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Occupation of Joe, The

Tokyo, 1945. As post-war pressures mount, an American officer becomes entangled in the lives of a Japanese boy, his infant sister and his beautiful mother.


The Occupy Movement and Social Media in Crisis Capitalism

OccupyMedia! shows how Occupy activists confront capitalism and communication in a world of crisis, capitalism, surveillance and social media.

October Song

A Memoir of Music and the Journey of Time

A powerful examination of the passage of time, love, the power of music, and the power of dreams.

Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System

An innovative approach to inspirational learning experiences

Outlines a novel approach which has been successfully field-tested for more than a year and has proved extremely popular with children. The system is content-free, so can cross all subject areas.

Of Course!

How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take to Change?

Reflections on 'A Course in Miracles'.

Off-Modern, The

Psychology Estranged

A new psychology for a new society.


Rise of the busybody state

Anatomy of the new breed of state regulation colonising everyday life.

Oh Great, Now I Can Hear Dead People

What would you do if you could suddenly hear real dead people?

Story of Sam who starts to hear voices of real dead people which allows her to become a psychic to the stars with her own slot on a prime time TV show.

Oh Great, Now I Can See Dead People

Sam's back and now she can see dead people!

With trying to plan her wedding and accidentally letting the spirit world free to roam the earth, how is Sam going to cope?

Old Gods, New Druids

Enter the world of ancient Celtic Gods and their modern day followers.

Old Ones in the Old Book, The

Pagan Roots of The Hebrew Old Testament

The ancient Israelite religion revealed in the early texts of the Old Testament is not monotheistic but a polytheistic paganism.

On Angels' Wings

My Life as a Healer

Angels have contacted Pamela Russell throughout her life, but it wasn't until she learned to listen to them that her life as a healer truly began.

On Being Human

Distinctiveness, Dignity, Disability & Disposal

A study of human beings – our origins, status, beginnings and endings. It asks what is entailed in being human?

On Business And For Pleasure

A Self-Study Workbook for Advanced Business English

This workbook includes enjoyable challenges and has been designed to help students with the English they need for work.

On Business and For Pleasure Again

Advanced Self-Study Workbook

This workbook, a sequel to On Business and For Pleasure, includes enjoyable challenges and has been designed to help students with the English they need for work.

On Dragonfly Wings

a skeptic's journey to mediumship

Daniela Norris, former diplomat and atheist, discovers communication with the other side following the sudden death of her younger brother.

On Juniper Mountain

A Journey in the Himalayas

Leaving her isolated Lake District valley, writer Angela Locke finds herself on a life-changing journey in the Himalayas....

On the Eighth Tin

A change is coming...

On the Far Side, There's a Boy

Why does a woman need a young boy so, and can she ever find him?

On the Other Side of Love

A woman's unconventional journey towards wisdom

When life has lost all meaning, what do you do?

On the Unhappiness of Being Greek

Required reading for anyone wishing to understand how the Greek crisis came about and what it means to be Greek today written by a controversial patriot and native of Greece.

One Dimensional Woman

Exposes the dark heart of contemporary cultural life by examining pornography, consumer capitalism and the ideology of women's work.

Only Say the Word

Affirming Gay and Lesbian Love

The author invites those good people who, in good faith, still think that homosexuality is unnatural, to think again. 

Open Book Theater Management

Ethical Theater Production

How to run a low/no budget theatre company or production, without losing either your integrity or your shirt.

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