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We find that usually the most cost-effective way for us and authors is for us to pay royalties by wire transfer, and to receive any sums from authors for purchase of books or subsidies/services by the same route. If you have a problem with that, as regards the cost (it varies from country to country) please post a cheque made out to John Hunt Publishing Ltd (3 East Street, Alresford,Hampshire, United Kingdom, SO24 9EE).

We can pay via PayPal if you request that on the Author Forum under Royalties, in the SALES AND DISTRIBUTION section, but, sorry, we do not receive payments via PayPal, and do not use credit card payment services.

The royalties amount will be transferred directly into the bank account details advised to us. Please retain your remittance, as this may be required for tax purposes.The date and how you are paid will be shown in the “Payment details” column of the “Royalty history” table. 

Please send us your bank details if you are a new author or if you have changed your bank details since the last royalty statement – email 

  • Name account, as in, Bank Name, Address, ABA (wire) routing number (not routing number on your check book, please check with your bank if you aren’t sure) for US accounts.
  • Account Name, Account Number, Sort Code (for all UK accounts).
  • IBAN/Swiftbic (for non-UK).

Minimum cheque payments for authors in the UK

The minimum amount which we will send out via cheque is £25

Minimum payments for authors outside the UK

If the amount owing to an author living outside the UK is under $100/£75 we carry it forwards, because of the higher bank costs.

We send an author newsletter twice a year around the time when royalties are payable (June and December); once calculated you can view your figures and royalty statement on your Financials page (right-hand menu on the Book Details page). We make a wire transfer to your account. Across 1500 royalty statements there are usually a handful of queries, because we haven't had your bank details yet, or we got the wrong ones (we cut and paste them manually into our system), or you have changed bank accounts in the interim – to send details of bank accounts, please use Please note that we cannot individually confirm receipt of bank details. If you have sent it to that email address, you should receive any payment due from us when the next royalties are processed. Please post any queries to the Author Forum – Sales & Distribution: RoyaltiesImportant: Please make sure that your bank details, address and email address are kept up to date; we do not have the time or manpower to track down authors with incorrect or outdated details.

Tax forms

You will not need one from us. Tax forms are necessary in some circumstances, between publishers in different countries, where the sender is paying tax as well as the recipient. There are various forms that have to be filled in to avoid double taxation. But if you are an author in the USA, for instance, we do not pay tax on the royalties we send you, so you just need to declare it as miscellaneous income, and the IR will take that into account along with your salary and overall income in determining what to charge you for tax. Regarding foreign exchange rates, your royalties are typically converted to local currency upon payment to your bank and the rate is set by them. If you are needing to look up what you were paid in the previous year for your local currency, you will need to go to your bank and track down the statements for the times you were paid your royalties and see exactly at what rate they converted it. Those statements should show the dates you were paid and how much in your local currency.

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