Unmani Liza Hyde

Unmani grew up in London in a loving family, but even as a little girl she felt that something was missing in her life. She began searching for answers everywhere she went. When she was 18 Unmani went to live in Israel. There she lived on a kibbutz and went to Tel Aviv University. The drive to find what she was looking for then sent her to the Far East. She worked in Japan for a while, travelled in Thailand and spent three years in India. There she spent time at the Osho commune in Pune as well as various other meditation centres. However, it was only when she met a German Zen master that she truely found what she was looking for. She finally woke up out of the dream of separation and recognised her true nature as Life itself. For the first time in her life, Unmani could just enjoy life, so by way of a celebration she went to Australia for a year and half where she lived on beaches and ate mangos and coconuts! Later Unmani returned to the UK, where she wrote her first book I am Life itself. This has now been translated and published in several other languages. Unmani began holding small meetings in Not-Knowing in the UK and over the last few years these meetings have grown and now Unmani travels around the world holding meetings and retreats.
For more information see: www.not-knowing.com. There are also over 20 video clips on YouTube as well as interviews on www.nevernothere.com/unmani and www.conscious.tv http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid46208169001?bclid=1610663950&bctid=45876525001

Books by Unmani Liza Hyde

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