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Alkoryn Chronicles, The

Part I Scripture from the Past

Daimeh's life changes when he finds a hidden map on an unusual body at the bay. His aunt and he follow the map to the northern lands, where all is not as it seems.

Alkoryn Chronicles, The

Part II Land of Eternal Stars

After his village is decimated, Ugoki must find his own way in the desolate realm of Stygia, a land where the sun never rises...

All Things are Nothing to Me

The Unique Philosophy of Max Stirner

Max Stirner’s "The Unique and Its Property" (1844) is the first ruthless critique of modern society.

Alpha Wolf, The

A tale about the modern male

A compelling and inspiring tale of one man's journey from Alpha Boy to Alpha Wolf.


When dyslexic teenager Stu accidentally transports himself into a world populated entirely with living numbers and letters, his arrival triggers a prophecy that pulls the two rival communities into war.

Alyssa Chronicle, The

The Princess Gardener, Book II

A princess and a farm girl, having successfully swapped places, now find themselves having to swap back to defend the farmers and gardeners of the kingdom against a greedy plot...

America and Other Fictions

On Radical Faith and Post-Religion

If America or God didn't exist it would be necessary to invent them. Let's start.

American Fork

A shared love of the Utah landscape heals family wounds for two unlikely friends in this tale of restoration in the wake of loss and betrayal.

Amoeba-Ox Continuum, The

An investigation is opened into a series of deaths in an old workers' utopia...

Amulet Manual, The

A complete guide to making your own

An American in Heaven

Chic-lit goes to the afterlife and finds it both more and less than expected. Kind of groovy really.

An Angel Whispered

An Angel Whispered combines heavenly wisdom with down-to-earth advice in this inspiring guide on happiness.

An Angels' Guide to Working with the Power of Light

Discovering her ability to communicate with angels, the author records their inspirational messages of guidance and answers to universal questions.

An Enlightened Philosophy

Can an Atheist Believe Anything?

Even an atheist world needs human values - religion interpreted as myth offers a classic contribution

An Exchange of Love

examines the past life connections between humans and our animals and the healing potential for us

Anatomy of Thought-Fiction

CHS report, April 2214

Why do people choose to believe things they know are untrue?

Angel Connection

Divinity in the new energy

Angel Healing & Alchemy – How To Begin

Melchisadec, Sacred Seven & the Violet Ray

Angelic Healing for physical and spiritual harmony.

Angel Journey Workbook, The

Connecting with angels

Interested in Angels and want to know how to connect with them? Then this workbook can show you how

Angel's Lamp, The

What reservations about love are justified? Tale of rebellion, loyalty and love set in war-torn Ireland just after the Easter Rising 1916.

Angels Aid

Guided Meditation for Children and Parents

A gentle introduction to meditation with the Angels, to help promote calm, balance and greater well-being in your child.

Angels and Demons: A Radical Anthology of Political Lives

A Marxist analysis of key political and historical figures including Hugo Chavez and Jeremy Corbyn, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Angels In Between, The

The Book of Muse

Professor Marcia Brennan tells the story of how she engages with the mystical and angelic worlds—and how you can connect with these realms, as well.

Angels In Our Time

Why they're here, where to see them and how to work with them

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