe that holiness leads to wholeness and health we shall all benefit if we can absorb and follow some of her teaching. My own spiritual pilgrimage has been along traditional Anglican avenues, supported and enhanced by many years of Cathedral worship. Josephine’s pilgrimage stems from very different sources and backgrounds but those on a spiritual wavelength will learn much from her which will enlarge and develop their own spiritual lives. She has an enviable way of putting across profound truths in a sensible and reasoned manner. She includes many practical suggestions. We should select what we may find useful - and I am confident that our search for the Divine will be rewarded. ~ The Reverend Canon Geoffrey Tarris, Formerly Residentiary Canon of St Edmundsbury Cathedral. Honorary Priest Vicar of Norwich Cathedral

This intriguing book takes you on a personal journey which, if you stay the course, will cause you to question your life and its purpose. Josephine, through her own experiences, lights the way to greater understanding of our minds and bodies, leading to a peaceful and fulfilled future. It is a journey of healing. ~ Beryl Fleming, Secretary, Chichester Literary Society

This book clearly sets out its purpose – viz. ‘to show you a practical way of getting to know yourself better and to be in touch with the Divine Consciousness’. So there are high expectations! But Josephine does not leave us stranded without equipment for the journey - she provides a framework and a foothold to cross the bridge into the spiritual realm. ~ Elizabeth Medlar, Editor, New Vision, Magazine of the Hamblin Trust

Josephine Chia
Josephine Chia Josephine Chia, 58, is a Peranakan or Straits Chinese. She was born and raised in a Malay, attap-thatched shanty village or kampong in col...
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