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Jacket Technique, The

Being free from your excess baggage, you can take the first step towards effortless living

Find a life that truly fits.  

Jain Path, The

Ancient Wisdom for the West

James Fenimore Cooper: A Life

In the first popular biography of Cooper in a generation, historian Nick Louras brings the man and his age vividly to life.

Japanese Art of Reiki

The first practical Reiki book from the traditional Japanese perspective

Jesus Bootlegged

Thunder. Lightning. Forests on fire. Chairs thrown into store shop windows. Riots. Disruptive dialogue. Confusion. Pain. Loss. Healing. Restoration. Hope. This book incites a theological riot of transformation.

Jesus Outside the Box

Twelve Spiritual Tales of the Unexpected

a short book of twelve stories about a magical, gentle yet dangerous Jesus written from the perspective of some lesser known characters of the New Testament.

Jesus the Terrorist

Jesus and his followers were terrorists in today's terms, zealots in their own eyes, bandits to the Romans. They wanted revolution.

Jonah and the Last Great Dragon

Legend of the Heart Eaters

When legendary creatures invade our modern world,  only dragonfire can destroy them - and Jonah alone can control the Great Dragon.

Jonah and the Last Great Dragon: Menace of the Night Creatures

When Night Creatures invade London, Jonah and the SAS dragon-riders are summoned, but the answer lies in ice, not fire.

Journey Home

An exploration of our inner and outer identity (previously published as The O of Home)

Home is where the heart is

Journey Into Oneness

A place of silent peace awaits you.  Allow these poems into your heart.

Journey to Inner Power, The

Self-Liberation through Power Psychology

The Journey to Inner Power: Self-liberation through Power Psychology turns a direct encounter with our deepest unconscious drives into an opportunity for inner transformation.

Journey to the Dark Goddess

How to Return to Your Soul

Discover the powerful secrets of the Dark Goddess and transform your depression, grief and pain into healing and integration.  

Journey Towards a Falling Sun

Romance, adventure, and a search for cultural identity, come together against the backdrop of the desert wilderness of northern Kenya.

Journey, a Reckoning, and a Miracle, A

A retired George W. Bush, a Rapture believing teen pilgrim, and an injured female Iraq War veteran cross paths in this entertaining, transformative novel.

Journey, The

Exploring the spiritual truth at the heart of the world's religions.

Just Add Blood

Runelore - Understanding and Using the Anglo-Saxon Runes

A brief, idiosyncratic and magical approach to rune usage within Anglo-Saxon culture and spirituality, directed toward healing and personal development.

Just Say Yes to Life

Embracing individuation to embrace life

Just Say Yes to Life demystifies the Jungian term individuation and takes us on a compelling and fascinating journey on how to individuate fully: to become what or who you are destined to be!

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