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Truth Inside, The by Ali Norell

Truth Inside, The

Ali Norell

May 2019

A bereaved mother's powerful story of finding purpose through afterlife communication and an exploration of the possibility that we choose all events in our lives before we incarnate.

Pearlie of Great Price by Hilary Hart

Pearlie of Great Price

Hilary Hart

Jul 2007

Hilary Hart was born and raised in New England and received BA and MA degrees in Philosophy from Yale University and the University of Colorado. She is a meditation guide and offers meditation workshops throughout the country. She was an invited pa

More Adventures in Eternity by Gordon Phinn

More Adventures in Eternity

Gordon Phinn

Apr 2008

How to Be Happy by Jenny Smedley

How to Be Happy

Jenny Smedley

Sep 2008

Forever Faithful by Jenny Smedley

Forever Faithful

Jenny Smedley

Mar 2009

Study in Survival, A by Roger Straughan

Study in Survival, A

Roger Straughan

Nov 2009

From Arthur Conan Doyle comes a unique form of evidence to show that we, like Sherlock Holmes, can never die. Arthur Conan Doyle died in 1930 but returns to offer evidence for survival beyond the grave.

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