Good Living in Hard Times by Stafford Whiteaker

Good Living in Hard Times

Stafford Whiteaker

Aug 2012

Explains what makes you poor, healthy and rich and how to achieve a contented life.

Provolution by Michael Paul Stephens


Michael Paul Stephens

Aug 2010

Provolution unveils the suffering perpetuated by conventional beliefs, prescribing natural awareness techniques to inspire global renaissance through personal transformation.

Psyche Exposed, The by Thomas Daniel Nehrer

Psyche Exposed, The

Thomas Daniel Nehrer

Sep 2011

Riveting illustrations depicting lifes functional Oneness – how the Psyche creates real events and relationships and how traditional notions distort awareness.

Fifth Disciple, The by Cynthia Bove

Fifth Disciple, The

Cynthia Bove

Nov 2011

Provocative answers to transform our thinking about the age-old questions of our purpose in life and reason for being.

Knock Knock, Who's God? by Nigel Linacre

Knock Knock, Who's God?

Nigel Linacre

Dec 2011

The fastest way to the deepest truths, via crisp conversations about life, death and God.

Writings from Oneness by Ian McCall

Writings from Oneness

Ian McCall

Oct 2011

A practical guide to being spiritually awake . A positive insight into living in oneness with all, whilst in this world.

Bright Light by Dee Wallace, John Nelson

Bright Light

Dee Wallace
John Nelson

Apr 2011

An autobiographical tale of actor Dee Wallace’s spiritual journey, and how she applied those lessons to her life.

Awaken Your Inner Wisdom by Sister Jayanti

Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

Sister Jayanti

Jul 2010

A guide to nurturing your spiritual awareness from the European Director of the Brahma Kumaris.

365 Days of Wisdom by Dadi Janki

365 Days of Wisdom

Dadi Janki

Sep 2011

Cools the mind, warms the heart and guides you along your journey.

Living an Extraordinary Life in an Ordinary Reality by James Young

Living an Extraordinary Life in an Ordinary Reality

James Young

Aug 2011

The more we adhere to the practice of The Inward Journey, the more we demonstrate being extraordinary in what has become a rather ordinary reality.

It's About You! by Chris W.E. Johnson

It's About You!

Chris W.E. Johnson

Jun 2013

The ultimate guide to who you are, why you are here, and the tools you use to create your reality.

LifeWorks by Jane Bailey Bain


Jane Bailey Bain

Jan 2012

LifeWorks is about stories and how we use them to make sense of our lives.

Journey Home by Jennifer Kavanagh

Journey Home

Jennifer Kavanagh

Apr 2012

Home is where the heart is

Dimensions of Love by Padma Aon Prakasha

Dimensions of Love

Padma Aon Prakasha

Jun 2013

The Journey to God as described by the greatest mystics in history in 7 Steps.

Leap to Freedom by Devrah Laval

Leap to Freedom

Devrah Laval

Aug 2013

Finally revealing the hidden core guilt and taking a quantum leap of awareness to true joy, freedom and love.

Inhabiting Heaven NOW by Andrea Mathews

Inhabiting Heaven NOW

Andrea Mathews

Dec 2013

If you knew your essential core nature to be divine, who would you be? Where would you live?

Awakening Artist, The by Patrick Howe

Awakening Artist, The

Patrick Howe

Aug 2013

The Awakening Artist invites artists to discover their relationship to the greatest source of creativity the world has ever known.

Go! Smell the Flowers by Jim Wheat, Emma Wheat

Go! Smell the Flowers

Jim Wheat
Emma Wheat

May 2013

One journey, many discoveries

Body of Wisdom by Hilary Hart

Body of Wisdom

Hilary Hart

Apr 2013

Bringing together the dreams and experiences of women across the world with today's most visionary spiritual teachers.

Your Simple Path by Ian Tucker

Your Simple Path

Ian Tucker

Jun 2014

Find happiness in every step.

