Mindful Soul, Soulful Mind

Mindful Soul, Soulful Mind

An Anthology of Mind Body Spirit Writing


A thoughtful collection of spiritual writing from our stable of authors.

Ian Patrick - A Course in Miracles
Hilary Carter - Numerology
Daniela Norris - Reincarnation
Gordon Phinn - Mapping the Spiritual Territory
Heather Mendel - Personal Spirituality
Alistair Cornwell - Transformation of Grief
Philena Bruce - Self Healing
Mags MacKean - The Way Up, is Down
Alexander King - Healing Energy
Deborah Lloyd - A Healing Journey
Natasha David - The Phoenix Within
Melita Harvey - Trust
Gaile Walker - Suffering
Maureen Minnehan Jones - Soul and Disease
Barbara Berger - Sane Self Talk
Mary English - Soul Astrology
Ann Merivale - Thicker than Blood
Dielle Ciesco - Sound Healing
Ceryn Rowntree - Spiritual Support Team
Carmen Harris - Magic
Susan Holliday - Angels

A showcase anthology, with authors from around the world, linked by spirituality

Trevor Greenfield
Trevor Greenfield Trevor is Editorial Manager, and is also publisher for the Moon Books imprint. He has MA degrees in Religious Studies and English Literature...
Crystal Prescriptions volume 6  by Judy Hall

Crystal Prescriptions volume 6

Crystals for ancestral clearing, soul retrieval, spirit release and karmic healing. An A-Z guide.

Judy Hall

Crystal Prescriptions volume 5 by Judy Hall

Crystal Prescriptions volume 5

Space clearing, Feng Shui and Psychic Protection. An A-Z guide.

Judy Hall

Chivalry-Now by D. Joseph Jacques


The Code of Male Ethics

D. Joseph Jacques

An Exchange of Love by Madeleine Linda Walker

An Exchange of Love

Madeleine Linda Walker

Wondrous Journey, The by Ilie Cioara

Wondrous Journey, The

Into the Depth of Our Being

Ilie Cioara

Little Manual of Meditation, The by Vikas Malkani

Little Manual of Meditation, The

15 Effective Ways to Discover Your Inner Self

Vikas Malkani

Don't Fix Me; I'm Not Broken by Sally Patton

Don't Fix Me; I'm Not Broken

Changing Our Minds About Ourselves and Our Children

Sally Patton

Breaking the Spell by Kingsley L. Dennis

Breaking the Spell

An Exploration of Human Perception

Kingsley L. Dennis

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