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This Is It II by Catherine Foroughi

This Is It II

Catherine Foroughi

Sep 2012

...CYoga is grace....Presenting the indispensable yoga guide.This is I.This is It. CYoga is very simple (See!).

Your Body: Gateway to the Divine by Josephine Chia

Your Body: Gateway to the Divine

Josephine Chia

Jul 2009

This book celebrates the physical body without fearing its ageing. It shows how we can access The Divine through our body.

90 Days of Heat by David Matthew Brown

90 Days of Heat

David Matthew Brown

Mar 2015

A book in discovering your heart.

108 Steps To God by Anne-Marie Newland

108 Steps To God

Anne-Marie Newland

Feb 2019

A personal journey through life-dramas and how to manoeuvre them.

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