Beard In Nepal, A

Beard In Nepal, A

the story of five months spent in a small, remote village high in the Himalayas of Nepal, attempting to teach English to the village children.


When the author and her partner were offered the chance of spending five months teaching English in a remote village high in the Himalayas of Nepal they grabbed the life changing opportunity.
A Beard In Nepal is the story of the time they spent living in the small, isolated village of Salle, which is almost untouched by Western civilisation, and in manic, crowded, noisy Kathmandu.
A compulsive read, often humorous, we follow the couple from Liverpool as they struggle with the daily challenges of altitude sickness, severely restricted diet, and close encounters with wild tigers.
The book describes their often comic attempts to teach English to a group of lively youngsters in a wooden hut in a forest, using blackboard and chalk, and without the benefit of electricity, water or toilet!


reviewed A Beard In Nepal A Beard in Nepal A great read: an adventure tale filled with colorful characters starting with the author and her partner, with beautifully rendered scenery, the whole stitched together with laugh-out-loud humor. What started as a desire to do good turned into a lifetime commitment to the delightful inhabitants of a remote Himalayan village, including the furry ones. I think other readers will join me in urging Fiona and Tod to start planning their next trip because we all want to hear more! ~ Boston, Amazon

A rare treat Reading Fiona Roberts's book is a humbling as well as a joyful experience. This is not your common garden travelogue, but a candid and often touching account of her travels in the Himalayas and a few months she and her partner spent teaching in a remote small community in Nepal. Fiona eschews clich├ęs and instead focuses on personal experiences and emotions, and the reader is drawn into her narrative by a mixture of trepidation and amusement. Her joie de vivre is infectious, and enables her to relate not only their chaotic travelling experiences but also the true reality of her Nepalese friends' simple lives in sobering terms. When I reached the last chapter, having had tears in my eyes and a smile on my face in equal measures throughout, I selfishly felt I wanted Fiona and Tod to return to Salle, just so that hopefully she will write another entertaining and gripping account for me to read - and recommend to all my friends! ~ Helix, Amazon

A BRILLIANT AND INSPIRING READ. For a heady mixture of travel narrative, humanity and comic escapades A Beard in Nepal provides an honest and very personal account of a five month experience teaching English in the Everest region of Nepal. Capturing the spirit and charm of Nepal, Fiona and Tod with their quick wit and easy smiles quickly establish themselves into Nepalese village life, experiencing many highs and lows on the way. What stand out are the remarkable and enduring characters of those they meet along the way. The book vividly contrasts Western lifestyles with the simplicity of village life, highlighting how there is much more to Nepal than trekking and the busy streets of Kathmandu, and allows for reflection upon how people can enjoy life without Western materialism and values. The reader is immediately immersed into a world of adventure, spontaneous friendship and transcendent beauty, in a tale both earthly and metaphysical. This book is a wonderfully refreshing read, where we meet Woolley dog and his glamorous girlfriend, Ali Baba and charming little chaps known as `leeches'. This sympathetically and knowledgably written book is both touching and inspirational, and cannot be recommended highly enough. ~ Julieanne, Amazon

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