Healing with Information by Maria Sagi

Healing with Information

The new homeopathy

Maria Sagi

Ariadne's Thread and The Myth of Happily Ever After by Sarah-Jane Menato

Ariadne's Thread and The Myth of Happily Ever After

A truth-full account for women navigating timeless and enduring challenges

Sarah-Jane Menato

World State by Nicholas Hagger

World State

How a democratically-elected World Government can replace the UN and bring peace

Nicholas Hagger

365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World by Pierre Pradervand

365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World

Really living one’s spirituality in everyday life

Pierre Pradervand

World Constitution by Nicholas Hagger

World Constitution

Constitution for the United Federation of the World

Nicholas Hagger

SoulWorks by Jane Bailey Bain


Living your soul story

Jane Bailey Bain

Peace for our Time by Nicholas Hagger

Peace for our Time

A Reflection on War and Peace and a Third World War

Nicholas Hagger

Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools by Peter Strother

Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools

Just who are we?

Peter Strother

Time and The Rose Garden by Anthony Peake

Time and The Rose Garden

Encountering the Magical in the life and works of J.B. Priestley

Anthony Peake

The Master, The Lover, and Me: And All Because of the Letter. Jun 18 2018

by Denise McDermott King My spirituality blossomed in the Spiritualist Church in the little village of Hythe in Hampshire. Whilst serving on the board and becoming involved with all aspects of heal...

Symbols and Mantras the Japanese Way Jun 7 2018

by Frans Stiene Many symbols and mantras are used within traditional Japanese spiritual teachings. By looking at these traditional Japanese spiritual practices, we can start to see how Mikao Us...

TUNING INTO SPIRIT - Becky Walsh May 22 2018

by Becky Walsh To successfully tune in to a higher level of vibration tuning, it really is important that the first level is working well. You must set down the foundations first, otherwise you...

Reiki Precepts Chanting by Frans Stiene May 20 2018

Today's Meditation is Chanting with Frans Stiene   Precepts are Instructions At the heart of the system of Reiki are the precepts: Do not be angry Do ...

Extract: Depression: Understanding the Black Dog #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek May 16 2018

How we are Affected by the Weather by Stephanie Sorrell   We should never underestimate the power of seasonal fluctuations to affect the mood and well-being of individuals and group...

Abiding in Awareness: A Tribute to Russel Williams May 11 2018

by Steve Taylor and Paul Shambrook Russel Williams died on April 9th 2018, at the age of 96. He was a remarkable man, who lived a remarkable life. Although he was a spiritual teacher for sixty ...

A-U-M: Awakening to Reality, by Dennis Waite May 9 2018

Search for Happiness There is much talk about happiness at present. Even governments have begun talking about it, as though they have suddenly realized that the subject is actually of interest to v...


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