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Barefoot Indian, The by Julia Heywood

Barefoot Indian, The

Julia Heywood

Mar 2007

Tree That Talked, The by Jenny Smedley

Tree That Talked, The

Jenny Smedley

May 2007

Wizard's Gift, The by Mark Townsend

Wizard's Gift, The

Mark Townsend

Jan 2008

Healer, The by Simon Brown

Healer, The

Simon Brown

Jul 2009

thought-provoking story about a young man’s transformation from a mundane life to that of a healer and ultimately founder of a new religion.

Wizdom of Oz, The by Philippa Merivale

Wizdom of Oz, The

Philippa Merivale

Jun 2010

Join Theo and his friendly bunch of students on an enlightening, entertaining, lively and empowering journey through the mythical land of Oz as the yellow brick road of this popular fairy tale leads them - and you - 'home', to a place of authentic power,

Eutopia by Alan Jacobs


Alan Jacobs

Mar 2010

Explorer, Justin Hart, discovers Amhara, the legendary centre of Prester John's great Empire, a Eutopia governed by Gnostic Wisdom.

Dreamer in the Dream, The by Jane Adams

Dreamer in the Dream, The

Jane Adams

Jun 2012

An original collection of short stories, often humorous, with an esoteric bias. A refreshing, experiential edge into the inner life

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