Wave, The

Jude Currivan

Dec 2005


Exploring a Sense of Soul

Janice Dolley
Joycelin Dawes

Mar 2005

Gods Within, The

An interactive guide to archetypal therapy

Peter Lemesurier

Feb 2007

Good Remembering, The

A Message for our Times

Llyn Roberts

Apr 2007

Developing Spiritual Intelligence

The Power of You

Altazar Rossiter

Sep 2006

Tree That Talked, The

Jenny Smedley

May 2007

Wizard's Gift, The

Mark Townsend

Jan 2008

Take Me To Truth

Undoing the Ego

Tomas Vieira
Nouk Sanchez

Sep 2007

Best-selling title on shedding the Ego with sales in excess of 30,000

Ordinary Secrets

Notes for your spiritual journey

Robert Y Southard

Oct 2007

Essence of Reality, The

A Clear Awareness of How Life Works

Thomas Daniel Nehrer

Mar 2008

Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI), The

A Course in Understanding and Acceptance

Regina Dawn Akers

Mar 2008

Following on from the strength of A Course in Miracles NTI teaches us how to experience the love and oneness of God.

Closing the Circle

Pursah's Gospel of Thomas and A Course in Miracles

Rogier Fentener van Vlissingen

Sep 2008

An open invitation for a fresh look at Jesus, inspired by ACIM, Thomas Gospel and Gary Renard.

Simply Being

One Year with Spirit

Pamela Silberman

Oct 2008

This journal chronicles the intuitive guidance received by one woman seeking to comprehend a world consumed by struggle, disappointment and confusion.

Travel Within

7 Steps to Wisdom and Inner Peace

Jamshid Hosseini
Dave Cunningham

Nov 2008

Science, religion and philosophy support the tenets of this self-help guide to wisdom, inner peace and Oneness.

Call to Remember, A

Follow Your Heart, Change the World

Carol Lynn Fitzpatrick

Oct 2008

A guidebook for the world server, A Call to Remember: Follow Your Heart, Change the World, shows us how to fully ascend.

Finding Heaven Here

John C. Robinson

Jan 2009

Dangerous Man, The

Conversations with Free-Thinkers and Truth-Seekers

Karen Sawyer

Aug 2010

A collection of controversial research and alternative worldviews, presenting new and exciting ways of thinking about life as we know it.

Little Manual of Enlightenment, The

7 Valuable Tips for Those in Search of Awareness

Vikas Malkani

Feb 2009

guides you on an unforgettable spiritual quest to enlightenment, the highest goal in life.

Virtuous Living

Honoring the Inescapable Natural Laws

Belinda Joubert

Jun 2009

20 Words Virtuous Living delivers a clear message on the essential values and virtues of life. Readers will discover age-old wisdoms that control personal, family, community and organizational life. Any breach of these laws results in social and economic

Picture Prayers

The Journey to Picture Perfect Prayers

Heidi Hollis

Apr 2009

The journey to learning how to pray like the angels do, with a glimpse at a picture in mind with a touch of heart and soul.

Who Are you? Really!

A travel-guide to life

Stuart Rose

Aug 2010

All that's needed to get happy, that's really happy, is said in a straight forward, easy-to-read travel guide to life.

7 Myths about Love...Actually! The

The Journey from your HEAD to the HEART of your SOUL

Mike George

Apr 2010

Smashes all the myths about LOVE.

Wizdom of Oz, The

Philippa Merivale

Jun 2010

Join Theo and his friendly bunch of students on an enlightening, entertaining, lively and empowering journey through the mythical land of Oz as the yellow brick road of this popular fairy tale leads them - and you - 'home', to a place of authentic power,

Silent Voices of the Soul

How to Recognize the Spiritual Messages in Everyday Life

Robin Leigh Vella

Apr 2010

Enlightenment can happen anywhere. Spiritual messages are everywhere. This guide demystifies awareness.

Forgotten Wings

Dawn Henderson

Sep 2010

shows how to open ourselves up to the magical and infinite potential of life.

Returning to Sacred World

A Spiritual Toolkit for the Emerging Reality

Stephen Gray

Nov 2010

Powerful ancient and leading edge visions and teachings for healing ourselves and our world through meditation prayer and sacred plant practices.

Unmasking Your Future

Tools For Creating Your Best Life

Judy Lekic

Jun 2010

Unmasking Your Future reveals the necessity of clearing out your past negativity in order to create and obtain your desires.

From Credit Crunch to Pure Prosperity

Maggy Whitehouse

Nov 2009

Go-within to learn the spiritual laws of prosperity so that you don't have to go-without.

