Beard In Nepal 2, A

Beard In Nepal 2, A

Return to the Village

tells the story of a second visit by the author to the small, isolated village of Salle, situated high in the Himalayas of the Everest Region of Nepal.


"A Beard In Nepal II. Return to the Village" tells the story of a second visit by the author to the small, isolated village of Salle, situated high in the Himalayas of the Everest Region of Nepal.
We follow the couple from Liverpool as they meet up again with the villagers and children of Salle, and with Kalyani, the young village school headmistress.
They travel with Kalyani along some of the highest and most dangerous roads as she takes them to visit her new village, in a spectacularly beautiful hidden valley in the mountains.
Following the success of "Beard In Nepal" this, the second book in the series, is full of adventure, humour and comic escapades as Fiona and Tod return to Nepal to meet their friends again.


Revealing Revelations 2 May 2012 By maple leaf Format:Kindle Edition I really enjoyed the first 'Beard in Nepal' tale so didn't hesitate to get the follow-up about their return two years later which included the added bonus of photos of their friends and the school kids. The second part provided a gentle reminder of the basic facts of their previous experiences plus a new insight into the people (such as their relationship with dogs) and their behaviour (never specifying times or distances on journeys!). There were even better descriptive phrases in Part 2, especially of the scenery, the sounds of the natural environment, and the emotions evoked by meeting the friends from the past. The adventures at the bus station and the bus trips are particularly memorable - "We stumbled out of the bus onto the side of the road clutching bags and rucksacks, and plonked down on the ground together in a tired heap. The bus door creaked and groaned and slammed shut as it roared off, leaving a trail of fumes and dust hanging in equal portions above the road behind it." The destruction of the forests was extremely heart-breaking for them - "The track cut deeply through what should have been a thickly forested area, but all that now remained of the once green and varied vegetation was a shocking, blitzed landscape of tree stumps, looking for all the world like a scene from the bombardments of the 1st World War. The forest had been annihilated from a vast swathe of the mountain, leaving nothing to retain the top soil during the heavy monsoon rains. We were stunned." However, they left with hope in their hearts for a positive future for their wonderful Nepalese friends. Perhaps their next trip back to Salle will produce even more changes. ~ Amazon

Back for more 3 April 2012 By Helix Format:Kindle Edition Fiona just HAD to write another book, as the readers of her previous work, A Beard in Nepal, couldn't wait for some more instalments from her and Tod's fantastic adventures. This new volume does not disappoint: it is of course uniquely personal, and packed with more practical information about Nepal, which the traveller will find useful, but above all it is a real page-turner that brings joy to all its readers. Fiona has a knack for describing without boring; her evocation of landscapes, sounds and scents is truly amazing, whilst her wit never fails to lighten any of the accounts. However, this book tells more than just a story, , as it encompasses friendships, customs, feelings, and it also hints at the darker side of what is happening around the village. The photos provide light-hearted illustrations, and may well inspire more of us to visit that part of the world and meet its wonderful people. ~ Amazon

A MUST READ, 25 Mar 2012 By Carmel - See all my reviews This review is from: A Beard In Nepal 2. (Return to the Village) (Kindle Edition) The real essence of life in Nepal today has been captured by this wonderful Author through her marvellously detailed but humorous accounts of everyday life in a tiny village high up in the Himalayas. The authors detailed description of the breath taking scenery made me feel I was there And I felt I was with them on every step of the way on their journey. Fiona and Tod have a true kinship with the people of the village their help and generosity have been rewarded by a heart-warming and lifetime friendship. I thoroughly enjoyed this second account of A Beard in Nepal and can't wait for the next Instalment. ~ Amazon

Fiona Roberts
Fiona Roberts Fiona Roberts' life has certainly had its fair share of interesting and unusual events. She spent 10 years in Paris teaching English and ha...
Beard In Nepal, A by Fiona Roberts

Beard In Nepal, A

Fiona Roberts

the story of five months spent in a small, remote village high in the Himalayas of Nepal, attempting to teach English to the village children.

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