Home of the Brave by Donna Bryson

Donna Bryson

Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots by Sarah-Beth Watkins

Sarah-Beth Watkins

Paradox of our National Security Complex, The by Richard Alexander Otto

Richard Alexander Otto

Catherine of Braganza by Sarah-Beth Watkins

Sarah-Beth Watkins

In Just Three Years by Canon David Jennings

Canon David Jennings

Being British by Chris Parish

Chris Parish

Tudor Brandons, The by Sarah-Beth Watkins

Sarah-Beth Watkins

James Fenimore Cooper: A Life by Nick Louras

Nick Louras

Hunting the Nazarene by John Koerner

John Koerner

These Chivalrous Brothers by David Sunderland

David Sunderland

Exploding the Truth

The death of JFK, Jr., - accident or assassination? Exploding the Truth: The JFK, Jr. Assassination presents evidence of a conspiracy to assassinate the only surviving son of President John F. Kenn...

Summer Reading Specials

This month we have four great ebooks reduced to 99p just for your summer reading! Lady Katherine Knollys was Mary Boleyn's first child, born in 1524 when Mary was having an affair with King Henry V...

Anne of Cleves

Anne of Cleves left her homeland in 1539 to marry the king of England. She was not brought up to be a queen, yet out of many possible choices she was the bride Henry VIII chose as his fourth wife. But...

A Schoolboy's Wartime Letters

Michael Morpurgo, author of War Horse said 'I found it truly extraordinary to be allowed this insight into how it was to be a boy then and live through those years....' A Schoolboy's Wartime Letter...

Home of the Brave

Our author Donna Bryson has been having great success with her book, Home of the Brave, about a small town struggling, like many communities, with the question of how to remain vital and vibrant in t...

Catherine of Braganza

On special offer this month we have the story of Catherine of Braganza, a Portuguese princess, who married Charles II in 1662 and became the merry monarch's Restoration queen. Yet life for her was ...

In Just Three Years

One for the Tudor historians - an interesting look at the tale of two prayer books. Henry VIII's Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, is credited with a pivotal role in the English Reformation. A...

The Real Robyn Hoode

Find out more about the real Robyn Hoode in this book by Mark Olly. Written from the perspective of a genuine historical character and in the form of a complete journal of his life, this fascinating b...

Home of the Brave

Out this month - Read how a small town struggling, like many communities, with the question of how to remain vital and vibrant in the 21st century, took on another problem altogether: that of the diff...

Tudor Giveaway

This month sees the publication of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots by Sarah-Beth Watkins. Our author is taking part in the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway hosted by On the Tudor Trail. If you love all th...



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