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Gilda Trillim: Shepherdess of Rats

A woman struggles to discern the meaning of life when she is taken as POW in Vietnam.

Glance at My Other, A

What do you do when a stranger stares out of the mirror at you?

Global Guide to Interfaith, A

Reflections From Around the World

Go! Smell the Flowers

One Journey, Many Discoveries

One journey, many discoveries

Go, Be Loving

You don't have to wait to be loved

Ever asked what love is: how it can be done? This easy read is as fundamental as that, and that profound.

God Calling

365 messages of encouragement channelled from Christ to two anonymous "Listeners"

God Calling 2

God At Eventide-companion to God Calling 1

More messages to two anonymous ladies, Two Listeners, this series has proved to be one of the best selling devotional books of all time.

God in the Bath

Relaxing in the Everywhere Presence of God

God Is A Symbol Of Something True

Why you don't have to choose either a literal creator God or a blind, indifferent universe

You don't have to choose between a literal creator God or a blind, indifferent universe. Everything is fundamentally all right.

God Needs Salvation

A New Vision of God for the Twenty First Century

A protest against what we currently suppose religion to be.

God of the New Millennium, The

A search for balance in an age of spin

A Search for Balance in an Age of Spin

God Without God

Western Spirituality Without the Wrathful King

Goddess Calling

Inspirational Messages & Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy

Goddess Calling: Inspirational Liberation Thealogy of the Sacred Feminine

Goddess in America, The

The Divine Feminine in Cultural Context

An exploration of Goddess Spirituality in American history, herstory and culture.

Goddess, the Grail and the Lodge

The secret history of our times revealed, the real origins of the Da Vinci code

Gods Within, The

An interactive guide to archetypal therapy

Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels

for travellers on the journey of spiritual evolution

Godwine Kingmaker

Part One of The Last Great Saxon Earls

The life of Earl Godwine presents us with one of the enduring enigmas of English history; was he greedy and grasping, or protector of English rights against the hated Normans?

Going Beyond the Jesus Story

An Examination of Christian Belief, Mystical Experience and the Ongoing Development of Conscious Awareness

Going Beyond the Jesus Story is a deeply insightful read that goes to the heart of the West's spiritual dilemma with surgical precision.

Good As New

A fresh and exciting interpretation of the early Christian scriptures in the idiom of today.

Good Day Today

David Lynch Destabilises The Spectator

This book argues that the films of David Lynch pose a radical challenge to conservative and absolutist ideologies.

Good Heart, The

101 Ways to Live a Positively Long, Happy Life

The Good Heart message: Think more positively. Feeling optimistic and responding to everyday life with patience and generosity may be as important as exercise when it comes to the health of your heart.

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