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Acosta by Yolanda Acosta


Yolanda Acosta

Aug 2010

The rise of Oscar Acosta from poverty to American baseball fame is the central theme in a fascinating familial saga that begins in the heart of Mexico.

New Jew, The by Sally Friedes

New Jew, The

Sally Friedes

May 2009

Lapsed Midwestern Catholic girl marries into a New York Jewish family, discovers gefilte fish, synagogue, matriarchal mother-in-law, and Judaism.

Lost Way: The Call, The by A. R. McNeilage

Lost Way: The Call, The

A. R. McNeilage

Nov 2008

Breaking Free by Christopher Lee Power

Breaking Free

Christopher Lee Power

Mar 2009

Spiritual Experiments: The Portal of Truth by Matias Flury

Spiritual Experiments: The Portal of Truth

Matias Flury

Feb 2015

The autobiography of an advanced Western seeker; a wild journey towards Enlightenment that includes many out-of-body experiences.

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