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In A Faraway Land

Collection of 57 traditional and contemporary tales to educate and entertain, graded Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate or Advanced.

In Confidence: Talking Frankly about Fame

Celebrity artists, scientists, actors, film-makers and novelists on being famous.

In Defence of Life

Essays on a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom

Written from the heart, this book has the power to lift the reader into another dimension. A clarion call for a new dynamic.

In Just Three Years

Pentecost 1549 to All Saints' 1552 - A Tale of Two Prayer Books

Pentecost 1549 to All Saints' 1552.

In Search of Grace

An ecological pilgrimage

We must transform our perception of our relationship with the Earth, if we ever hope to save ourselves from ecological disaster.

In Search of the Common Good

Guideposts for Concerned Citizens

Concern for the common good should be the context in which individual human rights are interpreted.

In Search of the Luminous Heart

From the Mountains of Naranjito, Puerto Rico to the Mountains of Crestone, Colorado

The author recounts stories about her Puerto Rican family living with poverty and chaos in the 1900s, revealing them to be the inescapable foundation of her relentless quest for meaning.

In the Absence of Human Beauty

Philosophical Fragments

Vivid fragments engaging with ethical and sceptical themes by means of an engagement with several major European thinkers.

In the Dust of This Planet

Horror of Philosophy vol. 1

Supernatural horror defined as the thought of the unthinkable. In this bestselling book, Eugene Thacker suggests that we look to the genre of horror as offering a way of thinking about the unthinkable world.

In the Land of Dreams

A tale of ancestral secrets and the merging of past and present in modern-day Manhattan.

In the Light of Meditation

A comprehensive introduction to the practice of meditation and the spiritual principles behind it. A 10 lesson meditation prgramme with CD and internet support.

In The Realm of the Senses: A Materialist Theory of Seeing and Feeling

A thorough-going re-elaboration of modern experience via the senses.

In the Shadow of the Cross

The Greatest Conspiracy of All Time

The story of the life of Jesus beyond the crucifixion, culminating into the greatest conspiracy of all time.

In Unexpected Places

Death and dying - building up a picture

It is urgent that we take the death-event and the death-state more seriously and give them space in our lives.


A mindset reset guide to happiness

Discover how to reset your mindset and consciously make positive changes, while creating unlimited possibilities through your unconscious mind!

Incompatible Ballerina and Other Essays

An ontological and epistemological framework and foundation for the psychological symptom 'neurosis'.

Incomplete Guide to Yoga, The

The only book you need to read about yoga.... first.

Indestructible You

Building a Self that Can't be Broken

Indestructible You is a practical guidebook for making yourself so strong inside that life's relentless ups and downs cannot shake you and cannot break you.

Infinite Fictions

Essays on Literature and Theory

Selected writings by one of today's leading young literary critics.

Infinite Music

Imagining the Next Millennium of Human Music-Making

A new system for imagining music, built on the infnite possibilities of twenty-first century technology.  

Inhabiting Heaven NOW

The Answer to Every Moral Dilemma Ever Posed

If you knew your essential core nature to be divine, who would you be? Where would you live?

Initiation into Reality

Truth revealed again. A highly spiritual work of a contemporary mystic who managed to describe the indescribable in plain language.

Inner Goddess Revolution, The

A practical and spiritual guide for women who want more from life.

Unlock your inner goddess and revolutionise your world.

Inner Heart of Reiki, The

Rediscovering Your True Self

An unique journey into the inner heart of the system of Reiki for practitioners and teachers to rediscover their True Self

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