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Constraint as Liberation in the Era of Digital Film Theory

A bold experiment in film theory for the digital era.

100 Years of Vicissitude

Story of identical twin geisha born on the first day of the Great Depression, one of whom loathes the other.

101 Helpful Illusions

for seekers of the ultimate spiritual truth of oneness

108 Sonnets for Awakening

and Selected Poems

A beautiful sonnet sequence and important poems on the vital topic of awakening from the dream of life

11:11 Code, The

Secrets of the Convent

11:11 Code, The by Hilary Carter is a spiritual wake-up call to the coincidences around the number 11 .

15 Ways to Own Your Future

Take Control of Your Destiny in Business & in Life

A 15-point blueprint for creating better collaboration, enjoyment, and success in business and in life.

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