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Lost Way: The Call, The by A. R. McNeilage

Lost Way: The Call, The

A. R. McNeilage

Nov 2008

Breaking Free by Christopher Lee Power

Breaking Free

Christopher Lee Power

Mar 2009

New Jew, The by Sally Friedes

New Jew, The

Sally Friedes

May 2009

Lapsed Midwestern Catholic girl marries into a New York Jewish family, discovers gefilte fish, synagogue, matriarchal mother-in-law, and Judaism.

Acosta by Yolanda Acosta


Yolanda Acosta

Aug 2010

The rise of Oscar Acosta from poverty to American baseball fame is the central theme in a fascinating familial saga that begins in the heart of Mexico.

Spiritual Experiments: The Portal of Truth by Matias Flury

Spiritual Experiments: The Portal of Truth

Matias Flury

Feb 2015

The autobiography of an advanced Western seeker; a wild journey towards Enlightenment that includes many out-of-body experiences.

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