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Reiki: Empowered By It, Embraced By It, Claimed By It

Connecting DIRECTLY with Reiki and CLAIMING it as your own, is now within your grasp. Empower yourself - Claim YOUR Reiki.

Relax Kids: Aladdin's Magic Carpet

Let Snow White, the Wizard of Oz and other fairytale characters show you and your child how to meditate and relax.

Meditations for young children aged 5up

Relax Kids: Be Brilliant!

52 positive activities for kids

52 positive activities for kids.

Relax Kids: How to be Happy

52 positive activities for children

Fun activities to bring the family together.

Relax Kids: Little Book of Stars

52 star meditations for under 5s

Relax Kids: Pants of Peace

52 meditation tools for children

These reflections incorporate simple relaxation exercises and visualizations designed to improve children’s self-esteem and confidence and reduce stress and anxiety.

Relax Kids: The Magic Box

A book full of magical meditations to enhance your child's mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Relax Kids: The Wishing Star

Relax Kids is a source of brilliantly imaginative meditations so sensitively and creatively written and beautifully illustrated. Neil Hawkes

Religion and the Public Conscience

Ecumenical Civil Rights Work in Seattle, 1940-1960

A public conscience, influenced by Christianity and other religions, played a key role in pre-1960s civil rights movements in multi-racial Seattle and other western cities.

Religion Versus Science

This book unifies the scientific facts of evolution with the belief that life is infused by a transcendental consciousness.

Reluctant Patient: A Journey of Trust, The

Showing how illness can yield a deeper appreciation of living as well as of those who share our journeys.

Remapping 'Crisis': A Guide to Athens

A taste of austerity, the limits of democracy and the overlooked, untold stories of a country in 'crisis'.

Remember to Forget

In a coma, and with his family in disrepair, can Richard make peace with himself and them?

Rescued by Angels

Autobiographical journey into angelic healing Rescued By Angels follows the author Philippa Merivale as she battles illness, disability and divorce to heal and provide for her children.

Resilience & Melancholy

pop music, feminism, neoliberalism

Neoliberalism co-opts noisy riots like feminism and hardcore music--can melancholic siren songs fight back?

Resistible Demise of Michael Jackson, The

The definitive account of Michael Jackson's rise and fall by the world's best music writers. or Written by the world's best music writers for those who loved his records, and want to understand the times he defined. OR This collection of thoughtful

Returning to Sacred World

A Spiritual Toolkit for the Emerging Reality

Powerful ancient and leading edge visions and teachings for healing ourselves and our world through meditation prayer and sacred plant practices.

Revealing The Green Man

A full history of the physical and spiritual development of the Green Man from Prehistoric origins to modern-day archaeological discoveries.

Revolutionary Keywords for a New Left

Fifty revolutionary keywords for a new left.

Riding Hearts

A tale of romance, betrayal and revenge that will keep you hooked to the very last page.

Ringtone and the Drum, The

Travels in the World's Poorest Countries

Life, death and a brush with insanity in Africa's wild, forgotten West.

Ripening Time

Inside Stories for Aging with Grace

Ripening Time gives us an indispensible guidebook for growing into the deep places of wisdom as we age.

Rise and Fall of Civilizations, The

Why civilizations rise and fall and what happens when they end

The pattern of world history: 25 civilizations rise round a vision of the Light which passes into their religion, and go through 61 stages.

Rise Up - with Wings Like Eagles

Discover inner strength and wisdom to transform our relationship with the Earth

Discover inner strength and wisdom to transform our relationship with the Earth.

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