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Tantric Love Letters by Diana Richardson

Tantric Love Letters

Diana Richardson

May 2012

Questions on sex and love are enduring. But who to consult? Diana Richardson, a specialist, offers refreshing insights and wisdom

Tantric Love: Feeling vs Emotion by Michael Richardson, Diana Richardson

Tantric Love: Feeling vs Emotion

Michael Richardson
Diana Richardson

Apr 2010

Tantric Love: Feeling vs Emotion (UKNov09/USApr2010) by Diana and Michael Richardson shows how to recognise particular emotions and to create a loving space for the expression of real feelings.

Heart of Tantric Sex by Diana Richardson

Heart of Tantric Sex

Diana Richardson

Dec 2003

Reveals Eastern secrets of deep love and intimacy to Western couples.

Intuitive Lovers by Becky Walsh

Intuitive Lovers

Becky Walsh

Jun 2010

Intuitive Lovers takes you on a journey to trust your intuition from first encounters with a possible partner, to long term conscious loving.

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