7 Myths about Love...Actually! The by Mike George

7 Myths about Love...Actually! The

Mike George

Apr 2010

Smashes all the myths about LOVE.

Planting the Impatience by Dr Kay U.  Brugge

Planting the Impatience

Dr Kay U. Brugge

Aug 2011

Why wrack your brain?. Use this book to use transformative metaphors effortlessly, without strain. It guides you in converting your daily problem narrative into transformative metaphor; how to ‘animate’ the meta

Good Heart, The by Austen Hayes

Good Heart, The

Austen Hayes

Sep 2012

The Good Heart message: Think more positively. Feeling optimistic and responding to everyday life with patience and generosity may be as important as exercise when it comes to the health of your heart.

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