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Road to Power, The by Barbara Berger

Road to Power, The

Fast Food for the Soul (Books 1 & 2)

Barbara Berger

Sep 2018

Harness the power of your mind to create the life you want.

Choose Power by Pammyla Brooks

Choose Power

Tools and Techniques for Home and Work

Pammyla Brooks

Mar 2009

Little Manual of Happiness, The by Vikas Malkani

Little Manual of Happiness, The

7 Simple Steps to a Joyful Life

Vikas Malkani

Oct 2009

Powerful and practical ideas and suggestions on how to be happy everyday. Amazingly simple and extremely valuable.

Your Body: Gateway to the Divine by Josephine Chia

Your Body: Gateway to the Divine

Josephine Chia

Jul 2009

This book celebrates the physical body without fearing its ageing. It shows how we can access The Divine through our body.

Finding Your Other Half by Declan Kerr

Finding Your Other Half

The Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek

Declan Kerr

Aug 2010

Find yourself, loving relationships, spiritual bliss, and all in a simple game of hide and seek

Have The Best Year of Your Life by Jane Matthews

Have The Best Year of Your Life

Jane Matthews

Oct 2010

An indispensable guide to getting more from every day of your life and transforming your future

Change Your Life, and Keep the Change by Gary Dooley

Change Your Life, and Keep the Change

Gary Dooley

Nov 2011

Our unconscious mind is running every one of our emotions. This book teaches us how to change the running order.

Your Quest for Spiritual Knowledge by Michelle Corrigan

Your Quest for Spiritual Knowledge

2012 and Beyond

Michelle Corrigan

Jan 2011

This book is written for those who have an interest in walking their spiritual path, who need guidance. It is written from experience and carries great messages. Previously considered mysteries are explained in simple, easy-to-read terms.

Living Your Dream Forever by Jean Sinnett, David Jones

Living Your Dream Forever

Jean Sinnett
David Jones

Aug 2011

An essential self improvement life guide that enables you to achieve your lifes dreams and aspirations creating a wonderful new you.

Without a Mask by Avikal E. Costantino

Without a Mask

Discovering Your Authentic Self

Avikal E. Costantino

Nov 2011

Relaxed presence, clear intention and freedom from mediocrity will be the flowering of being your Authentic Self

From Neediness to Fulfillment by Miriam Subirana

From Neediness to Fulfillment

Beyond Relationships of Dependence

Miriam Subirana

May 2013

Our desires prevent us from having harmony in relationships. Let us go from neediness to wholeness in relating to one another.

Get a Life! - the guide book by Lisa Whitehead

Get a Life! - the guide book

Lisa Whitehead

Nov 2012

A moment of contemplation in a frantic world to allow your heart to sing and spirit to soar!

Freedom to Be Yourself by Avikal E. Costantino

Freedom to Be Yourself

Mastering the Inner Judge

Avikal E. Costantino

Aug 2012

Get out of the prison of self judgment. Stop being afraid of change. Find your true strength and will.

Breaking the Spell by Kingsley L. Dennis

Breaking the Spell

An Exploration of Human Perception

Kingsley L. Dennis

Feb 2013

A reader-friendly book on breaking the spell  and how to manage and develop our emotional, mental, and physical energies.

Go! Smell the Flowers by Jim Wheat, Emma Wheat

Go! Smell the Flowers

One Journey, Many Discoveries

Jim Wheat
Emma Wheat

May 2013

One journey, many discoveries

How To Be Captivating by Shay Allie

How To Be Captivating

Shay Allie

Apr 2014

The ultimate guide to being irresistible.

Seeker's Guide to a Life worth Living, A by Jili Hamilton

Seeker's Guide to a Life worth Living, A

Jili Hamilton

Aug 2013

A series of short articles on aspects of life and the lessons learnt, particularly through people who have touched the author's life.

Sh*t Happens, Magic Follows (Allow It!) by Carmen Harris

Sh*t Happens, Magic Follows (Allow It!)

A Life of Challenges, Change and Miracles

Carmen Harris

Jul 2015

Think magic belongs only on the stage or in the imagination of young children? This book will teach you to reconsider and experience again!

Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier by Alexander King

Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier

Surviving the Path to Enlightenment

Alexander King

Jun 2015

A true story of one person’s quest for self-discovery that encourages us all to create a wonderful life fearlessly.

From Darkness to Diva by Skye  High

From Darkness to Diva

Skye High

Aug 2015

Living in a world of darkness doesn't mean we must surrender, but to survive, we need to unleash the diva from within.

Quantum Bliss by George S. Mentz

Quantum Bliss

The Quantum Mechanics of Happiness, Abundance, and Health

George S. Mentz

Jan 2016

The breakthrough VIP summary of success and spirituality secrets that customers have been waiting for.

Human Experience is the Dance of Heaven and Earth, The by Dhyana Stanley

Human Experience is the Dance of Heaven and Earth, The

A Call Home to Peace

Dhyana Stanley

Jun 2016

What if your daily life is not an impediment to realizing the truth of who you are but is actually 'the way in'?

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