Practicing A Course In Miracles

A translation of the Workbook in plain language and with mentoring notes

Elizabeth A. Cronkhite

Sep 2011

The practical second and third volumes of The Plain-Language A Course in Miracles.

Fifth Disciple, The

Choose Again and Find True Happiness

Cynthia Bove

Nov 2011

Provocative answers to transform our thinking about the age-old questions of our purpose in life and reason for being.

Knock Knock, Who's God?

Nigel Linacre

Dec 2011

The fastest way to the deepest truths, via crisp conversations about life, death and God.

Writings from Oneness

Ian McCall

Oct 2011

A practical guide to being spiritually awake . A positive insight into living in oneness with all, whilst in this world.

Your Quest for Spiritual Knowledge

2012 and Beyond

Michelle Corrigan

Jan 2011

This book is written for those who have an interest in walking their spiritual path, who need guidance. It is written from experience and carries great messages. Previously considered mysteries are explained in simple, easy-to-read terms.

Conscious Living Made Easy

Robert Y Southard

Jul 2011

Conscious Living Made Easy will guide you to live a full and rewarding life, to take responsibility for and appreciate each moment.

Hey, Holy Spirit, It's Me Again

A Dialogue on A Course in Miracles

Myron Jones

Jul 2012

Insightful, practical, humorous, and down to earth, this is the essential companion to A Course in Miracles Workbook for students!

Bright Light

Spiritual Lessons from a Life in Acting

Dee Wallace
John Nelson

Apr 2011

An autobiographical tale of actor Dee Wallace’s spiritual journey, and how she applied those lessons to her life.

Die to Love

Unmani Liza Hyde

Jun 2011

Die to Love radically wakes the reader up to the love beyond all ideas, and then explores how we live as that love.

Extraordinary Ordinary Forgiveness

Susan Dugan

Mar 2011

An intimate journey in transforming an ordinary life through extraordinary forgiveness.

Avenues of the Human Spirit

Graham Nicholls

Jul 2011

A compelling true account of Graham Nicholls hundreds of out-of-body experiences and a guide to spiritual fulfillment.

Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

Sister Jayanti

Jul 2010

A guide to nurturing your spiritual awareness from the European Director of the Brahma Kumaris.

Wisdom Seekers

The Rise of the New Spirituality

Nevill Drury

May 2011

Here, in an accessible easy-to-read format is a well researched guide to the international New Age movement that explores both its positive and negative aspects. Does it represent a move away from formal, institutionalised religion towards a more ge

Without a Mask

Discovering Your Authentic Self

Avikal E. Costantino

Nov 2011

Relaxed presence, clear intention and freedom from mediocrity will be the flowering of being your Authentic Self

Living an Extraordinary Life in an Ordinary Reality

Just Show Up, Listen, and Demonstrate

James Young

Aug 2011

The more we adhere to the practice of The Inward Journey, the more we demonstrate being extraordinary in what has become a rather ordinary reality.

Silence of the Mind, The

Ilie Cioara

Oct 2011

A practical book about meditation and enlightenment by Ilie Cioara. Eckhart Tolle with a poetic twist; Kahlil Gibran meets Krishnamurti.

Beyond Angels

Gaile Walker

Jan 2013

Personal enlightenment experiences clearly described alongside a calling for a more spiritual approach to healing and meditation practices.

Believe and it is True

A Story of Healing and Life Lessons

Deborah Lloyd

Mar 2012

When the polio trauma strikes Deborah again, she discovers new, exciting ways to heal her body, emotions and spirit.

Awakening Human Being, The

A Guide to the Power of the Mind

Barbara Berger

Oct 2011

A complete, practical guide to the awakening consciousness and the incredible power of mind.

Effect, The

Linda Hoy

Sep 2012

Where science and spirituality join forces

Wondrous Journey, The

Into the Depth of Our Being

Ilie Cioara

Apr 2012

A practical book about meditation and enlightenment by Ilie Cioara. Eckhart Tolle with a poetic twist; Kahlil Gibran meets Krishnamurti.

I Am Boundlessness

Ilie Cioara

Oct 2012

A practical book about meditation and enlightenment by Ilie Cioara. Eckhart Tolle with a poetic twist; Kahlil Gibran meets Krishnamurti.

Life Is Eternal Newness

Ilie Cioara

Jul 2012

Eckhart Tolle with a poetic twist; Kahlil Gibran meets Krishnamurti. This is a practical book about meditation and enlightenment. 

Three Secrets of Aging, The

John C. Robinson

Jul 2012

It ain't over yet!

Throw Away Your Loincloth

Michelle Jones

Apr 2014

How to live a spiritual life in the real world; no loincloth required! 

It's About You!