Self Enquiry: On Being You. A Journey into Truth by Michael Vincent

Self Enquiry: On Being You. A Journey into Truth

Michael Vincent

Mar 2016

This book presents Self Enquiry "in the raw": a concise,simple guide clarifying for the seeker a Practice that is both radical and profound.

Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being by Cissi Williams

Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being

Cissi Williams

Dec 2013

This book will show you how you can manifest your dreams in such a way that you are able to create your most amazing destiny ever.

Mankind's Last Chance by Richard Poole

Mankind's Last Chance

Richard Poole

Sep 2013

The only solutions to our current economic, environmental and social crises are to be found in spiritual transformation on a universal scale.

I Am Here by Georgi Y Johnson

I Am Here

Georgi Y Johnson

Aug 2014

Now is the time to open the inner windows of perception and to allow the ecstasy, bliss and passion of creation.

Inner Goddess Revolution, The by Lyn Thurman

Inner Goddess Revolution, The

Lyn Thurman

Mar 2015

Unlock your inner goddess and revolutionise your world.

Love's Calling by Elizabeth  Griffin

Love's Calling

Elizabeth Griffin

Jun 2014

Love waits patiently, reminding us of Itself until there is no more need TO remember because that is really All-There-Is.

Holding Out for a Hero, Five Steps to Marriage Over 40 by Lesley Lawson Botez

Holding Out for a Hero, Five Steps to Marriage Over 40

Lesley Lawson Botez

Jan 2015

you can't hurry true love

Vibrant Emeritus by Richard  Stuecker

Vibrant Emeritus

Richard Stuecker

Nov 2014

Enter the second half of your life journey with vibrancy, generativity, creativity and blessing!

What Wags the World: Tales of Conscious Awakening by Julie Clayton, Miriam Knight

What Wags the World: Tales of Conscious Awakening

Julie Clayton
Miriam Knight

Sep 2014

When mystical experiences occur, people awaken to a more humane worldview and a burning passion to inspire personal and global transformation.

Rising in Love by Ram Das Batchelder

Rising in Love

Ram Das Batchelder

Dec 2014

Conveys an American’s extraordinary journey of spiritual awakening with the well-known Guru, Amma, “the hugging Saint.”

Of Course! by Ian Patrick

Of Course!

Ian Patrick

Nov 2014

Reflections on 'A Course in Miracles'.

Death, the Last God by Anne  Geraghty

Death, the Last God

Anne Geraghty

Nov 2014

The story of a grieving mother looking for her dead son.

Not I, Not other than I by Steve Taylor, Russel Williams

Not I, Not other than I

Steve Taylor
Russel Williams

Aug 2015

The Miraculous Life and Inspiring Teachings of One of the World's Greatest Living Sages

Spiritual Experiments: The Portal of Truth by Matias Flury

Spiritual Experiments: The Portal of Truth

Matias Flury

Feb 2015

The autobiography of an advanced Western seeker; a wild journey towards Enlightenment that includes many out-of-body experiences.

Essence: The Emotional Path to Spirit by Jacob Watson

Essence: The Emotional Path to Spirit

Jacob Watson

Jul 2015

Essence: The Emotional Path to Spirit presents teachings and stories that describe how emotions clear a path to the spiritual life.

Live in the Moment, Including Zen and the Art of Healing by Ross Cribb

Live in the Moment, Including Zen and the Art of Healing

Ross Cribb

Jul 2015

The unique combination of Zen, spirituality, philosophy and psychology, presented through an inspiring story, will have the reader rereading this book and uncovering new insights each time.

Upside Down Mountain, The by Mags MacKean

Upside Down Mountain, The

Mags MacKean

Jan 2016

A must-read for anyone weary of chasing success and happiness - one woman's inspirational journey swapping the uphill slog for the downhill slope.

Soul Comfort by Alistair Conwell

Soul Comfort

Alistair Conwell

Jan 2016

Uplifting, unique and thought-provoking spiritual insights into the nature of grief, death, consciousness and love for healing and positive transformation.

On the Other Side of Love by Muriel Maufroy

On the Other Side of Love

Muriel Maufroy

Mar 2016

When life has lost all meaning, what do you do?

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