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Psyche Exposed, The by Thomas Daniel Nehrer

Psyche Exposed, The

Thomas Daniel Nehrer

Sep 2011

Riveting illustrations depicting lifes functional Oneness – how the Psyche creates real events and relationships and how traditional notions distort awareness.

Parable of His-Story, The by Nick Taylor

Parable of His-Story, The

Nick Taylor

Dec 2011

  A book that changes the way we think about everything, from who does the cleaning to who rules the world.

Book of Light, The by David Matthew Brown

Book of Light, The

David Matthew Brown

Nov 2012

Are you curious about bringing your heart and mind into oneness?

Mankind's Last Chance by Richard Poole

Mankind's Last Chance

Richard Poole

Sep 2013

The only solutions to our current economic, environmental and social crises are to be found in spiritual transformation on a universal scale.

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