Know Your Self

Chris W.E. Johnson

Jun 2013

The ultimate guide to who you are, why you are here, and the tools you use to create your reality.

From Neediness to Fulfillment

Beyond Relationships of Dependence

Miriam Subirana

May 2013

Our desires prevent us from having harmony in relationships. Let us go from neediness to wholeness in relating to one another.

Freedom to Be Yourself

Mastering the Inner Judge

Avikal E. Costantino

Aug 2012

Get out of the prison of self judgment. Stop being afraid of change. Find your true strength and will.

My Divine Self

Martha Thompson

May 2012

An inspirational story revealing spiritual insights that could transform your life. An unusually good read that will warm your heart. 

Spiritual Mind, The

A journey into awareness

Jim Ryan

Jun 2012

Shows spiritual thinkers, regardless of religious background, how to move from one mind state and how to reconnect with their inner spiritual power.

Failure of Success, The

Redefining what matters

Jennifer Kavanagh

Dec 2012

Success good, failure bad? Each holds the germ of the other. They are more alike than you think. 

Dimensions of Love

7 Steps to God

Padma Aon Prakasha

Jun 2013

The Journey to God as described by the greatest mystics in history in 7 Steps.


Conversations with death

Eric-Jan Verwey

Mar 2013

A beautiful myth asserting the importance of death as a mystical concept within the text of the Hebrew Bible.

Leap to Freedom

Healing Quantum Guilt

Devrah Laval

Aug 2013

Finally revealing the hidden core guilt and taking a quantum leap of awareness to true joy, freedom and love.

Inhabiting Heaven NOW

The Answer to Every Moral Dilemma Ever Posed

Andrea Mathews

Dec 2013

If you knew your essential core nature to be divine, who would you be? Where would you live?

Body of Wisdom

Women's Spiritual Power and How it Serves

Hilary Hart

Apr 2013

Bringing together the dreams and experiences of women across the world with today's most visionary spiritual teachers.

Starting a Spiritual Business - Inspiration, Case Studies and Advice

Featuring Diana Cooper and Ian Lawman

Charlotte Anne Edwards

Feb 2014

Live your dream—presenting case studies, lashings of inspiration and business advice this book gives you the courage to accomplish your true purpose: starting a spiritual business.

Letters Across Time

A journey of enlightenment

Stephen Paul Chong

May 2013

This book changes lives...it is full of wisdom and gentle grace...your pathway to a richer, more fulfilling life.

Naked Truth, The

Seven Keys for Experiencing Who You Are. A Practical Guide.

Karstein Bjastad

Aug 2013

A practical guide that demystifies non-dualistic spirituality and guides you to experience who you are in truth.

Seeker's Guide to a Life worth Living, A

Jili Hamilton

Aug 2013

A series of short articles on aspects of life and the lessons learnt, particularly through people who have touched the author's life.

Love or Diet

Nurture yourself and release the need to be comforted by food

Ani Richardson

Oct 2013

Opening your heart to your wisest Self can change your relationship with food and lead to freedom from emotional eating.

Beyond the Here and Now

Thriving in the Age of Change

Lucy O'Hagan

Oct 2013

A change is upon us, offering the opportunity to put personal fears aside and thrive.

Reflections - Beyond Thought

The Journey of a Lifetime

Susan Sosbe

Feb 2014

A beautiful tale of one woman's emotional journey to a profound truth.

Are You Happy Now?

10 Ways to Live a Happy Life

Barbara Berger

Aug 2013

A powerful combination of the spiritual and the psychological, leading you to happiness now.

Dancing with Cancer

and how I learnt a few new steps

Diana Brueton

Feb 2014

A journey towards death that led deeper into life; through rage, despair and sardonic humour, to ultimately wisdom and acceptance.

Spirited Nature

Healing adventures in rural Ireland

Simon Gordon Wheeler

Mar 2014

A transformative journey of healing and growth, with Spirit providing the engine and Mother Nature the fuel.

I Am Here

Opening the windows to life and beauty.

Georgi Y Johnson

Aug 2014

Now is the time to open the inner windows of perception and to allow the ecstasy, bliss and passion of creation.

Love's Calling

A Journey to Self

Elizabeth Griffin

Jun 2014

Love waits patiently, reminding us of Itself until there is no more need TO remember because that is really All-There-Is.

From Stress to Peace

An Intimate Journal on the Journey from Living in Darkness to Living in the Light

Kandace Jones

Sep 2014

Is it possible to experience unshakable peace, regardless of the situations and people that come your way?

Spiritual Experiments: The Portal of Truth

Matias Flury

Feb 2015

The autobiography of an advanced Western seeker; a wild journey towards Enlightenment that includes many out-of-body experiences.

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